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Millennials, authentic hunters of promotions and offers on social networks

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Millennials, authentic hunters of promotions and offers on social networks

The millennials or members of Generation Y are one of the most desired by business niche markets. The reason is simple and, when you look at the numbers, obvious: Millennials are the largest group of consumers that brands have had access to in recent times. They are young, educated and very open to spending significant amounts on something if that something interests them.But millennials are not only a large, active and desirable group of consumers, it is also a different one from the previous ones and with a different scale of values. To reach them, the marketing managers of the philippines mobile directory   have to play with different weapons than those they used until now and they have to be open to imposing new techniques and supports. To begin with, Generation Y is very focused on the use of social networks and uses it quite widely when it comes to business.

However, this relationship has its peculiarities. 60% of millennials use social media, according to a study by the discount app Ibotta, to stay up-to-date on discounts and offers. In other words, they follow brands on Facebook or Twitter to be able to know before anyone else what promotions they are launching for their consumers. After all, your purchases can be driven by what companies find and offer you: 60% acknowledge that they would make strategic changes to their shopping cart if an offer turns out to be tempting.The presence in social networks of companies is, in general, very important for this group of consumers. A study indicated that 95% of the members of this generation prefer brands that have active profiles on social networks and 63% stay informed of what companies do through social media. Even so, it is not enough to put corporate information and offers that, as the Ibotta study shows, interest millennials so much. Gen Y wants corporate accounts to provide entertainment and useful content as well.


And, as if all this data were not conclusive, social networks are already directly influencing purchase decisions. 40% of millennials have bought a product just after interacting with the brand on a profile on social networks. Millennials, mobile friendly But in addition to loving Forex Email List media, millennials are also heavy and recurring users of mobile devices and they hope brands are there too. In fact, the Ibotta study indicates that this age group is the most astute when it comes to using applications and mobile devices. Millennials are, in general, those who are energizing or leading the jump to mobile. Young people are the ones who are really promoting payment through mobile phones, since it is they who are accepting electronic wallets and, above all, who are using them in a real way to pay in establishments. They not only use the apps to pay, but also to buy or to compare. 2 out of 3 millennials use apps when they go shopping, according to a study by the CFI Group, either to chat with their friends or to compare the price of what they want to buy with what another establishment offers.

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