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Millennials believe brands should do good things

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Millennials believe brands should do good things

The relationship of brands with millennials is not always easy, although millennials do have certain expectations regarding them. Younger consumers are convinced that brands can do great things or at least have the potential to do so. Millennials, also called Generation Y, are those born between the 80s and the early 90s and have become the largest mass of  pakistan mobile no information that has reached the market in recent decades (hence the interest they arouse in companies), although understanding them is a slight headache for them. Unlike previous generations, they value much more intangible and emotional issues and expect totally different elements from companies, products and even their jobs, hence their scale of values ​​to consume one or another brand little or nothing has to do with what their parents expected.

Although 30% of millennials are quite cynical in their position towards brands, according to an Initiative study on the positions of millennials in the British market, a higher percentage are convinced that companies can be something else . 58% of those surveyed assure that brands can be turned into something good (and by something good we understand something more than a company or a product created to make money). Brands can, therefore, work for the good of society or to improve the environment. These elements are decisive in fact in the purchase decision for some of these consumers. 54% of millennials would be more loyal to a brand with social or ecological concerns. The figures only support what the facts have shown. Consumers in this age group are increasingly concerned about the origin of their products or the effect they have on society.


There they are, for example, the Toms, a sneaker brand with great success in America that every time a consumer buys a pair of their shoes sends another to a developing country. The big brands have also launched into this trend, in a clear example of taking over this Forex Email List . H&M, for example, has organic collections and has just presented its Conscious Denim collection, which will hit stores at the beginning of October and promises to be not only more efficient in its manufacture but also more respectful in its origins. The brand even collaborated with some Spanish consultants specialized in denim, Jeanologia, to achieve this.

“We have worked hard to reduce the impact on the environment of the washing process by using materials that are more sustainable. The collection is full of great pieces and shows that ecological can be equally stylish,” explains Helena Helmersson at the collection presentation , Head of Sustainability at H&M (and that the brand has such a position already shows what sustainability has become as a determining element for a purchase decision). And there are, by contrast, the brands that are having problems because they do not adapt exactly to these parameters. This is what is happening to McDonald’s , which has serious problems reaching millennials. But millennials not only believe that brands should have a conscience, they should act on it. 59% consider that brands should be involved in different causes.

But they get bored on social media One of the most effective methods to reach the hearts of millennials is to pull social media. Brands have understood it this way and are not only more present in them but also dedicate more resources to them. But are they doing it right? 40% of those surveyed by Interactive say that brands bore them on social media. On how millennials use social media, the end goal changes within them too. The youngest of this generation (the age group from 25 to 29) mostly use social media as a matter of status. Your presence in them will help you earn some esteem. For the oldest (30 to 34 years), it is a matter of sharing thoughts and appreciating others.

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