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Podcast # 19 – How to multiply your blog traffic by 100?

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Podcast # 19 – How to multiply your blog traffic by 100?

In our Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists Leaders podcast we bring you the nineteenth episode: How to multiply your website traffic by 100 ?.

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1. How did Doofinder manage to multiply the traffic to its website by 100?
2. What other strategy has allowed you to gain visibility and positioning?
3. How to earn positive reviews in the B2B market?
4. Keys to keep in mind about B2B cold callings
Today, Pau Valdés interviews Iván Navas , CEO and founder of Doofinder , a company that developed an intelligent search engine that is internally integrated into ecommerce stores to allow users to find the products they want very precisely.

When using Doofinder, only 1.5% of searches in ecommerces fail to yield results, while when using traditional search engines the percentage shoots up to 15%.

Chief and VP of Marketing Email Lists

DoofinderThat level of power and effectiveness of Doofinder has made ecommerces around the world use it today. Thus, with a presence in 55 countries and used by more than 5000 web pages , this tool is already managing more than 8 million searches every day.

However, the quality of the software has not been the only important thing. As Iván explains, the internationalization of the company has been thanks, to a large extent, to the digital marketing strategies that have been implemented, to which the million-dollar question arises: what are these effective strategies?

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In this podcast, Iván and Pau talk about:

1. How did Doofinder manage to multiply the traffic to its website by 100?
Doofinder was founded in 2009, but it took 9 years (2018) for the company to start adopting inbound marketing as a strategic pillar. 2 years after doing it (2020), he had already managed to multiply the traffic to his website by 100 . For Iván, the investment they have made in inbound marketing has produced a surprisingly “disproportionate” return, since the benefits obtained have far exceeded the initial investment.


In fact, it is thanks to the generation and publication of digital content (articles, ebooks, whitepapers, guides, etc.) that Doofinder is currently getting 50% of its customers . Therefore, inbound Forex Email List has been key not only to attract many more visitors, but also qualified leads and end customers.

“It is a job that is slowly growing exponentially. It takes time to start, but when it starts I would dare to say that it is unstoppable. ”

Iván Navas on inbound marketing

If you want to know more about the results you can achieve with inbound marketing, we invite you to download our Inbound Marketing Study 2020 , in which we analyze the impact of this methodology with more than 60 real cases, both B2B and B2C .

2. What other strategy has allowed you to gain visibility and positioning?
Positioning yourself in the B2B market is not easy, but it is not impossible either. Proof of this is that Doofinder has achieved this with a particular strategy: creating alliances with important players in the ecommerce sector . These alliances have generated two great benefits for the company:

On the one hand, the brand’s visibility has increased thanks to the possibility of promoting its tool within third-party platforms (through sponsored articles, advertisements, etc.).
On the other hand, it has improved the customer experience by facilitating the integration of the tool with ecommerce platforms such as PrestaShop , WooCommerce , WordPress , Magento , Shopify and others; Since having these partners has allowed the company to develop connectivity elements that facilitate integrations (plugins, extensions, modules, etc.).
3. How to earn positive reviews in the B2B market?
To build trust and strengthen brand reputation in the industry, one tactic that Doofinder has implemented and that all other B2B businesses can replicate is customer review management. Iván discovered that the satisfaction of his users can be capitalized , and the way to achieve this is by asking them to leave positive reviews about the tool.


However, it is known that in the B2B sector it is difficult to get a client company to spend a few minutes to leave an opinion, rating or comment. This is where the level of satisfaction that you have been able to generate for your customers through service and attention comes into play.


In the case of Doofinder, the brand has not only endeavored to make its product of the highest quality, but also to offer very satisfactory customer service. Consequently, companies have always been willing to leave positive reviews, and this is something we all need to learn and replicate .

4. Keys to keep in mind about B2B cold callings
In B2B sales processes, the use of cold calling techniques is common , which can be effective sometimes and sometimes not so, so it is necessary to take into account a series of conditions of when and how to apply them or not to apply them. For instance:

From Doofinder’s experience, it is not recommended to outsource sales functions (via cold calling) to a call center. The best thing is that the calls to potential clients are made by the internal personnel of the company, who know the product better and have a greater commitment and feeling towards the brand.
In companies like Doofinder, it is not recommended to set up a BDR (Business Development Representative) department, since this profile in charge of prospecting through cold calling ends up doing irrelevant work compared to that of the salespeople. This is because, in the software as a service market, B2B sales processes do not usually last more than 3 short calls, so there is no room for maneuver for prospectors and then for sellers.
Listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it.

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