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Microsoft’s Cortana humiliates Siri once again (video)

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Microsoft’s Cortana humiliates Siri once again (video)

The battle between the main smartphone operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows) is concentrating on showing the main advantages and disadvantages that their smart assistants offer. Now, Microsoft is once again trying to Uganda Mobile Number List humiliate Apple’s Siri in a new campaign. Today’s smartphones, in the three most popular operating systems: iOS, Android, and Windows, have helpers that try to make life easier for users: Siri, Google Now, and Cortana, respectively, and Apple’s competitors are focusing on trying to “Humiliate” Siri for the things she can’t do. Since marketing professionals discovered the power and benefits that a viral video generates for brands, all kinds of crazy things have been done.

Today we show you an 18-axle truck speeding over a Formula 1 car. A squirrel is the new GoPro ambassador thanks to a viral video. Viral: If a woman walks down the street she is harassed What happens in the case of a man? The new advertising stunt for Lotus Formula 1 and its sponsor EMC, a provider of technology services, especially those related to cloud computing, broke the Guinness World Record by causing a trailer with everything and a box to pass over a race car. In the new Microsoft ad, you can see an iPhone, whose personality is Siri, looking in the mirror, and then a Windows smartphone arrives, whose assistant is Cortana, who shows a new cover that allows you to use the phone even Brother Cell Phone List when it is closed. Siri was launched by Apple in October 2011 and the first devices it could be used on were the iPhone 4S and the third-generation iPad. In the case of Microsoft, the company launched Cortana in April 2014 and its name is inspired by a character from the popular video game Halo. It is not the first time that Microsoft attacks Siri, we show you other ads that mock Apple’s assistant. The 30-second video was uploaded this Friday to the YouTube platform where it has been viewed more than half a million times and the figure will surely increase because this type of content easily becomes viral. According to information from the Examiner, everything was planned in just four weeks on the Brother cell phone list. The video was published right on the last date of the Formula 1 racing calendar, which, by the way, will return to Mexico next year.

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