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No more cart abandonments in your ecommerce

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No more cart abandonments in your ecommerce

These are the solutions for the cart abandonment rate of your ecommerce.
First we must establish the difference between the abandonment of the cart and the abandonment of the purchase process in your ecommerce.The difference between the two phenomena is abysmal. The abandonment of the purchase process refers to a bad experience in the purchase flow of a certain product, it is a real threat. While cart abandonment is about opportunity, stop winning or losing. An abandoned cart does not represent a loss of sale. The buy telephone number has not changed his mind, not necessarily, and a product in the basket manifests very valuable information, a declaration of interest from the user. “The average in Spain is around 91.65% […]” “So far in 2018 the average cart abandonment rate is 91.65% for ecommerce retailers in Spain” Álvaro Gutierrez, Ecommerce-News, (2018).
The most pessimistic will take this phenomenon as a threat, on the contrary, the optimists will see in cart abandonments an opportunity to get to know their customers more and lead them to the purchase.

” Cart abandonment rate is not the measure of a problem, but the metric of an opportunity ” Cart abandonment rate in eCommerce: myths and solutions, Ernesto del Valle, social media contenidos .How to proceed with abandoned carts If you belong to the group that sees this phenomenon as an opportunity, there are two options: I. If a registered user abandons the cart (this user is a customer). By knowing the particular user and the product for which the cart was abandoned, you can send a reminder email. You can also offer a small discount on the item in the cart, or even offer a complementary product. It may seem like an expensive procedure, but it really isn’t. It is one more functionality that all ecommerce can perform. «[…] Almost 50% of the emails sent to users who have abandoned the cart are opened; in more than 13% of them, the user clicks to return to the store. » Shopping cart abandonment: why does it happen ?, Mario Araque, We are marketing, Global Growth Agents, (2016).


II. If an unknown user abandons the cart.
When you meet the user who visits your ecommerce for the first time, you have the opportunity to attract a new  Forex Email List  and retain them. Have you ever experienced being chased by an add-on product to conversion, in a large ecommerce? This is called retargeting. What is retargeting? Fundamentally, it works like this: I. Carry out a valuable action during your visit to an ecommerce, be it your first visit, consult a specific section, add a product to the cart, etc.

II. This ecommerce has installed a series of tracking codes to collect information about what really interests your customers. This information is processed by ecommerce anonymously, for data protection.

III. Then you enter your personal  networks and you will see information about the ecommerce that you have previously visited, about the selection of products that may interest you or, even, that product for which you have shown interest. All of this is done through Facebook Ads and Instagram.
This procedure is also used, at the cart abandonment level, in AdWords. In the situation in which, once you have abandoned the cart of an ecommerce, you visit another website that has another advertising space in AdWords, so an ad will be shown dynamically. Depending on the phase of the conversion funnel the user is in, you can find the best retargeting process. Conclution Ultimately, cart abandonment is an opportunity to process information about the user, whether a customer or a stranger, to turn it into a purchase interest. In this way, if the user does not use the cart, you have a serious problem, if they do, on the contrary, you have a chance.

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