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Podcast # 17 – Internationalization of an ecommerce to accelerate growth

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Podcast # 17 – Internationalization of an ecommerce to accelerate growth

In our Payroll Directors Email Lists Leaders podcast we bring you the seventeenth episode: ” Internationalization of an ecommerce to accelerate growth”.

Today, Pau Valdés interviews Antoni Ribas , who together with his wife ( Stephanie Marko) founded Stikets , a family e-commerce business that produces and markets stamps, stickers and personalized labels so that people can identify all kinds of objects belonging to their children: clothes, shoes, notebooks, books, backpacks …

In this way, Stikets offers a pleasant solution to an everyday and massive problem , thus demonstrating that there are always possibilities to generate innovative and creative business ideas.

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Source: Stikets.es

Antoni explains to us how he and his wife managed to transform this family ecommerce business into a multinational company present in 25 markets , with active marketing strategies in 15 languages and high turnover in up to 12 currencies .

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In this podcast, Antoni and Pau talk about:

What role do social networks play in an ecommerce?
Social networks are and will be, with increasing force, extremely powerful tools for e-commerce. We are seeing, for example, how the Facebook ecosystem has been incorporating electronic commerce functionalities in all its platforms ( Facebook , Instagram and WhatsApp ).

In addition, the levels of segmentation offered by the networks are quite detailed and precise, so that it is very easy to find market niches by age ranges, purchasing interests, needs, etc. With these social-commerce and segmentation functionalities, digital businesses can reach any audience in the world .

In the case of Stikets, not only the PPC (pay per click) campaigns on social media have produced very good results, but also the influencer Forex Email List strategies. The influencers (micro, medium and large) have allowed the brand to generate branding and conversions in very well controlled market niches throughout the world.

What has been the key to the success of the internationalization of Stikets?
Digital businesses are characterized by the ease of going global. Through the web pages, companies can internationalize to any place on the planet , without having to invest in offices or logistics. At Stikets they understood this concept very well and took it to its highest level of commercial performance.

How they did it? Not settling for just being able to sell anywhere in the world. The strategic vision of Antoni and his wife was to make customers feel that the company was “just around the corner”, and for this they have adapted 100% of the brand to each of the markets where it is present, this to through actions such as the following:

Create a specific website for each region.
Adopt the native language of each country in every possible way (web pages, after-sales services, customer service, etc.).
Have local collection methods available.
Establish alliances with local logistics companies.
Adapt prices to each market.
How to manage the brand image?
Before the rise of social media, brands had a high level of influence on how they wanted to be perceived by their consumers, thanks to advertising messages on mass media such as television and radio. Nowadays, that level of influence has fallen considerably, and the modern company runs the risk that, if it does not manage to project its values ​​towards the market, the market ends up projecting its values ​​towards the brand.

In this sense, you must take good care of how the image of the brand is managed, both through elements such as the logo to the language and content of the messages. All the branding of the brand must convey what defines it, what is its motivation, what it contributes to the market, what its values ​​are … You must ask yourself, for example, what you want them to think of your brand when people see your logo. And this is something that you must take care of and manage in each of the stages of the conversion funnel.

In the case of Stikets, branding in all its campaigns and strategies seeks to convey the values ​​of ease , comfort , speed and a practical solution to everyday problems .

social commerce

Source: Stikets.es

Is it profitable to acquire third-party databases?
To seek to grow much faster in the number of customers, a large number of companies acquire user databases that are built and offered by external providers, with the aim of being able to impact those users through email marketing campaigns, for example.

However, with this type of practice, a good relationship is usually not achieved between the investment made to acquire these databases and the return on investment finally generated. Although it is possible to obtain a good promotion of the brand, the truth is that the conversion ratio of leads to customers is very low. This is due to the fact that those “purchased” users do not know the company and have no affinity with it, therefore, they are hardly going to become its customers.

Think about the following: if you buy an Amazon database, all those customers belong to Amazon, so they feel identified with that company and its services, not with your brand. Similarly, if you are a seller on Amazon and you build your own customer database through that platform, keep in mind that all those users came to you through Amazon, so the relationship and affinity they have they are towards Amazon, not towards your brand or towards your seller profile.

The best strategy to attract new customers is by offering the market a differentiating value proposition, a special and personalized treatment, and the guarantee that the company complies with everything it claims to offer, both in quality and quantity, timing, prices, service. , etc. In this way, it is possible for you not only to increase your databases of new customers, but also of loyal customers, and all this from your own ecommerce platform .

“A loyal customer is always less sensitive to price as a purchasing criterion.”

Antoni Ribas

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