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MQL: what they are and how to get more [+ Video]

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MQL: what they are and how to get more [+ Video]

Improving the conversion of the web page is one of the purposes that all companies can come up with, but for this it is necessary to work the MQLs correctly . L os MQL are one of the 3 types of leads that can be found in Inbound Marketing, along with the leads (records) and SQL (Sales Qualified Lead). Specifically, the MQLs refer to the leads that are within the MOFU (Middle of The Funnel) phase , since they have shown interest in the content you publish on several occasions. L stands as MQL mean Chief and VP of Training Email Lists Qualified Lead. This is the nomenclature we use in inbound marketing to call qualified leads.

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How is an MQL different from a lead?
How to move from one stage of the sales funnel to another
Actions to get more MQL volume and thus improve conversion
How is an MQL different from a lead?
It should be mentioned that it is not the same to speak of a lead than of an MQL , since the first is in the TOFU (Top of the Funnel) phase, that is, it is still a long way from making a purchase.

Chief and VP of Training Email Lists

Seeing this clarification, it is possible to extract the importance of these qualified leads being well defined from the beginning , in such a way that it is possible to know at all times what route and actions to carry out to achieve them.

Importance of MQL
Of course, this leads us to the conclusion that the more MQL we have, the better, since it is a powerful indicator that there are more people interested in your offer and that your Forex Email List strategy is well focused.

The fact of being a qualified lead means that you have various data from their profile, so you can better work on their contact to continue maturing them and becoming a customer. It is worth mentioning that in InboundCycle we differentiate MQLs based on their interest in the brand. I will explain more about it below.

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How to move from one stage of the sales funnel to another
Before going into depth on how to go from one stage of the funnel to another, I think it is interesting to clarify the different MQLs that we identify in InboundCycle. We do it this way because, although an MQL is a person who is interested in our product or service, we believe that going from lead to MQL takes intermediate phases. These are:

The profiles that we categorize as MQL1 are those that fit our buyer persona.

The MQL2 are the MQL1 that, in addition, have had some interaction with our brand or with our content. I mean, they already know us.

The MQL3 are those users who, in addition to meeting the requirements of MQL1 and MQL2, that is, they fit in with your buyer persona and are engaged with the brand, they let us see that they have a more commercial interest in your product or service, because they have visited more BOFU pages, such as product pages, offer pages …

Finally, the MQL4s are the ones who have actively requested to be contacted by the commercial team. In this case, they may have gone through the previous phases or actively request the information directly. In the latter case, we must confirm that they match at least our buyer persona.


Once you know what MQL is, it is time to relate this term to the sales funnel. As I have mentioned previously, the MQL is in the MOFU part of the inbound marketing funnel, but I will delve more into this term and, for this, I will make use of two graphs that represent the stages of the funnel.

In the first, we find the Attract, Convert, Close and Delight phases, and here the MQL is located between the convert and close phase , being closer to the latter.


This second graph is the one that names one of the phases that I had previously commented on, the MOFU phase, and relates to it within the funnel. As can be seen in the graph, there are three main phases that, in turn, are subdivided into two each.


Actions to get more MQL volume and thus improve conversion
We got to a point where we have a lead, now what? What options do we have for that lead to become an MQL and continue to mature through the funnel? There are several actions that we can do, and here I will tell you the 4 possibilities:

1. MQL through TYP
The most common route that users usually take to become leads is to download some content through a well-maintained and structured landing page. Well, once the content has been downloaded, the ideal is to take the user to a TYP, which is known as the thank you page or Thank You Page . Does it sound familiar to you?

TYPs are usually a good inflection point for leads to become MQL. How? Through its optimization. On many occasions, the TYP is usually the great forgotten to the detriment of landing pages. While the latter receive a lot of attention in terms of design, content and optimization, the TYPs are often seen as a thank you page that cannot contribute much more to the client or the company, when this is not the case. In addition to being a page of appreciation, the TYPs are another opportunity to continue interacting with the user, and for this reason it should be taken advantage of. For this, a series of good practices must be taken into account:

The first of them is to treat the TYP as if it were a landing , that is, to pay the same attention when designing them. You have to be careful at this point, since I do not mean that you have to duplicate the landing, far from it. The TYP must be endowed with its own identity that differentiates it from the landing to prevent users who come to it from being aware that it is on a different page.
Take care of the design. A clean, attractive and customer-friendly design will help them stay longer and be more likely to interact more with the company.
If the design is important, the content could not be less. It should be easy to read, with clear information that encourages the user to continue reading and ask for more information if needed.
Adding a contact form within the Thank You Pages is a good option to make the client go to the MOFU phase if they want to request more information.
Closely related to the previous point, you can offer some extra product, service or content (depending on what phase the client is in) to make it mature faster through the funnel.
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2. Lead nurturing to get MQL
Within inbound marketing, one of the most important parts is nurturing contacts so that they can mature through the marketing funnel , which is known as the lead nurturing phase . In other words, once a lead is achieved, you have to work on it and accompany it through the entire sales process so that it can go from one stage to another until reaching the customer level. For this, it is important to develop a good lead nurturing with a good strategy.

This point is the one that needs to be developed and worked the most, and the one that needs to be spent the most time if you want to get a good number of MQLs. The problem is that, on many occasions, a large number of leads are obtained that do not reach the next level. So that this does not happen, you have to work on an email strategy that helps nurture information to leads, going from more generic emails to others closer to the commercial offer, and take advantage of these emails to put CTAs and links to the landings BOFU where MQL can be done. These emails must be interesting and attractive to the client itself, and they have to be well thought out in both the design and the content to be able to carry out their mission.


3. Checkbox of “Interested in information”
The third option to get leads to become MQL is to add an “Interested in information” checkbox in the same download form on the landing page.

A clear example of the use of checkboxes in the education sector is to add one that says “I am interested in training”, in such a way that the user directly expresses his interest in the company’s training products and services, and this can send you the relevant information.

With this, what you are going to achieve is to directly detect which users are interested in taking another step in the funnel, in such a way that in the emails you send later you can add a BOFU offer so that you can end up closing as MQL or even cilente . These emails have to be flatter, more from you to you and showing a more commercial aspect, since you know, in advance, the interest of the user.


4. Links on the blog
As you know, the basis of inbound marketing is content, and this is generally associated with a blog.

When writing the content, and provided that the sector and the post itself allow it, a direct link could be added to the offer or to the product / service so that the user does not have to download certain content previously . This, although it is a good option, can be intrusive if it is abused and a large number of links are inserted that encourage the reader user to obtain the products and services.

This option is more direct than all the previous ones that I have mentioned, but its success depends on whether or not the user shows prior interest, since in this case there is no follow-up process to the lead during its purchase maturity stage.

It is interesting that, if this action is to be carried out, the links that are included in the blog are tracked to know if the MQL comes from them or not and, thus, measure their effectiveness.

In short, there are different ways to get MQL, and all of them will depend a bit on the type of company you are, your offer and your buyer persona. Of course, the easier we make it for the user to get where we want (without being intrusive!), The better. What do you think? What are your strategies to get MQL? I would love to read you in comments.

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