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Recruitment 4.0: The revolution in recruiting talent

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Recruitment 4.0: The revolution in recruiting talent

Companies are increasingly using social networks and the Internet in general to carry out selection processes and develop different strategies for attracting talent there. This is why more and more people have and are concerned about keeping their profiles updated on the most popular social networks (Facebook and Twitter as generic platforms and Linkedin for the professional field) as means to search for employment within Recruitment 4.0. Do you want to know what this concept consists of? Keep reading!

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What is Recruitment 4.0 or Headhunting 4.0?
Some of the terms that have emerged in relation to this new dynamic for finding work is the creation of a brand image , both for companies and for candidates, called personal brand in the latter case.

Previously, organizations when they needed to fill a vacancy were limited to publishing a job offer on the different pages and platforms intended for it ( Laboris , Infojobs , etc.). With all the limitations that this generates for the company: excess CVs received from unwanted profiles and a lack of feedback between the candidate and the UK Phone Number Database List before the interview.

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To create a brand image, organizations must be part of the digital maelstrom and anticipate its needs. Hence, Recruitment 4.0 arises: it is about capturing talent and making our activity and platforms a point of interest in which future candidates converge for selection processes adapted to technology.

For this, there are strategies such as creating a blog with content of interest (ideally updated daily), creating a corporate employment website that offers all the information about the company and having a more active presence on social networks .

Recruitment in data
To give us an idea of ​​the importance of social networks today, we have collected the most impressive Forex Email List from the latest Connected Talent Report prepared by Infoempleo:

The 74% of companies use social networks as a channel of intermediation
79% of recruiters think that candidates do not adequately work on their personal brand on social media
Linkedin and Facebook are the main social networks used by both recruiters and candidates
34% of companies claim to have rejected a candidate for their image on social networks
The degree of digitization of the selection process in companies stands in Spain at 54.3% on average, although it is increasing
Although four out of ten professionals have already been in some process in which new technologies were used for selection, the face-to-face interview continues to be the preferred modality for 93% of the candidates
Job portals are the first option 98% of candidates turn to when looking for work. It is followed by corporate websites (95%) and recruitment companies (93%)
Advantages of Recruitment 4.0 for Human Resources professionals
Now that we know what recruiting 4.0 or headhunting 4.0 is, let’s see what advantages it brings to recruiters:

New technologies save costs. They are free and easily accessible anywhere. Going from conventional media to digital media in recruiting is noticeable in saving time and money because the job portals where you can publish the offer do not have very high fees, so it pays to recruit through external means.

As for time, there are administrative procedures that are reduced to a minimum thanks to the networks. For example, the selection of CVs is very streamlined . Also, the faster the search process, the sooner the candidate will join the company.

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Job offers are still publications that we want to go viral, just like an advertisement. The interesting thing about this is that it not only captures the attention of those who seek employment , but also of those who do not do so actively.

In addition, one of the advantages of being in digital media is that this type of message by its nature is shared a lot on social networks.

How to do an online interview

Like an advertisement on the networks, the offers can be segmented according to the desired profiles and professional sectors. From age, studies, location, availability, etc. This allows the company to find interesting profiles that fit the desired characteristics.

Many recruiters have ever turned down a candidate for content found on their social media. Both for having seen some lies and compromised photos, etc. Likewise, they have also chosen someone because of the information they have found on the candidates’ social networks. Such as good references, having captured organizational skills, creativity, etc.

The importance of soft skills
In addition to taking care of social networks, there are also other new elements that must be considered in a recruitment process.

The soft skills or white skills have great weight when choosing a new employee. Its importance has been growing in recent years, completely changing the way of interviewing and selecting. Today’s recruiters evaluate these competencies more thoroughly to find the right profile. Among the most sought after are leadership, resilience, teamwork, creativity, empathy, etc.

On the other hand, as we have commented previously, the job search process has been shortened and streamlined. Today digitization favors the immediacy that is needed, as well as the sharing of information between both parties. In addition, the extensive use of social networks such as Linkedin has made access to the most massive data. Online tools are increasingly appreciated in recruitment processes.

However, the vast majority of companies admit that they still need a digital transformation in the management of their human resources. Reason why the HR professional specialized in the digital field is increasingly in demand.

What did you think of this article about recruiting 4.0? Leave your comments and share!

In response to this new market demand, from IEBS we launched this Master in Human Resources Management 4.0 , where you will learn all the trends and new HR techniques of the present and of the future, as explained by the program director, José Lozano, in the next video.

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