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Moms prepare for back to school without the help of social media

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Moms prepare for back to school without the help of social media

The holidays are over. The return to the classrooms is approaching, and they prepare to prepare their backpack to go back to school. An important time of shopping, where mothers manage to stretch the budget when buying the school supplies that their children demand. The PunchTab study indicates that back-to-school spending will increase compared to last year. 77% of those surveyed affirm that they will spend at least the same as in 2013. For this, purchases in stores will be imposed as the preferred place to place their orders, although the growing online commerce should not be underestimated, also in the cases of material school. 85% of these mothers indicate that they will go to stores to do more than half of their purchases. The prominence of poland telephone directory stands out as a useful tool during the purchase process, either online or in the store. Thus, 60% of mothers say that they use their smartphone regularly while shopping. A device that you mainly use to search for deals. Specifically, mothers acknowledge that they are up to 4 times more likely to use their smartphone to search for coupons than any other online activity. 46% look for coupons and offers; while 11% seek opinions and comments on those products that interest them, or check the availability of the product in the store (11%).


When they are not in the store, 48% of mothers continue looking for coupons on their mobile, while 30% compare prices in different stores, expand information on products (29%) or access the store’s website where think to go shopping, before going (20%). Likewise, 16% finally confirm their orders online. Social networks are not decisive during Forex Email List preparation for back to school 72% of mothers state that they have no intention of turning to social networks for advice or information, before making their purchasing decisions. In any case, Facebook did register a significant percentage of consumers who would use this medium as a source of information (22%), while only 1% of the 500 mothers surveyed would bet on Twitter. As we can see, the practicality of mothers leads them to look for offers and coupons on those products that they are interested in buying, ignoring the advice and recommendations that they could receive through social media. You have already made your purchasing decisions; therefore you only need to find the best proposal; for which purpose mobiles are the ideal tool. An opportunity for those brands that are capable of showing the specific offer, at the right time, through the appropriate channel.

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