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Our Top 15 Sales & Marketing Videos of 2020

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Our Top 15 Sales & Marketing Videos of 2020

There are only a few weeks left to finish this intense and uncertain year and, as usual, we want to review the videos that the InboundCycle team has recorded for our YouTube channel .

We have gone from recording in our studio to opening our doors to you to ensure that no matter the circumstances, we continue to support all of our fans through the best content on CEO Email Lists and sales.

Today we present a compilation of the 15 outstanding videos of our channel, but we encourage you to enter and subscribe so as not to miss any of the ones we publish weekly . We started!

1. Goodbye to the marketing and sales funnel: the flywheel is here
HubSpot announced its new flywheel for a long time, but the topic continues to generate a lot of interest and some doubt.

Andrea Castán explains everything we need to know and understand about the new funnel created by the inbound marketing gurus at HubSpot. If you want more information, you can access the full article by clicking here .

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2. Inbound marketing: stages and methodology
To implement an inbound marketing strategy, it is not only important to know what the methodology consists of, but also to understand very well the stages that make it up.

Marta Miñarro, Communications Manager, explains everything to us in the following video, as well as in this article .

3. What is HubSpot?
HubSpot is the quintessential inbound marketing tool. But didn’t you just know exactly what it is and how it works? Then you can’t miss the following video by Oriol Bel, Marketing Director at InboundCycle.

Also, if you already know what HubSpot is and are considering hiring it, you will be interested to know that with InboundCycle you can save costs in the process of hiring and incorporating the software into your company . How? We will tell you in this link!

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4. Marketing plan: what is it and how to do one step by step
Would you like to develop a good Forex Email List plan for your business but don’t know where to start? Then this video by Marta Miñarro will interest you a lot. In addition, you can click on this link to access its full article so you don’t miss a detail and start designing your marketing plan today.

5. What is Google My Business and how does it work?
With the situation we have experienced in 2020, Google My Business has acquired a lot of relevance when it comes to working and managing the presence of companies on the internet, and Mireia Capella tells us about it in the following video.

If you want more information about what Google My Business is and how it works, then we recommend you complement the information you will find in the video with reading this article .

6. Sales cycle or process: what is it?
The sales cycle is the process that a company carries out from the moment it tries to capture the attention of a potential client until it manages to close the sale of the product or service with that client, and Pau Valdés explains it to us in 5 minutes in the next video.

If you need more detailed information about the sales process, then you will be interested in reading this article .

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7. How to use Pinterest for business: complete guide [2020]
Pinterest is a social network specialized in mainly visual content, such as photos, infographics or videos, whose objectives are usually to inspire, motivate a lifestyle and educate on a specific topic. But how can a company take advantage of it? Cecilia Natale, Account Executive at InboundCycle, gives us a very detailed review of how companies can take full advantage of Pinterest.

For more information on this, we recommend you visit the full article here .

8. How to make an Instagram story that generates interaction with your followers?
Today there are more than 400 million accounts on Instagram that use the Instagram Stories feature on a daily basis. And how can your company take advantage of it? Ariadna Batlle tells us the keys to generate engagement with your followers, enhance your brand and increase the visibility of your company in the following video.

In addition, here you have the complete article in case you want to delve into any of the points that he comments.

9. HubSpot Features
As we said before, if you don’t know too much about HubSpot, this video can help you better understand the main functionalities of the tool and how they can benefit your company, but we also leave you this content so that you can better understand its origin, its characteristics and its prices. .

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10. The 5 questions that cannot be missing in your satisfaction survey
Satisfaction surveys can be a great ally for your marketing strategy, and Patricia Bueno explains why in the following video. In addition, he has written this article with some suggestions that can help you when creating them. Check it out!

11. Chatbot for WhatsApp: how to create it to improve your Customer Service
Did you know that more than 75% of users would prefer to solve their queries through WhatsApp? Júlia Suárez tells us about the potential of WhatsApp and its possibilities when it comes to integrating it into a digital marketing strategy. Visit his full article to delve into the subject or ask your questions about it.

12. The 4 Ps of marketing that you should know
Pep Botey reviews each of the elements that make up the 4 Ps and analyzes how they have evolved over the years.

Product: the element on which everything revolves
Price: the difficult task of fixing the most suitable
Point of sale: how are we going to distribute our product?
Promotion: the many ways to make it known
Evolution of the 4 P, the 4 C and, finally, the 4 E
Access his article to complement the information he provides in the video and not miss a detail.

13. What is a lead, what types are there and what are they for?
Although, in general terms, you may know what a lead is, on many occasions we meet users who have various doubts about it, and for this reason Oriol Bel, Marketing Director at InboundCycle, has prepared this video.

If, after watching the video, you still have doubts, surely you can solve them by reading this article .

14. How to make a free webinar: YouTube can be your greatest ally
Have you considered taking advantage of the increasing consumption of video content and launching webinars? Sure you do, but … where to start?

We suggest you start by watching this video, in which Aina Oranich tells us how to take advantage of all that YouTube can offer us when creating free webinars, and we invite you to take a look at her full article .

15. Positive and negative feedback: 9 mistakes to avoid in your communication
At InboundCycle we consider feedback as a fundamental and key element in our day-to-day life, that is why we want to tell you about positive feedback and negative feedback so that you know what it is and how it can help, or harm, business productivity.

Do not miss the video of Dana Camps and also read her full article to delve into the 9 mistakes you should try to avoid when giving feedback.

What did you think of this compilation? If you have missed a specific topic, we encourage you to stop by our YouTube channel and leave us a comment, in case you do not find the content you are looking for, so that we can get to work. We will wait for you!

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