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Social Media Marketing: 10 Social Networks for your company

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Social Media Marketing: 10 Social Networks for your company

Today I want to introduce you to the power of Social Networks for companies. I have gathered examples and tips so that you can develop your Switzerland Business Phone List strategy, achieve your goals and reinforce your brand’s branding.

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The strategic use of Social Networks can also help you improve visits to your website, popularize your content and improve search engine positioning . They also help you create an active community around your services and products and help you improve your marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing: SMM
2 16My purpose today is to share with you a series of tips and advice about how you can develop and improve Online Marketing through Social Networks in an effective and strategic way for your company.

The practice and experience provided by the Marketing and Social Media Plans for companies that we have created specifically for each of them; And above all, the editions of our Aula CM courses and our Online Marketing Master have allowed me to develop these key points and strategies through the main Social Networks.

This post does not try to find the formula of a generic Marketing Plan to implement it automatically in your company. On the contrary, in this post I am going to give you tips and advice so that you can find the most suitable channels for your audience and the most suitable for distributing your Content Marketing . From there, the idea is that you can adapt and develop your strategy according to your objectives, your audience and the products that your brand offers.


The Blog: starting point of Content Marketing
Before starting a Forex Email List Plan through Social Networks it is necessary for your brand to have a blog; a platform where you can create your own content, useful and of value for your audience.

The blog should be the starting point of your Online Marketing strategy , so that through it you can create valuable content related to the needs of your audience, the most frequent searches around your sector and the keywords that you will help to position in search engines.

The blog should be the epicenter of your Marketing plan, to create valuable content for your audience

It would be unproductive for your company to create profiles on the different Social Networks, if it does not have content of its own value to spread on them. What would you spread in them? Only commercial content? Content from other brands?

Good content on your blog will help you improve, meet your goals of attracting followers, dissemination and recommendation through social channels.

A good blog helps you increase the number of visits to your website and improve the branding of your brand through the dissemination of your content on Social Networks.

Content marketing through the blog helps you position and improve the branding of your brand

One of the big mistakes that some companies make is that they only use Social Networks to replicate the commercial content they do offline, as they do in traditional Marketing. This strategy is very unfortunate since you would bore the audience, since users who are on social networks, usually have a different attitude than they can have when they use search engines.

For Online Marketing and current audiences, valuable content will always take precedence over commercial content; And better yet, it can help you position yourself in search engines in a stable and natural way. In this Web and Content article , you will see a broader explanation of the difference between traditional Marketing versus Content Marketing.


10 Social Networks to improve your company’s Online Marketing

5 25A strategic distribution of your Content Marketing through Social Networks will allow your company to take a very important step when it comes to making your products or services known to a much larger, more global and more active audience.

But marketing through Social Networks is not a matter of opening a series of accounts and profiles in all networks, believing that with that you will have hundreds of clients. Nor can you use Social Networks as a series of platforms where you will replicate the commercial content that you do on your offline media.

Your strategy should be to work and adapt your content on the Social Networks in which your audience is, in which you can share content of value for your audience and in which you can do Marketing strategically.

Your brand must have a presence in Social Networks where you can develop your Marketing plan?

Your objective through Social Media Marketing should be to be able to create direct and active communication, which allows you to create and retain a community around your brand and to be able to offer your audience unique, different content through your blog.

But before starting your Social Media Marketing Plan , you should know how to answer the following points:

Objectives: which are main and secondary.Target audience: Who are you targeting your campaigns.Value Content: what content is useful and relevant to share to your audience.Format: what is the most effective way to share your content.Scheduling: when and how often you will share your content.Measurement and monitoring: how you can measure the objectives that you are meeting.ROI: how you can calculate the profitability of the money, effort and time invested.
If you already have the answers to the previous points, the first part of your marketing plan is ready to be developed. Now I present the main characteristics of the main Social Networks, so that according to their characteristics, your audience and your content, you can implement your Social Media Marketing plan .

Social media Marketing: 10 Social Networks for your company

twitter-1281. How to do Marketing on Twitter
It is the Social Network par excellence to bequeath to an audience that you do not exactly know, but that creates and shares information or content related to those of your brand. On Twitter you can find the public that shares or asks about topics that may be related to the products or services you offer.

Its main characteristic of 140 characters requires the creation of specific, attractive and useful information and above all, it invites web redirection through the thousands of links that are shared daily. In addition to informing and informing you, you can find there your target audience and references in your sector , potential clients and ambassadors who will help you consolidate your brand and your knowledge.

Strategically it is also a network in which you can share the content of your blog, through links that will help direct the public to your website. In which you can dialogue and exchange insights with professionals in your sector and answer frequently asked questions about your company.

Through its Twitter Analytics platform , you have free and immediate access to statistics, with which you can measure the impact of your communication. In this way you will be able to know the best schedules, topics and contents, to publish them strategically on the days of busiest activity for your audience.

You can also do Marketing campaigns to promote your products or your content and reach the desired audiences, since it is an interface that allows you to create campaigns with a very specific segmentation.

I share these two Guides on Twitter so that you can expand your knowledge of Twitter and so that you can take advantage of the Marketin of your company:

Twitter Marketing Guide Twitter Analytics Guide

facebook-1282. Facebook as an effective marketing platform
Facebook is the largest network in the world and with the largest audience. An audience that is also very loyal and that connects daily for several hours and in which you can share valuable content that invites them to better know your brand and your products in an active and participatory way.

The professional part of Facebook allows you as a brand, the creation of Fan Pages for companies and participation groups in which you can strategically obtain useful information for your brand and spread your content.

This proximity of the public can help you create strategies and participation actions that help you create very strong bonds between followers and your brand. It can also be a great channel of customer service, redirecting to your website and a communicating vessel between your company’s offline public and online audiences.

It also offers you, free of charge (from 30 Fans), very precise statistics of your audience and your communication. It also gives you the possibility of creating ad campaigns of different formats, with very specific segmentations that can make your company reach a target audience that is closely related to your brand and your products.

A good example of Marketing on Facebook , of a small company is how the mayor and the hotelier of the idyllic, but unknown Swiss village of Obermutten , create a Fan Page and transfer to the walls of the town, the Likes and comments of the followers of Facebook. In this way, they created an original online and offline strategy on a global scale, which made the village world famous, receiving likes and comments from followers around the world. Fame benefited the town from a growing tourism that for years has made it sustainable.

To strengthen the potential of Facebook, and to find many other examples, I recommend this Guide to Marketing on Facebook , which will help you to unleash the full potential of Marketing on Facebook.

linkedin-1283. Marketing and reinforcing branding with Linkedin
It is the social network of employment and professional relations. It is strategic for your brand to have a presence on this social network to create professional contacts, participate in groups and communities, and to find specific profiles for your company and your work team.

On Linkedin you can participate as a person or with a company profile and work with B2B objectives, with people and groups of professionals with particular interests related to those of your brand.

The presence of a brand on Linkedin reaffirms its credibility with the user who is looking for references on social networks about your brand.

As an example, I leave you this great Linkedin Guide by Vilma Nuñez .

4 . Marketing on Youtube: videomarketing strategiesYoutube-128
For a couple of years now, video has been the content format that is most consumed and most shared on the web and the one that will develop the most in the coming years. It is also one of the formats that gives you the most possibilities when creating specific content for your audience.

We cannot understand YouTube simply as a video platform, but as one of the most educational, useful and dynamic platforms for sharing content. For this reason, it is the most requested format on the web.

It is true that the production of video content involves the use of skills, programs and equipment that are not always available to everyone, but with ingenuity and few resources you can make great videos, which can help you build a solid and close brand image.

With video you can create content in many ways and very useful for your audience and your brand’s branding:

I leave you as an example the interviews of Marketin.tv , present both on the web and on its YouTube channel, and in which Social Media Referents are interviewed and they transmit in a close and simple way all the advantages of Online Marketing.

5 . How to do effective Marketing on Instagraminstagram-128
The development of Instagram in the last two years has been spectacular. In fact, it has been the social network with the highest growth percentage in 2014 and continues its progression in 2015.

The transmission capacity of the images and the 15-second videos are a great opportunity for you to show your audiences a value-added content of your company, showing and humanizing your brand through your employees, your facilities, your customers or the process of making your products.

I leave you two good examples:

The sports brand Slugger , shows the handmade manufacturing process of baseball bats.

On Instagram, Instagram Aula CM shows its students and their new facilities on Instagram:


6. pinterest-128Paint another platform for content and visual marketing
Pinterest of the networks with the highest growth and penetration in recent years. It also has a very loyal and very active audience within the social network. Thousands of photographs, maps, illustrations, icons, vectors, infographics are shared daily in the form of boards, pins and collections.

Pinterest can help you show your audience visual and illustrative aspects that help them better understand your products or your facilities. But it can still help you get inspired or share useful and inspiring content for your audience.

You can stand out as a company if, through Pinterest, you can offer a collection of your own content or collected from various sources, which are of interest to your community. For example this Aula CM board with free Ebooks on Social Media


If you want to know more about all the possibilities of Pinterest, I leave you this Guide to Marketing on Pinterest

7 . Soundcloud: Content Marketing through Audiosoundcloud-128
Soundcloud is a new social network that brings us audio as a content format. It can be very useful for your company if you create content that can be broadcast live or in podcast that provides valuable content for your audience.

The social network gives you the advantage of making it easier for your audience to listen to your content through any fixed or mobile device with an internet connection.

I leave you this example of Radio Marketing in which everything related to Personal Branding is explained with a podcast, in an entertaining way.

tumblr-1288. Tumblr as an attraction marketing platform
It is a Social Network with micro blogging format and with a wide reception among the younger generations worldwide due to the ease of formats that you can share through it: text, photos, videos, animated gifs, audio, etc.

The speed and low consumption of data on mobile devices are widely accepted by its users. It can be a good platform for your company if your target audience is young and if you have visual content that you want to spread quickly.

As an example I give you the animated gifs of the Toms tumblr shoe brand , which stand out for the ability to captivate with the simplicity of movement in their Tumblr posts, with a language that is clear and close to their followers


9. Slideshare to do content marketing
The is social network of the slides and of the contents of investigations and presentations. If your company can create content that can be exposed in slideshows that help to understand your content, this is your network.

This social network belongs to Linkedin and is fully compatible with your profile of person or company, with which you have 2 great platforms to spread your content, which can also be attached as a link on twitter or inserted in your blog. Then the strategy of creating content on Slideshare can be very profitable for your company.

For example, this great content by Bruno Vázquez-Dodero on 75 approaches to making an Online Marketing Plan , uploaded to Slideshare:

whatsapp 12810. How to do marketing on WhatsApp without becoming a spammer
I can’t tell you if WhatsApp is a social network or not, but it is becoming more and more like a social network. And the best thing, more and more companies use it to share content with their communities and develop online marketing strategies, or do customer service in a personalized way or in groups.

The recent implementation of WhatsApp for the computer has opened an infinity of possibilities to share content in many formats from your computer, either with links, images, texts or photographs and with a speed higher than that of the mobile connection.

I leave you this video with a very original and participatory campaign from Absolut in Argentina, in which Community Manager Sven had to be convinced to let persuasive users enter an exclusive party. The messages should be sent by WhatsApp. In this way, the brand achieved a large participation and many contacts of potential clients.

We have more and more applications and we will surely discover more and more possibilities, as our mobile terminals improve their connection capacity. So you will have to plan your content campaigns through Whats App.

The strategic use of Social Networks helps you achieve your marketing objectives

Of course there are many other Social Networks in which your company can participate and create content and there are many ways to do it, but it has to be in accordance with your objectives and your possibilities and the demand of your audience.

As an advice to tell you that it is not necessary to implement all social networks at once, it is better to do it well and progressively, according to your possibilities and the needs of your company. And above all, always think about the profitability of your company, your time and your effort.

As a farewell, I leave you with this article, which will undoubtedly also help you to carry out your Marketing campaigns through Social Networks: these are 12 key points that you must take into account when creating your Marketing campaigns. I hope you learn and enjoy as much as I do.

Finally I leave you with this wonderful interview from Marketin.tv in which he interviews the great Lucas García , director of SocialMood , one of the main Social Media agencies in Spain, in which I agree greatly in the way in which the content and social networks depending on the audience and the objectives of the brand.

And as icing on the cake, to close this post, I leave you this Online Marketing Manual , made up of 9 Online Marketing guides , which will help you improve your strategies. Also tell you that if you need help or ideas for your plan and your company, do not hesitate to contact me, I can help you with whatever you need.

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