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New HubSpot Features: What We Saw in 2020 and What’s Ahead of Us in 2021

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New HubSpot Features: What We Saw in 2020 and What’s Ahead of Us in 2021

In 2020 HubSpot turned 15 years old , and here at InboundCycle, who have been using their software for 9 years, we laugh when we remember what HubSpot was like in its beginnings, and we are amazed to see its evolution. The platform and its services have changed a lot since then, and it is that every year (if not every week) the functionality of HubSpot is renewed , adding new features and products.

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New HubSpot Features in 2020
What’s New from HubSpot During COVID-19
New HubSpot Features in 2021
The year 2020 has not been an exception, because, despite the pandemic, we have seen how new really useful Norway Phone Number List and innovative functionalities have been added . And 2021? Well, it won’t be either, because we already have news of the great news that is coming.

In this article we are going to see a summary of the biggest changes or news that HubSpot released in 2020, the most recent changes more specifically, how it responded to COVID in terms of its software and what it plans to introduce in 2021.

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New HubSpot Features in 2020
Despite the fact that 2020 has been a complex year for everyone, the introduction of new features in HubSpot has been constant throughout the year.

What did we see last year? The most interesting features
A central page of SEO recommendations
HubSpot has long reported on individual pages and articles about possible SEO improvements (title, meta description, keywords, etc.). But in January of this year it took out a central page where it reported on which pages could be made improvements.

Thanks to this new functionality, marketing teams can see first-hand what SEO aspects can be improved on their website. This best practice page includes a list of optimizations that can be made and the level of impact each will have. Quite a success.

new hubspot features 2020

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New CMS & Themes (themes)
The whole HubSpot CMS changed, but the big news was the inclusion of themes, which allow you to change the styles of any page without having technical knowledge. In addition, the option to add modules from the page itself (drag & drop type) and also the possibility of editing global groups from the pages was added. In addition, it added the option to buy and download themes from the Marketplace.

new functionality hubspot cms and themes

new functionality hubspot themes

Activity log
Have you ever found yourself in the situation where something suddenly stopped working or changed and you don’t know why? Now HubSpot offers a report where you can see any change that has been made in any section of HubSpot, when and which user has made it. A very useful feature for marketing teams.

On September 1, 2020, all users received the CRM facelift update . This new aspect added the possibility of working with filters in a simpler way, creating saved views with filters and exporting them to files that we can download or send to our email.

new hubspot crm features

Free landing page builder
Some free tools are included with HubSpot CRM, and now a landing page builder has been added that allows you to create very attractive landing pages in an intuitive way. Thanks to the large number of templates that have been added, a wide variety of landings can be designed. In addition, this new tool includes a wide variety of modules with which we can include images, videos, forms and even a meeting module so that our potential clients can make appointments with the sales team.

Customized objects for the CRM
Now you can create your custom objects in addition to the ones that already come by default in HubSpot (contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and products).

When your company requires a different object, you can consider defining a custom object. This includes creating its properties and customizing the associations between the custom object and other objects.

Once the custom object is defined, you can manage and use the object. For example, you can personalize your automated marketing emails with the property values ​​of your custom objects.

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More control when giving permissions to users
One of the features of HubSpot most demanded by users was the possibility of having a more complex permission system. Now this is possible, as we can configure the permissions of the users who have access to our HubSpot account through roles and user groups.

In each of them we can configure the permissions according to the needs of each team. For example, we can make the sales representative only see files, while the team in charge can also import, edit or delete them.

What’s New in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software
Thanks to the new ABM software, strategies of this type can now be created quickly and intuitively. Thanks to the workflow templates, ideal customer profiles can be easily defined. AI-based recommendations have also been included and facilitate collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

Multi-channel revenue attribution
Now you can see the revenue performance of any marketing campaign and any content you create.

Recently, HubSpot has added the option to create ads for platforms such as Google, LinkedIn or Facebook. We can edit the names, budgets and dates, and configure other aspects of our advertising campaigns.

In addition, it also allows you to create “look alike” audiences: an audience based on your ideal customer who has already visited your site, allowing you to target the people who are most likely to convert.

The Latest HubSpot Features in 2020
New Sales Hub Enterprise
HubSpot incorporates sales acceleration using artificial intelligence (AI), connected tools for creating quotes and optimized sales reports.

Marketing Hub functionalities based on CRM
The HubSpot Marketing Hub has received some very interesting updates based on CRM. Now automation functions (such as workflows), emails, customization options, etc. They allow us to be based on the CRM and thus further personalize our marketing campaigns.

New Call-to-Action

Marketing Contacts
One of the great novelties that 2020 has brought us is that now we only have to pay for the contacts we use to promote our products and services. What does this mean? Well, we can store up to a million contacts totally free as long as we don’t use them in our promos.

The following HubSpot features have already been released, but are still in beta, so options may be missing or not working 100%. However, we advise you to test them to see if they can be useful to you, since they usually end up being fully implemented.

New report generator
The new custom report generator handles so much more data: emails, advertisements, social media posts, ad campaigns, and much more.

new functionalities hubspot report generator

What’s new in the Service Hub
It introduces a new set of tools — registered user identification, multi-language knowledge bases, call center automation, or JIRA integration, among many others.

new features hubspot service hub

What’s New from HubSpot During COVID-19
With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, HubSpot took several actions at the business level to deal with the new situation, but here we are going to focus on what is relevant to us: its platform.

HubSpot made three main changes with the goal of reducing costs for its customers:

It lowered the monthly price of the Starter Growth Suite by more than half during the first year. This still stands, so if this plan fits your business, don’t miss out on the offer.
Removed email sending limits in Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise, and increased monthly call minute limit for Sales Hub and Service Hub Starter and Professional. This measure was maintained until September 1.
Some tools that were paid became free. Some of them were paid again on September 1, but others are still at 0 cost, such as software for scheduling meetings or software for sales quotes.
New Call-to-Action
New HubSpot Features in 2021
So far we’ve seen a ton of new HubSpot functionality that is now available to all of us. But what can we expect in 2021? HubSpot has already launched the plan for this new year, although they already warn us that it may change throughout 2021.

Here is a compilation of the news that HubSpot intends to launch, of which there is not much information yet, but that we can address once all the details are announced.

Sales Hub

Task review
Improved management tools
Effective reporting
Subscription assistance
New integrations

Improved mobile experience
CRM customization
From the price to cash
Marketing Hub:

Permits and compartmentalisation

Ad sequences
Automation reports
Multiple business units
Campaigns 2.0
Event Marketing Objects
Improved conversations

Test environments for developers.
Improved SEO tools.

Management of business websites.
CMS applications.
Automated blog import.
Management of digital resources.
Content decoupling.
Service Hub

Enhanced service center
Conversations API
Optimized reports

Optimized assignments
Improved chat context
Multiple knowledge bases
Mobile call center
Self-service portal
Ecosystem (general news of the platform):

Data synchronization
As you can see, the amount of functionalities that are intended to be introduced in the different HubSpot modules during this year are very wide and varied . It is even possible that some of those that are in development are already operational at the time of this article, since they are usually quite quick to introduce them.

Finally, we want to remind you that if the functionality you were waiting for is not on this list, do not forget that in HubSpot you can propose news and vote on them, and, if there is enough quorum, surely one day they will come true.

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