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Scaling and optimization of campaigns with Facebook Ads

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Scaling and optimization of campaigns with Facebook Ads

When is the ideal time to increase the budget? When will I see the effects of the purchase of information in my campaign? How and when can I scale the campaigns? These are some of the questions we come across every day at the how can i buy a phone number agency. In this article we will show you everything related to the optimization of campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Ads, from our point of view.

1. Buying information
In this phase we will determine if the campaign or set of ads has potential. If the investment is not adequate, the information that we will obtain when drawing the conclusions will be insufficient. A minimum time must be established to obtain sufficient data and thus make the best decision, establish protection and escalation rules. At a general level, these conclusions are what we reach in our day to day:
Pause those ads that from the third day the CTR is less than 1%. Stop those ads that from the seventh day the Add To Cart Rate is less than 10%. (Website ATC / Link Clicks) Pause those ads that from the ninth day the ROI (taking into account COGS, advertising investment, commissions from platforms / payment gateways …) does not exceed 10% in the last 3 days.


If on the tenth day of the campaign we have a CTR greater than 1%, this means a rate of items added to the cart greater than 10% with a positive ROI. Then, it is time for optimization and scaling, below, we will show you some of the keys we use.

A) Optimize the budget
The budget must be optimized according to the cost per acquisition (hereinafter, CPA) + cost of the products (hereinafter, COGS) versus the average ticket (hereinafter, AOV). With this we will define our target CPA to obtain an ROI greater than 30% and thus optimize in the best possible way. Analyze and / or pause the ad set if the ROI in the last four days is less than 0%. If the ROI in the last four days is less than 30%, Forex Email List them with the rest of the campaign. its history, frequency and percentage of people reached. You may be working with audiences that are too small and have reached all of it. If the ROI in the last four days is greater than 30%, Facebook will allow you to see the last significant change in that adset. In order not to purchase information on a daily basis, we advise not to scale more than 15% of the daily budget from € 100 per day.

B) Optimizing your ads
The specific type of ad will make the difference between 0% or 30% ROI. In our experience, if an ad has been active for at least four days, we must spend between € 75-100 on a specific ad in order to make a decision with criteria. In general, Facebook recommends about 50 conversions a week for this type of process, many times it is advisable to optimize an event prior to the final goal.
Pause your ad if the ROI for the last four days is less than 0%.
Maintain and analyze the behavior of your ad in another adset and test new ads in your adset if the ROI in the last four days is less than 30%.
Create a variation of your ad based on the analysis of audience actions or duplicate it if the ROI in the last four days is greater than 30%.

C) Optimization of your audiences in acquisition
The scaling potential of a campaign depends on the creation of other audiences that increase its reach and allow the brand to target a greater number of people with Look a Likes , or LALs. The following tables indicate when is the ideal time to work on acquiring new potential audiences on your own website.  You should not make the mistake of offering the same treatment to the user who views your content, who uses the cart and who initiates a payment on your website. It is advisable to exercise a different communication for each type of user.

E) Pixel optimization
We start working with the sales conversion goal, when the goal of 10-20 conversions per adsets daily has been reached in the last three days. And before reaching this, you must work with the previous objective of the sales funnel. F) Optimization by ad placement You can create different types of ads that work on a platform, depending on the type of sector and product of the company. It is key to detect them and define the appropriate location in the key to the success of the campaign. A successful campaign can be adapted to instagram when it is successful on Facebook Feed, for example, the video: Analyze if you can launch that ad of a campaign, which has an ROi greater than 30% for a minimum of a week on Facebook Feed, on Instagram with the right target for your market. Generate videos especially for Instagram and use the carousel. G) Scaled by country One of the advantages of campaign optimization is the possibility of product internationalization.

In campaign optimization, if your audience resides in the US and you generate sales of more than 300, you can expand it to different countries. This way, you don’t start from scratch and you can create an audience similar to your audience. H) One more tip The best thing to do is to A / B test which strategy works best and what doesn’t. You can test the effect of different audiences, locations, or platforms. We advise you not to bet everything on a single ad. Diversifying also means scaling.We remind you that there is no absolute truth in marketing, and this also applies to campaign optimization and scaling. Our experience with launching campaigns in 25 different countries is what supports us in the above statements.

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