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Shocking video about the difference in perception of disability between children and adults

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Shocking video about the difference in perception of disability between children and adults

The Naomi Association is determined to open the eyes of the world to different capacities. The potential of a child or an adult often Bahrain Mobile Number List depends on how the rest of the environment looks at it. For this, it carries out constant educational campaigns, in order to bring the majority closer to this real and valuable minority.

Yesterday, the association uploaded a shocking video to YouTube about the difference in perception, between children and adults, about disability. It is really worth seeing. Children have a clean look, without prejudice. If we looked through their eyes, everything would seem to be easier. Accepting differences and valuing them as a possibility of personal and collective learning (in both directions), is an idea that is elaborated as discourse, to the extent that Brother Cell Phone List handles the language. However, in practice, that discourse tends to be a fallacy because it is contaminated by an acquired metalanguage. Children, on the other hand, only live what they see, without adjudicating a judgment. Using this concept, the association conducted a social experiment with children and adults, to see the differences in perception about disability. The result is shocking, educational, and emotional. This is where the concept of “social marketing” takes on meaning and is worth sharing.

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