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Podcast # 21 – Influencers and Brand Ambassadors to Get User Generated Content

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Podcast # 21 – Influencers and Brand Ambassadors to Get User Generated Content

In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the twenty-first episode: Influencers and brand ambassadors to get User Generated Content. We invite you to get to know it! Investors Email Lists of contents
1. User Generated Content as a brand growth strategy
2. Events as a strategy to expand a brand internationally
3. In social networks, quality is better than quantity
Today Pau Valdés interviews the expert consultant and trainer in digital transformation Miguel Ángel Trabado . After more than 20 years working for Henkel , where he obtained most of his knowledge of strategies and processes, he has decided to launch his solo project where he helps other companies in their digital transformation process.

Next, Miguel Ángel explains to us some of the most valuable and rewarding experiences of his time at Henkel, where he had the pleasure of working with large companies, helping them grow in their digital facet, using creative and innovative strategies . He will also explain some bad experiences from which he has learned what not to do and that have helped him to understand how the world of brands works on the internet.

Investors Email Lists

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1. User Generated Content as a brand growth strategy
Miguel explains how User Generated Content can be incredibly effective in growing a brand on the internet. With the empowerment and use of social media, customer opinion of a brand is more important than ever. Word of mouth has been transferred to the networks, and following the correct strategies we can make influencers speak well of our brand.

User Generated Content strategies generate absolute credibility, since it is the clients themselves who speak about your brand. Specifically, Miguel Ángel gives us a very particular example with which he caused many people in the hairdressing sector to talk about a specific brand. Inspired by the well-known La Voz program , he created a kind of contest in which several coaches helped brand ambassadors develop Forex Email List campaigns with inspiring images of their products.

Influencers , users and potential clients participated in this campaign who saw the different publications that the users themselves created on social networks and which they tagged using hashtags. The contest was very successful on Instagram, not so much in terms of numbers but in terms of the conversation generated around the brand, which is what, after all, was sought: to make noise so that the brand had more presence among people in the sector .

2. Events as a strategy to expand a brand internationally
Another way to expand a brand even internationally is face-to-face events. A well-organized event can attract many people interested in one type of product. In addition, the event can be self-financed through the sale of tickets or products without discount and even profit from it, since you can attract customers from all over the world.

As Miguel Ángel explains, his experience with this type of strategy was incredible. The results of a hairdressing industry event that he organized in 2012 were overwhelming , with people coming from all over the world and exceeding expectations for attendance (although this was a cost overrun on the budget).

How can you attract people to this type of event? In many ways: creating an interesting hook (like, for example, with a party and a well-known DJ), getting brands to promote you, inviting well-known companies in the sector, etc. The interesting thing is to generate expectation so that many people attend the event and get to know you as a brand.

In the end, these types of events can generate a lot of profitability, since you can get new clients or increase your product portfolio with clients who already know you. Also, if the event is successful you will generate a lot of noise around your brand, since you can get people talking about you in many places. For this you can inform the traditional and digital press, invite bloggers, youtubers and influencers, organize a pre-event with Photocalls, etc.

3. In social networks, quality is better than quantity
Creating a digital strategy to grow in social networks is essential. It is useless to have many followers if they do not generate interaction or cannot become customers. Miguel advises us not to focus on the numbers, since it is better to have few quality followers, and who are really linked to the brand, than many who do not contribute anything at all.

Miguel Ángel gives us as an example the creation of a Facebook page for the “Schwarzkopf” brand. It was during the takeoff of Facebook, back in 2008 or 2009, when they created the page without a clear strategy or a specific objective. As time went by, they saw that they had achieved a large number of followers who contributed little to the brand and did not generate engagement.

Thanks to this experience, Miguel understood that the objective in social networks is not to have many followers, but rather that the objective is to have true followers who can create engagement and make a community emerge around the brand . To achieve this, we must define which people are part of our target and have a corporate branding closely linked to our company.

Listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it.

If you have any questions or have any questions for Miguel Ángel or Pau, we encourage you to leave them in the comments section so that they can solve it for you.

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