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Selling with Linkedin: is it possible to get clients for your business?

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Selling with Linkedin: is it possible to get clients for your business?

LinkedIn is today like Facebook in the middle of 2008: a boiling pot where (almost) every day you find news that helps you connect with the right people for your business and that brings you closer to the goal that every business wants: to sell.

If you are one of those who has a LinkedIn profile in a zombie state, keep reading because I will tell you step by step how you should do to get to sell with LinkedIn . Start today!

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What is not selling with LinkedIn: examples of bad practice
What does it mean to sell with LinkedIn
3 fundamental keys to get clients through LinkedIn
How do I start to put this into practice today? My 40 minute rule
Main conclusions
Although many still think that Instagram is the social network par excellence to get quality leads and sales, LinkedIn does not stop creating new functionalities to simplify and be a fundamental part of our sales funnel. In this way, selling with LinkedIn is a reality in 2021 .

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LinkedIn was born in 2002 with Reid Hoffman and other Paypal executives at the helm with a clear objective: to create a platform that would allow companies to reach talent in a more efficient, fast and secure way. We must remember that back in 2002, companies invested a lot of money and time in finding quality talent through recruitment companies. Now those recruiting companies use LinkedIn as a job tool.

Although initially the goal was to create a platform to connect companies and talent, LinkedIn has evolved into a platform with many more options.

More than 700 million users, more than half of the active population in Spain, an average of 2 new users per second and considered the # 1 social network for lead generation. Do you still have doubts that LinkedIn is the social network for your business?

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What is not selling with LinkedIn: examples of bad practice
Selling with LinkedIn sounds great, right? To avoid misunderstanding, before seeing how, I want to tell you what it means to sell with LinkedIn.

Let’s play together, let’s travel back in time and imagine Antonio Romero with me.

In 1998, Antonio, in a commercial profession for a laboratory equipment company, began his commercial route with 5 visits to different companies.

It was a cold call, but he already had a “foolproof” sales strategy:

He spent 10 minutes finding something in the company , in the room, in the environment, some detail that would help him “connect” with his interlocutor. For example: Antonio mentioned the awards that the company he visited at the reception had or mentioned the article in the press where it had just appeared.
After this initial wink, he would go on to “listen” to the needs of the company for another 10 minutes. He did like he was listening because he was already clear about what he was going to sell him. Forex Email List to needs was a minor phase in the process.
After those awkward 10 minutes, Antonio moved into action. He took out his entire arsenal and began to comment on all the products he has in his portfolio and why you should buy from him. In this phase, the 10 minutes were too short, this took more than half of the meeting. Antonio spent 30 minutes explaining his services.
And Antonio ended his meeting with the closing of sales , about 30% of the time it was for the closing.
This that we have just told is the typical sales model that was used and that many companies continue to use.

Trust generation – 10%
Listening to needs – 5%
Presentation of our services – 60%
Closing – 25%
Selling with LinkedIn does not mean following this old model aimed at the masses and where a client is one more number that you must reach to meet objectives with your commercial director. The new sales model is a model that is built on building trust, and almost 90% of it comes down to that .

Can you imagine why? Very simple and record this in your memory: who does not know you, does not buy from you, and who does not trust you, either.

And what is not selling with LinkedIn, then?

Selling with LinkedIn is not accumulating contacts as if they were trading cards just in case in the future we need it
We are all tired of the typical LinkedIn messages like: “Hello Cristina, I want to have you in my professional network.” Why don’t you explain to me why you want to have me in your network?

María José was not clear with her message. If you don’t know the person and if you don’t know what they want from you, don’t accept the connection. Be clear about your intentions on LinkedIn and don’t waste time.

sell on linkedin non-personalized messageSelling with LinkedIn is not sending copy-paste messages that have nothing to do with you
I hate automated messages that are not segmented and do not carry a shred of love, because they are noticeable, they smell and they classify you as a salesperson of the old model.

If you are one of those who still think that selling is getting a sale, you should change the chip now. Selling is helping the person, and for that you must know if what you offer is what they need.

sell on linkedin automated message

Selling with LinkedIn does not mean selling on the first comment
Ricardo sent me his contact request, 5 minutes after accepting him, he sent me a PDF of his company. He didn’t show up or say “hello” to me! This translates into real life like when you go to a street market where the shopkeepers shout their products: “watermelons”, “melons” …

What do you think I did? What would you have done? It took me seconds to delete the contact because I don’t want spam.

I’m not your target, I don’t have that need, and I don’t like hard-selling on or off LinkedIn.

sell on linkedin direct comment

I believe that these bad practices have made it clear what it is not to sell with LinkedIn.

What does it mean to sell with LinkedIn
What was failing Antonio Romero? Why is this model not working now? Why does it squeak at us? Antonio did things well, but the most basic thing failed him: understanding what it is to sell.

Selling is helping, and if you don’t see it that way in the company where you work or the business you run, believe me you’ll notice it soon. Selling is not getting a sale at all costs even knowing that you cannot help them, this is lying and being dishonest. For me, selling is helping, and it is our obligation not to close a sale if we know that we cannot help that potential customer.

And for selling to be synonymous with helping, we must know what that person needs, what hurts them and what they are doing right now to solve it.

Therefore, selling with LinkedIn follows a different sales process than that of our friend Antonio Romero:

Build trust – 80%
Present our solution – 10%
Close – 10%
3 fundamental keys to get clients through LinkedIn
As I just told you, the key is to build trust, and for this I am going to tell you the three keys to do it and, consequently, to sell with LinkedIn.

Key 1. Have a profile focused on your ideal client
I’m going to tell you something and you might be a bit shocked but believe me if you apply it, you will start to see results on your LinkedIn from the first moment.

Your LinkedIn profile is not about you . Shocked? I mean by this that your profile is not about how many masters or MBAs you have done, how many years you were in company X or what you did in your first internship.

Your LinkedIn profile should be focused on that client that you want to visit your profile. And what about the rest? Won’t they be attracted? Well, probably not, but that shouldn’t weigh you down.

You are not on LinkedIn to accumulate contacts, you are to make quality contacts. Quality always prevails over the quantity of your contacts .

Quick exercise to check if you have this key correctly : think about that keyword with which you want to position yourself on LinkedIn, do you have it?

Now visit your profile and see if it is in any of these three places: the headline, your bio and your cover photo. If it is repeated in more than one place, my goodness, you are on fire!

sell on linkedin care profile

Key 2. Have a clear and focused service to your client
The second key to selling with LinkedIn is to define very well what you are going to offer . All companies have a clear portfolio of services, but there are always one or two services for which they are most recognized and in which they excel.

And there goes another important point: people do not buy services, they buy benefits . Do not focus on what you offer, talk to your client about the transformation you offer: the before and after starting to work with you.

Do not try to be a “service supermarket”, stand out in something and above all, do not get involved in technical characteristics, talk about the benefits of your services.

Quick exercise to check if you have this password correctly : Find 5 people who know you but not who are from your sector and ask them to fill in the following sentence: “Cristina is a professional in the xxxx sector who helps xxxx to get xxxx through xxxx ”. The answers will surprise you and help you understand if your message is crystal clear.

Also, make it clear what you do in your experience. I show you how I have structured it myself so that you can use it as inspiration, if you want.

sell on linkedin clear service

Key 3: Have a content strategy
And the third key to selling with LinkedIn is to use the social network to make ourselves known and cultivate that trust. If you work on your profile and your offer with the key 1 and 2, you will be on the right track but you will not finish making yourself known.

How can I know if Cristina is the professional who can help me create a LinkedIn strategy if I have never seen her in action? How can I trust Manuel, a startup lawyer, if I don’t know of a single case from his portfolio?

LinkedIn and its wide variety of post publication options, allows us to offer quality content to our contacts so that they know us and, over time, trust us.

Quick exercise to enhance this key : When was the last time you wrote a post? When was the last time you left a comment on the post of one of your contacts? And when did you publish your last LinkedIn Pulse? Well, if you do not know what it is, I recommend my post where I explain step by step what a LinkedIn Pulse is and I leave you as your homework to write an extensive article solving a problem for your ideal client.

sell on linkedin content strategy

How do I start to put this into practice today? My 40 minute rule
I know that surely you are now thinking that this selling with LinkedIn is very complicated but I am going to share something a little “secret”, something that I only share with clients: my rule of 40 minutes a day on LinkedIn.

Time is money and on LinkedIn too. So, once you do the exercises that we just saw, I recommend that you follow the rule of 40 minutes a day on LinkedIn.

For these 40 minutes to be effective, they are divided into 4 parts of 10 minutes each:

Take 10 minutes to CONNECT : LinkedIn is a Big Data company. Their oil is the data they have on all of us who are part of the community. Take advantage of this by searching for current customers, potential customers, strategic partners, or even competitors.
Take 10 minutes to SHARE : share a post, a video, a reflection, a post of some contact with your opinion or approach, a reflection of your favorite book … Remember that by sharing we also show our values, philosophy and values, and that will do that a person opts for us before a competitor.
Take 10 minutes to ANSWER : answer messages carefully. If the messages are spam, you can ignore them, but if they are interesting, get your best response. Also, do not forget to reply in the comments of your posts. Be grateful. Think about the type of content that can help your ideal client.
Take 10 minutes to THANK : give recommendations to colleagues who have helped you, clients or collaborators. Help your clients grow, share their content or connect professionals. Just thank and karma ON!
I assure you that your strategy to sell with LinkedIn by merging the three keys and the 40 minute rule will be quite solid.

Main conclusions
You have already seen in this post that selling with LinkedIn is possible, so here are the 5 most important conclusions for you to burn yourself:

Selling with LinkedIn is based on a sales model where selling is synonymous with helping and is not at all synonymous with mass messages, robots and spam. Get all of that out of your strategy!
Your LinkedIn profile should be the perfect landing page for the clients you want for your business to land on.
Your services must be clear in your profile and not from the “what do you offer” approach but from the transformation or promise you offer to your client.
The content we create on LinkedIn helps us to make ourselves known to our clients and, in addition, allows them to know us beyond the professional, creating a relationship of trust that will allow them to say “yes” to working with you.
Sometimes, as in many aspects of life, it comes down to common sense. Don’t do on LinkedIn what bothers you to receive . It works a lot for me to put myself in the shoes of the recipient to know if it is a successful action or not. Remember, karma ON!
Automating sales on LinkedIn is possible with tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator , and in my post I leave you my 3 favorites. And remember: it’s not about the tools but about the strategy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing for you from Barcelona, ​​a Saturday of rain and inspiration. Do not stay with the doubt, shoot, I read you in comments!

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