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Podcast # 18 – It’s never too late to make your business blog profitable

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Podcast # 18 – It’s never too late to make your business blog profitable

In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the eighteenth episode: It is never too late to make your business blog profitable.

Today Pau Valdés interviews Nora Álvaro , who for more than 8 years has been working as a specialist and digital content manager for DKV Seguros . Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Nora has played key roles in various campaigns of the company over time, working on strategies social media marketing (brand content, advertising and data analytics) of email VP Security Email Lists loyalty and care to the client through social networks.

Next, Nora explains why and how the blog Quiero Cuidarme de DKV has played such a fundamental role in the insurer’s marketing strategies. And it is that, under the slogan “We are health activists”, DKV has sought to position itself in the market as a company focused 100% on the well-being of its customers and society. Thus, digital content has been the key to carry this commercial message on a large scale , connecting with the needs of users effectively and efficiently.

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In this podcast, Nora and Pau talk about:

1. What marketing strategy has marked a before and after for DKV?
For years, DKV has been publishing health content on its blog “Quiero Cuidarme” , in which it has accumulated thousands of articles with a large number of daily visits. In fact, the blog page receives more traffic than the company’s own corporate page. However, for a long time at DKV they did not know how to profit from all that generated traffic.

To solve this problem, the Communication Department decided to implement the inbound marketing strategy , through which it was able to start converting the visits received into leads. In this way, inbound marketing marked a before and after for the organization, by transforming the blog into an entire inflow of new business opportunities based on capturing leads .

Today, many companies continue to have this same problem. They have invested time, effort and money to develop one of the most important digital assets: a blog with high traffic rates . However, they do not know how to make this asset profitable. They still do not know that inbound marketing is the most powerful strategy to convert visits into business opportunities.

2. What was the most decisive technique for the success of inbound marketing at DKV?
As the company already had a blog with excellent results in terms of traffic, it was not necessary to start an inbound Forex Email List project from scratch. That is, from writing articles. Instead, what was done was to take advantage of the content already written and execute a lead generation technique based on three coordinated actions, which were the following:
The articles most visited by the audience and which, therefore, generated more interest among users were analyzed .
EBooks were created on the same topics as those most visited articles. In this way, each eBook provided complementary information that was not in the articles.
CTAs were introduced in the different categories of the blog promoting the download of these eBooks.
Thanks to these actions, DKV was able to begin to collect personal information about its visitors and to better understand their preferences and interests. Based on this, the company can already determine what types of content and services it should send and offer in a personalized way to users who have downloaded the eBooks.

3. What mistake is usually made when doing inbound marketing?
One of the main inbound marketing techniques is lead nurturing , which consists of educating leads through valuable content to make them move up the conversion funnel. That is, to bring them closer and closer to a purchase intention . That said, a very common mistake in inbound marketing is delivering business content to leads who are still very early in the buying cycle.

This is exactly what happened to DKV. When they started executing inbound marketing and seeing the large number of leads they were generating, they decided to send them a series of content related to the commercial offer of insurance, without having waited long enough for the lead nurturing to take effect . Consequently, the leads were further removed from the purchase intention, as they were not prepared to receive commercial content.

Faced with this situation, Pau explains that inbound marketing “is the set of strategies and tactics that you put in place to deliver the right content at the right time .” Therefore, if you send your leads content that they are not interested in at the moment, you run a very high risk of collapsing all previous inbound marketing efforts.

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