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Must read: the most read notes of the week

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Must read: the most read notes of the week

The month of December began and in Merca2.0 magazine the most read articles on digital platforms were the 10 things you have to do before quitting to put your own job, the 10 most impressive GoPro videos of 2014, and the first steps to give for any marketing graduate. Probably many of us who have been employees, the idea of ​​breaking Austria Mobile Number List free from the yoke of corporate bondage ever crossed our minds. However, without fear of being wrong, I could affirm that most of the people who have come up with this idea have not dared to carry it out mainly because of the fear of losing the security of receiving a fortnightly or monthly salary. One of the companies that, for a couple of years, has maintained an infallible advertising strategy is GoPro.

This all-terrain HD camera brand stood out in 2014 for bringing relevant content to its consumers not only for fans of extreme sports but also for lovers of animals and documentary-style videos. Creating a column is an exercise in value and commitment that pays every time a person writes you with a question or comment. After more than 200 texts written in Merca2.0 and other international media, I can share that the emails that I like the most are those from recently graduated professionals. Much can be said on the subject, unfortunately, most opinions are generalizations or stereotypes, the simple truth is that the global labor market is a real challenge. Marketing, advertising, and media are no exception. It turns out that in recent days television spots and outdoor media appear everywhere on Brother Cell Phone List announcing a new brand called ZZ! (I assume as an allusion to the word “Easy”, that is, easy). One of the most shocking campaigns within PETA’s historic efforts is that of naked bodies protesting the use of animal skins. Launched in the 1990s, “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” has remained the banner of the fight for species rights, driven largely by the participation of personalities from the world of entertainment. Apparently, the electronic entities that consume our time and connect us with people around the world at every moment, have a ‘human side’ that not all of us are capable of seeing or imagining. Luckily, for a Californian designer, this experiment resulted in an opportunity to show off her creativity through colorful work inspired by the digital age and social media.

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