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Smart goals (SMART): what they are and steps to define them

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Smart goals (SMART): what they are and steps to define them

Defining SMART or smart goals is essential in any business strategy. However, not many know how to identify them correctly. If this happens, we will not be able to meet our objectives, as our strategies become ineffective based on wrong or unrealistic goals.list_altIndex of contentWhat are SMART goals?How to define SMART goals for your team?3 examples of smart or SMART goalsIf you do not know where to start and it is difficult for you to set your goals or those of your team well, then you can learn all the keys to define your goals in a more intelligent way.What are SMART goals?We owe the first use of the term SMART to George T. Doran , who, in 1981, published a paper called “There’s a SMART Way to Write Management’s Goals and Objectives.”SMART (smart, intelligent, in English) is a methodology that allows us not to forget the essential elements when writing an effective objective.This model is divided into different guidelines based on its own name, which is an acronym in which each letter identifies an essential aspect when writing our SMART objective. Thus:[S] pecific . Each of the objectives that you establish should be as defined and according to your business as possible. What do you want to achieve in your focal area?[M] easurable . As William T. Kelvin said: “What is not measured, cannot be improved.” This happens with objectives, which must be linked to a numerical value. What KPIs or indicators can be used to measure its efficiency?[A] chievable. At this point you have to be honest. It is about the objectives that you set yourself being ambitious but also possible. Is it reasonable with respect to the internal and external situation of the company?[R] elevant . Related to the previous point, it is about establishing objectives that you can achieve with the resources, both human and material, that your brand has. Why is your company or your customers interested?[T] ime-bound . If objectives are established, it is about meeting them within a certain period, don’t you think? If it is important to schedule the VP Engineering Email Lists actions you carry out, it is also important to schedule the objectives. When is this goal to be achieved?smart smart goals that are inboundcycle Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!EMAIL *your emailI have read and accept thePrivacy and Cookies Policy .How to define SMART goals for your team?Defining intelligent objectives in our organization will allow us to enjoy a lot of advantages in our day to day . Walking aimlessly and lost in the desert is very difficult. However, if we have a good roadmap that tells us where we are going, what direction we should take and how long it will take, the path will be much easier.Because they are important? What advantages do they offer?Smart objectives are key to having a short-term objective or goal to achieve. And we must be very careful what smarts we look at. These are no longer useful and effective if they are not clear, specific and achievable.In a company, setting objectives is important so as not to lose track from day to day. Or even so as not to lose focus of the week. Often times, unexpected or urgent tasks come up during the workweeks. Having fixed smarts helps us to always keep in mind what we must do or study in a certain period of time.In addition, another advantage is that they ensure that the entire team “paddles” in the same direction. And, in this way, they allow a better distribution of resources and time.How can you help the team’s day-to-day life?Defining an objective is key to not losing focus of daily work. Something that can be very useful for teams is to define SMART weekly or monthly to know which is the main KPI where all efforts must be put.
Step by step: what must be taken into account to define a good goal?1. SpecificWhen defining a Smart objective, it should not be ambiguous , whether we set personal goals or work together with a work team in the form of a company or agency.A good way to do this is to write a specific objective by answering as many questions as possible:What . Detail of what we want to achieve with our objective.
Which one. Include possible real obstacles that prevent us from reaching our goal. We anticipate the third point of this methodology (achievable).Who. Person assigned to achieve a goal. This may be delegated work for a third party. In many cases we are ourselvesWhere. If the location is relevant to meet an objective, we must not forget the “where”.

2. MeasurableIf we do not measure the progress of a goal, we will never know how far we are from reaching a goal. A goal to be Smart must be quantifiable . When writing an objective, we must ask ourselves these questions:How much? Many?How will I know when it is fulfilled? (With the objective or goal)
Measurement implies monitoring. Without wanting to abuse anglicisms, being able to measure means being able to track.Do you have questions about the ROI of inbound marketing? Access the complete PDF to solve them3. AchievableWhen creating a goal we must seriously think about whether it is something possible to achieve.The realistic goals are to encourage us to go ahead and not discourage us . But do we already have the necessary skills and tools to achieve this? Is there not a previous stage or step that we are leaving aside?An achievable goal should answer the questions:How can you reach a goal?How achievableis the goal?4. Relevant An objective, to be relevant, must be found in accordance with the overall strategy of our brand , company or personal strategy. Some questions to define relevant objectives would be:Why. Asking ourselves the “why” of something helps us realize whether or not it is an important goal. We will give priority to those who really are.
Is the individual objective important to the overall objective (strategy)?
Is it the right time to raise this goal? Is the person assigned to the objective the correct one (company, group)? Am I the right person (personal / professional brand)?Does the objective adapt to the reality or context in which we find ourselves?5. Time-bound It is essential to set a deadline to meet a goal. This is often more difficult to achieve for personal goals. Being ourselves the ones who “control” ourselves, we tend to cheat ourselves.
In any case, in the case of a company or start-up, it is important to set a time frame to avoid certain tasks being postponed due to new problems that seem “apparently” urgent. When formulating a Smart objective we must ask ourselves:When should it be finished? Set a deadline.
What should I do today, tomorrow, the day after …? Avoid emergencies or urgencies.

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What should I do in 6 months? Avoid putting out fires within 6 months.3 examples of smart or SMART goals
As we discussed in the previous point, it is very important to take into account several points when defining an objective. But, in addition, depending on the needs of the team or the company, smart objectives can be very different. If we focus on Forex Email List projects, very different weekly objectives can be defined:Example 1. Analysis of a traffic dropWe can suffer drops in traffic due to algorithm changes, seasonality or bad SEO practices, so if one of the KPIs that we have set is traffic and it suffers a decrease, it is important to know what is happening and what we can do to improve it. S: why our website has suffered a drop in organic trafficM: the drop is 20%.A: analyze which keywords have suffered from this problemA: what should we do to get it backT: 1 weekExample 2. Carry out a keyword search The objectives can also be concrete tasks. We may have the need to do a new keyword search to work on a new topic / business product. When setting this goal, we must comply with all the guidelines indicated above:S: find 10 new keywords.
M: with more than 100 monthly searches
A: they have low or medium competition
A: that are directly related to our new line of business
T: 2 weeks Here we leave you an article in which you will find some free tools to do your keyword search Example 3. Actions to improve MQL uptakeIf we have set KPIs, SMARTs are often related to being able to meet these objectives. When we are focused on getting qualified leads through our website, setting a smart goal will motivate us and help us achieve the indicated number in the proposed time. If we do not define it, it can be downplayed and remain on “stand-by” indefinitely.S: increase the number of qualified leads through our website.
M: 30 new leads
A: offering a new guide in PDF
A: increase our prospects
T: 1 monthDo not miss this article if you want more information about what they are and how to get more MQL .As you have seen, defining objectives in an intelligent way allows us to face our tasks in a more efficient and productive way. We know what we have to do at all times, it allows us to maintain focus and our mind is free from distractions caused by the interference of not having a clear objective.Planning our day-to-day in this way will allow us not only to be more productive and efficient, but we will also suffer from less stress, we will distribute our resources better and we will make sure that the whole team row in the same direction.Does your company define SMART objectives in its business strategy? Tell us how your way of working has changed in the comments. If you still don’t use it, what are you waiting for? Get on right now and enjoy all the advantages that SMART goals offer us.

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