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Merge Contacts in HubSpot: How to Merge Duplicate Contacts from Your Database

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Merge Contacts in HubSpot: How to Merge Duplicate Contacts from Your Database

If you have an inbound project underway, you will know that this entails capturing Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers from your followers and potential customers. This process, which is usually carried out in the first phase of conversion, can end up saturating your database. In some cases, there may even be duplicate contacts .

While it is true that HubSpot has its mechanisms to detect duplicate contacts, there are some occasions when that does not happen and you can opt for a more manual join (only in Pro and Enterprise accounts).

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Therefore, in this article I would like to tell you how to solve it and what you should keep in mind when you want to combine contacts in HubSpot or remove duplicates from your database . Because capturing contacts is important, but having them well organized is essential to get the best possible performance.

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How to delete duplicate contacts automatically?
Merge contacts in HubSpot: what should you take into account to make a “Merge”?
Once the contact is combined, what properties does it have?
How to delete duplicate contacts automatically?
As I mentioned at the beginning, HubSpot has the ability to detect the contacts that enter your Forex Email List through the capture forms or from imports that you do manually or through the API.

But there are some cases where this identification is not good enough. In these you can try to make some corrections manually.

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In what situations can we find ourselves?
1. Forms with integrated cookie track detection
If a user fills out a form multiple times from the same browser, each time it is filled it will be combined into a single record because HubSpot detects it as the same user. And it will overwrite it, because it has the same cookie stored.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you have an event with a recruitment station and users go through the same computer to leave their data. To prevent HubSpot from believing that it is the same user, you must activate the tracking option and also activate the option that each new record is a new contact:

merge hubspot contacts

2. Email: working with imports
Before you start importing, do you want to know why you should import your contacts into HubSpot’s CRM? In this article by my colleague Sofia Genanian you will see the advantages of doing this import .

Once inside, you should bear in mind that when you are working with large databases and have to import contacts often, either manually or through the API, HubSpot will find a base property for the unification of contacts: email .

If you already have a contact with a registered email and HubSpot finds it in the import, that new information that you provide in the import fields is automatically added to the record .

But what happens when the duplicate comes by name and not by email?
In these cases is where we can enter to see a more manual step by step for Pro and Enterprise accounts. When any records have not passed through HubSpot’s automatic filters, they are categorized and will be classified as pending review. Here I explain step by step how to manage your duplicate contacts in HubSpot:

1. Access your HubSpot account, in the top menu “Contacts”> “Contacts”.

2. From there access Actions> Manage duplicates

merge hubspot contacts manage duplicates

In this section you will see that HubSpot performs a verification sweep of the data every ‘x’ time. It will show you when was the last time it was done and the next time it will be done again . You will also see the total number of contacts pending review that you have.

merge hubspot contacts instructions3. From the list of pending contacts, access “Review”. There you will see a dialog box with the two contact tabs: the “Main” and the “Secondary”.

4 Review all the fields, then click the “Merge” or “Merge” button.

Review your contacts_HS

Merge contacts in HubSpot: what should you take into account to make a “Merge”?
When combining contacts in HubSpot you should know that:

The main contact is the one who will stay first. The duplicate data will be added to the main one.
The most recent values will be taken as the main values of the contact.
The activity histories are unified , resulting in a combined chronology of both.
You will see that an event will appear indicating that a registration has occurred.

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Once the contact is combined, what properties does it have?
As I have indicated, the most recent values ​​will remain as the main ones, but there are some exceptions to take into account. That is why it is important that you are very clear about what the final result of a contact will be before making a “Merge”:

What happens when you merge two contacts_HS

The email will be that of the main contact and the one of the combination is added as secondary.
Ownership of the lifecycle stage that is further down the funnel will be retained . If one of the contacts is a lead and the other is an MQL2 , the resulting contact will be an MQL2.
On the creation date, the oldest contact will be kept. In this sense, it is right to be that the old prevails over the new, because a lead with a certain age will already have a warmth and a background of information that a new one does not have.
In the same way, the source of income of the contact will prevail . If the original was through organic and the new one has come with a social media integration, the organic remains.
The number of interactions with forms of the contacts is added.
Regarding legal bases and accepted privacy policies , those of both are preserved.
For lists , the secondary contact will be removed from static lists. Consider how this can affect certain workflows. The second contact will be canceled from the workflows where it was , but this may affect the ones in the main record.
And, finally, returning to the first point of the article in which we commented on the fact of filling in forms: if the registry fills in new forms with the one that has been established as a secondary contact, this data will be automatically added to the one who is the main contact.
In this way you can more manually control those duplicates that have escaped HubSpot’s automatic detection system , but it is very important that you take into account everything that we have previously commented on the properties that are unified and how everything will be connected.

And remember, you cannot undo a combination of contacts : once you merge, it’s done forever.

I hope you liked this article and found it useful. Now you know how to combine your contacts in HubSpot and remove duplicates step by step. For any questions, I’ll wait for you in the comments!

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