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Our Top 10 Sales & Marketing Videos of the Summer

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Our Top 10 Sales & Marketing Videos of the Summer

Autumn is beginning and we could not think of a better way to celebrate it than by reviewing what have been the 10 most outstanding videos of the summer on our YouTube channel . It is true that they have been atypical months, but that is not why we wanted to miss the opportunity to offer you the best content, even from our homes. This is the result, we hope you enjoy it!

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Top 10 sales and marketing videos of the summer
Top 10 sales and marketing videos of the summer
1. Digital marketing news: sources of information and how to stay up to date
Like the digital VP Design Officers Email Lists but do not know how to find news from the sector , news related, information on the latest trends …? Pau Valdés, CEO and co-founder of InboundCycle, tells in this video how you can stay up-to-date in the field of digital marketing.

And it does not matter if you only have some notions of online marketing, if you already have a master’s or postgraduate degree, or if you occupy a management position: Pau reveals how to keep up to date according to your position.

Chief and VP of Design Email Lists

2. Comparison of automation tools: HubSpot vs ActiveCampaign

HubSpot or ActiveCampaign? It is likely that you have ever wondered which of the two automation platforms is better, more complete or more functional. In this video, Marta Miñarro, PR & Events Manager at InboundCycle, analyzes the characteristics, functionalities, advantages and disadvantages of these two tools.

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3. What is digital marketing or online marketing?
Times have changed and offline marketing increasingly needs online marketing. Content, social media, email marketing or affiliate marketing strategies are key concepts that you should know if you want to start in the world of online marketing . Enric Nager, Account Executive at InboundCycle, takes a closer look at it in this video.

4. International SEO: 10 steps to position your website in other countries
Are you thinking of internationalizing your business? If you want to take the step, you should know that there are certain SEO aspects that you must take into account to position your website in other markets.

Júlia Suárez, Account Executive at InboundCycle, tells you 10 steps for you to be able to position your website in other countries : from language to content adaptation; from the web structure to the link building. There will be no market that can resist you!

5. How to create a social media marketing strategy in 6 steps
Lucy Carmichael, Account Executive at InboundCycle, discusses in 6 steps how to create a social media Forex Email List strategy . You will already know the importance of creating and keeping your community active in networks, but how to carry out the strategy? What aspects should you take into account? In this video you will find out:

6. What is referral traffic and how can we manage it?
Have your referral traffic metrics increased lately ? Good job! That means you are doing well. At least, that seems to the people who are mentioning you …

And that’s what referral traffic is about: it refers to the times that other pages name yours. After watching the video of Pep Botey, PA & Office Manager in InboundCycle about referral traffic, you will know how to manage this type of traffic and what strategies to carry out to increase it.

7. Google Discover: what it is and why it is the key to increasing your traffic
How many times a day do you use Google Discover ? This useful tool to keep up to date with the latest news can also be key to increasing your traffic . Do you want to know how to achieve it? In this video, Cecilia Natale, Account Executive at InboundCycle, tells you in detail.

8. Data Management Platform (DMP): what it is and why it will disappear in 2022
Did you know that Google is considering deleting cookies in a couple of years? This means that the DMP platforms, or Data Management Platform , will have to adapt to it. Oriol Bel, Marketing Director at InboundCycle, tells you in more detail in this video:

9. Psychological prices: what they are and how they work
You can’t even imagine the potential of psychological prices … If you want to boost your sales, you may not need to lower prices or do aggressive promotions . Just creating a good psychological pricing strategy may have a positive impact on your sales. Patricia Bueno, Account Executive at InboundCycle, tells you here:

10. The best tools to analyze Twitter
Analysis is key to growing in social networks. And Twitter is no exception. If you want to know which are the 10 best tools to analyze everything that happens on this social network , Júlia Francés, Account Executive at InboundCycle, tells you in this video:

And for you, what is the most interesting video in recent months? We hope that everyone has contributed and, above all, inspired to launch you to delve a little deeper into the world of digital marketing.

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