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Sales Performance: How to Boost Your Sales Team Productivity with HubSpot

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Sales Performance: How to Boost Your Sales Team Productivity with HubSpot

If the sales teams of different companies are similar at all, it is how little they are alike in each business. Everyone has their own vision on how to sell and everyone relies on the Sales Directors Email Lists department in their own way.

The sales department is the one that has taken the longest to assume the changes in the digital world. And, due to this, in recent years the tasks of the commercial figure have been redefined , establishing unified monitoring and reporting processes.

In this article I tell you how we can reduce sales friction by increasing sales productivity and business performance thanks to HubSpot. Do we see it together?

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Smarketing or Sales Marketing, what is it and why is it key in commercial performance?
How to set goals in smarketing and why?
Inbound Sales, what is it and how is it related to the sales department?
Smarketing or Sales Marketing, what is it and why is it key in commercial performance?
The concept of smarketing is born from the union of two terms: sales and marketing . These two teams, which have not always gone hand in hand and which remain widely separated in many companies, are key to business performance. Therefore, when a company decides to turn its strategy towards smarketing it benefits from:

Knowledge of the target audience: between sales and marketing it is possible to create a more specific target customer profile.
More personalized content: knowing the target better makes it easier to send the communications that interest you the most.
Lead feedback: marketing creates certain actions and sends the ideal content to generate interest in the user, and sales certify if it is correct and if there are ways to improve to get to know you even better.
Can you imagine how powerful the alignment between marketing and sales could be ? Probably yes, but you may have doubts about how to carry it out. All of this is achieved with tools such as HubSpot, which enables process automation and improves communication between departments.

One of the concepts that you should know if you want to start in the HubSpot world is that of flywheel . In mid-2018, HubSpot decided to move the figure from the traditional funnel (or marketing funnel) to the flywheel. At that time we were used to targeting the sale: thus, Forex Email List had to be in charge of getting quality leads and sales had to focus on closing the deal.

Yes, the flywheel still has a similar objective, but with a very interesting main change: now we do not put the customer as a result of the strategy; we put it in the center. Today, thanks to flywheel, we draw on the momentum of happy customers to grow the business. Your happy customers will recommend you and will be interested in upsellings.

I will try to better explain the flywheel strategy through three aspects that will help you understand it:

How fast does your flywheel turn?
How much friction is there in the turn of your flywheel?
How big is your flywheel?
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How fast does your flywheel turn?
Your flywheel will rotate based on the number of new opportunities it finds: how many new qualified leads are you capable of generating? The more leads you have, the faster your flywheel will spin.

How much friction is there in the turn of your flywheel?
Your flywheel will not turn properly if your sales process has friction and has obstacles. The fewer obstacles your sales process has, the faster your flywheel will turn.

How big is your flywheel?
The number of clients you have will determine the size of your flywheel. The more clients you have, the bigger your flywheel will be and the more opportunities you will have from them.
business performance

How to set goals in smarketing and why?
After defining your Buyer Persona profile, it is time to establish the stages of your life cycle. Thus, we could summarize the later stages in the following steps:

Define the buyer persona.
Specify each of the stages of the life cycle of your leads.
Set goals clear enough.
Determine when a lead is ready to go into sales.
Establish a methodology so that sales and marketing know how to handle the different situations that may appear with leads.
Analyze the metrics , such as the conversion rate, how many contacts go from MQL to SQL, what is the monetary value of each customer, etc.
Inbound Sales, what is it and how is it related to the sales department?
Inbound sales are designed to deliver the right content at the right time and context to the right person. It all starts with defining the steps of the sales process . You have to establish steps that allow you to identify what your prospect needs at all times.

To define these steps, you need to establish objective phases in which the target customer is in command. For example, in inbound sales we do not consider a phase “first call attempt” but ” first connection call made “. In this case, knowing that you have already spoken with the target customer gives you much more information than the number of calls you have made.

Align the use of CRM
How many times have we met sales teams going on their own? From inbound sales and thanks to tools like HubSpot it is possible that both marketing and sales have the same information about the customer thanks to a CRM.

CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle
HubSpot tools that drive sales
HubSpot offers you different tools that help boost your sales, improving the performance of the sales team and, therefore, sales productivity. Some of them are:

1. Meetings
The HubSpot Meetings tool allows you to associate your Google Apps (GSuite), Gmail (Google Free) or Office 365 calendar to automatically schedule your appointments.

business performance meetings hubspot2. Calls
You can make calls from the tool itself, with endless options:

Record calls
Add and delete records
Call result
Call type

3. Emails
You can also send emails . From HubSpot itself it is possible to:

Send an email
Create templates
Sharing templates
Personalize the email
Add different signatures, attachments, etc.

4. Sequences
Did you know that we spend 11 hours a week writing emails? The Sequences tool allows you to save time by maximizing the attention you give to the client. With it you can create sequences of automated actions, such as emails, calls, reminders …

5. Deals
With the Deals or Business option you can create and manage businesses detailing each of its stages:

Scheduled appointment
Initial contact
Able to buy
Scheduled presentation
Decision maker involvement
Contract sent
Closed won
Closed lost

As you can see, in sales the challenge is to be able to dedicate the necessary time to the opportunities closest to the sale and to ensure a funnel for the future. These tools allow us to save time and maximize personalization and contact follow-up. They are tools that enhance sales productivity and sales team performance . In addition, it is present among your opportunities to deliver the right content at the ideal time.

And you, do you use any kind of tool to increase the productivity of the sales department? I would love for you to tell me in the comments.

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