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With advertising on social networks acquiring more and more importance and being more efficient and specific every day, many times it makes us think that small details we can improve to give much more visibility to the brand in networks. One of the factors that can help you with the objectives of your campaign is the format of the ads.Mixing ad formats all phone number list can benefit your brand. By using various methods to communicate the content of your current campaign, you can increase brand perception by 8% .Ad formats should not necessarily be selected because they look better or because they are your personal preference. Instead, they should be chosen according to the goal you have set. Some ad types work best with specific goals and audiences.Here is a video that explains in more detail the different types of ad:

The ad format that increases “brand awareness” If your business is at a point where you want audiences at the top of the funnel to recognize your brand, or if you have just launched a new product and want to educate consumers, your priority should be: impressions and reach.And this is where it gets a little tricky. Because impressions depend on whether the target audience is interacting with the ads or not.In a perfect world, any ad would go viral, right? With billions of viewers sharing your content, it would make sense to get more out of ad spend. But even so, if you’re realistic, not all your ads can go viral and quality is hardly a factor when it comes to virality. Therefore, you should never formulate your ad strategy with that mindset.Instead, you should focus on using ad formats that are more suitable for increasing brand awareness , and that consistently get impressions and interactions. In most cases, this format is video .This format generally always achieves higher engagement rates than the others, and can be very effective in prompting the audience to interact with them.


Formats that encourage your audience to buy
If you want to “convert” customers, you have to make sure that you are driving traffic to the right leads. These two ad formats have been shown to help increase conversions.A carousel ad is perfect if you want to bring traffic with a high purchase intention to your page. These ads stand out and can lead directly to the product the user clicks on, to make the journey to this short and easy.Video ads are also a great tool for conversions as people become more engaged and that leads them to take a look at the Forex Email List. In addition, with the videos you can also show all the information necessary to convince the customer of your USP.Format vs objective: which is more important?Ultimately, ad formats depend a lot on what you are trying to accomplish with your campaign. Even so, you cannot focus the entire campaign on the format you decide to use.For example, if you choose to make image ads, you should focus on making copies that attract the attention of the audience, more than with other formats such as video, in which important information can be included in the video itself. A video has to be relevant and informative, and it shouldn’t be confusing. Ad formatting is just one piece of the puzzle, and if the rest of the pieces don’t fit together, your ad viewers will skip your ad without a second thought. Regardless of the format you’re using, it’s crucial that you have Pixels turned on in order to target audiences at the top and middle of the funnel.As always, finding the best ad format for your goals is a matter of experiment and repeat. When you are mounting your campaigns, consider with what formats you want to test the different objectives. Good practices are only as good as the results you get from them.

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