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Podcast # 20 – Bebitus.com: a pioneer ecommerce in content marketing

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Podcast # 20 – Bebitus.com: a pioneer ecommerce in content marketing

In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the twentieth episode: Bebitus.com: a pioneer ecommerce in content VP Audit Email Lists. We invite you to get to know it!

Today, Pau Valdés interviews Guillem Sanz , e xpert in digital business, Founder & ex-CEO Bebitus. In 2011, Guillem founded Bebitus , an ecommerce focused exclusively on the babycare sector. Under his direction as CEO, Bebitus went on to lead the entire Spanish market just 2 years after its foundation; then the business went international to France and Portugal in 2014, and in 2015 the company was acquired by Windeln.de , Europe’s largest German trading group in the online market for baby products.

With Guillem at the helm, Bebitus achieved a turnover of 40 million euros, loyalty to more than 500,000 high-recurrence customers and generated 1.3 million monthly visits to the platform. Reaching this level of success so quickly was only possible thanks to innovation in their marketing strategies . In fact, during 2011, Bebitus instinctively designed an entire strategy based on content and customer attraction, without even knowing that the same type of strategy already had a first and last name in the United States: inbound marketing .

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In this podcast, Guillem and Pau talk about:

1. Content marketing in times when there was no talk of “content”
From the beginning, Bebitus was very clear that business success would depend on attracting and retaining customers at the lowest possible cost . To achieve that organic attraction they needed, they created a blog with interesting content for mothers and fathers of children under 3 years of age.

The funny thing is that, at that time, inbound marketing and content marketing were practically unknown in Spain , so it was a surprise for Bebitus to discover that their experiment of creating interesting content really worked to attract mothers and fathers who were looking for information on parenting and baby products.

“We did it instinctively. I didn’t know it was called ‘inbound’, I didn’t know it was called ‘content Forex Email List‘. I just wanted to generate a demand. ”

Guillem Sanz

This blog started with text-only publications, and due to the very good results achieved in terms of traffic, it evolved to become Bebitus Magazine , an interactive and multifunctional platform that has positioned itself as a reference throughout Europe.


2. How to retain more than 500,000 customers and promote recurring purchases?
Once the problem of how to attract potential customers at a low cost and in a massive way had been solved, it became necessary to design a strategy to convert them into recurring customers . That is, in consumers who constantly make a purchase within the platform.

To do this, Bebitus analyzed the customer lifetime value of the average buyer, understanding that a mother or father must make a series of repetitive purchases while their babies go from 0 years to 3 years of age.

In this context, the company developed a loyalty program called BeVIP (Bebitus + VIP), its objective was to ensure that people made such repetitive purchases within the platform, and not with the competition. To do this, BeVIP focused on driving recurring sales of certain high-turnover consumables such as diapers and food products.

The people who subscribed to this program received these products at home in a periodic , automated and preconfigured way , without having to carry out the purchase processes each time they needed the consumable.

For the buyer, BeVIP saved time and effort. For the company, it guaranteed the maximum possible customer lifetime value .

3. How to avoid bottlenecks in ecommerce logistics?
Ecommerces whose logistics only operate on business days have the problem that every Monday they must process accumulated orders from Saturday, Sunday and the same Monday. Therefore, during the beginning of the week, the large number of internal operations tend to saturate the provision of the service.

In this scenario, if you have an ecommerce and have developed a promotion or a loyalty program that drives sales, then you can execute the same strategy that they implemented in Bebitus: process the shipment of those special purchases only on business days of the weekend ( Thursday and Friday), since for those moments the internal logistics is a little more “comfortable”.

4. You must not only know your client, but also their environment!
A very common functionality nowadays by ecommerces is the “wish list”, like the Amazon Wish List . However, during the early days of Bebitus this type of technique was not well known. Despite this, the company wanted to continue innovating in its sector and created the “ birth lists ” functionality . These were lists that mothers and fathers could make about the products they wanted to receive from their friends and family for the birth of their children.

Although many users came to create birth lists , this tactic was not as successful as expected. Why? The reason that gained more force is that, although mothers and fathers were online shoppers, the people who received these lists (family and friends) were probably not digital users or did not have the confidence to buy online.

It is true that Guillem tells us about a different time than today, but this problem of not knowing what the environment of our clients is like is something that is extrapolated to our day to day, in one way or another. Therefore, you should always keep this in mind before investing in a strategy that involves the people around your buyer.

Listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it.

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