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Podcast # 26 – How to turn your company’s stakeholders into the main demand generation engine

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Podcast # 26 – How to turn your company’s stakeholders into the main demand generation engine

Today, Pau Valdés interviews Joost Van Nispen , who for 14 years held different senior management positions at the renowned Ogilvy & Mather agency, opening and managing offices throughout the world. Joost speaks 7 languages, has a master of science degree from MIT and a degree in political science from Harvard University .

He was also the founder of ICEMD and is the current Chief Disruption Officer of ESIC , a business school with a presence in more than 40 countries on 5 continents, and whose MBA program is considered among the 90 best on the planet, according to the ranking of The Economist .

Within the ESIC, its responsibility is to design disruptive innovation strategies to boost demand generation . In this context, Joost explains what specific methods he has used to obtain excellent results in attracting and converting prospects through inbound Ecuador Phone Number List.


Next, Joost and Pau talk about:

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1. Why are people key to inbound marketing success?
Many organizations are unaware that they have internal elements that could perfectly take advantage of them as strategic assets for their marketing campaigns. One of those most important assets is staff .

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When thinking about implementing a high-impact inbound marketing strategy , we know that it is essential to generate specialized content that adds value to the audience (articles, ebooks, podcasts, etc.). In this sense, those best suited to create such content are the specialists themselves who are linked to the organization. In the case of the ESIC, the strategy was to ask the students of the master’s degrees to start generating content in order to build a marketing blog within the school’s website.

This initiative of getting the students to participate proved to have surprising results in terms of SEO and demand generation, since due to the large number of experts involved in the creation of these materials, the contents could be produced with a sufficient variety of topics and with high levels of specialization .

The combination of these factors increased the traffic to the website and the engagement rates with potential clients, which, in turn, promoted interest in the school’s events, seminars, courses and other services.

“Inbound marketing has been absolutely essential to be able to create this content, but also to later turn it into what David Ogilvy would have called his secret marketing weapon: engagement with prospects .”

Joost van nispen

2. What is website inboundization and why is it important?
The inboundización is to have different elements of traditional Forex Email List can be used to capture leads . That is, they can become part of the resources of an inbound marketing campaign.

Based on this concept, Joost explains that the inboundization of web pages is achieved by restructuring the browsing experience so that no user leaves the site without leaving at least their email address. For example, a common and quite effective method is to add an exit intent pop-up with an offer to download interesting content. This means that when a user directs his cursor to close the navigation window, just at that moment a pop-up will appear inviting him to leave his email in order to access exclusive content , which can be an ebook related to the information that said user is investigating.

In the case of ESIC, one of those interesting contents is an audiovisual immersion that is offered to potential students so that they can see what it is like to study within the school.

The science behind all this is to creatively and persuasively take advantage of any type of resource that is available to try to convert a visitor into a lead, by obtaining their contact information. In this way, an automated email marketing campaign can be started later to carry out lead nurturing until the conversion of the lead to customer is achieved.

“It is much more important to get someone to answer ‘no’ than not to answer. Any response is the beginning of a conversation that could later lead to a fruitful and profitable relationship for both parties. ”

Joost van nispen

3. What role do landing pages play in generating demand?
Continuing with the idea of ​​the previous point, about the practical cases of inboundization , landing pages are one of the most important elements to be inboundized within web pages.

The design and content of a landing page have a direct impact on its effectiveness by persuading the user to leave their email in exchange for valuable content. For this reason, Joost explains that at ICEMD, with the support of InboundCycle , they designed several landing pages in such a way that each of them adapted to the level of interest of the users, depending on the content they were investigating.

In this sense, capturing leads through the landing pages was an excellent way to understand what the interests of the visitors were and at what stage of the conversion funnel they were, since each landing page was strategically created with different characteristics and content.

When this method is applied to capture leads, better results are obtained in generating demand by being able to pre-design, personalize and automate different email marketing sequences, taking into account the browsing history of the prospects.

Finally, listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it when you feel like it. You can also check out all the episodes of the Marketing Leaders podcast here .

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