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Meet HubSpot in 10 minutes: general tutorial on its functionalities

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Meet HubSpot in 10 minutes: general tutorial on its functionalities

Want to start using HubSpot but don’t know where to start? Have you heard of HubSpot but are not familiar with the tool? Do you need a summary of what this tool is in a few minutes? This article will interest you!

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HubSpot’s Core Features “> HubSpot’s Core Features
The HubSpot main screen: menus and possibilities
HubSpot’s most important features: step by step
You will be interested because I am going to explain what HubSpot is, in general terms and how it can help your business.

HubSpot’s main features
HubSpot is not only Vietnam Phone Number List, sales, content, call to actions … it is much more. It is an all-in-one tool created to cover all the steps of the inbound methodology: from generating traffic on your website and attracting and nurturing leads to closing the sale.

In other words, it is a tool created to meet the needs of your client and the internal processes around the user. Therefore, the customer is always at the center.

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To summarize, if you were to choose the three characteristics that best define HubSpot, they would be:

Easy to use.
All in one.
Accessible information to make decisions or take actions.
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Inside HubSpot: Forex Email List, Sales, and Services
On a practical level, it is important to start by saying that HubSpot has three main aspects that you can contract together or separately. Which are?

Marketing: one of the most powerful, the origin of the tool.
Sales : in recent times it takes more and more prominence (with its CRM, and how to manage pipelines and sales opportunities).
Services : ticket management from an after-sales perspective.
Overall, HubSpot is a very intuitive tool . The menus are very descriptive and it is very easy to find what we are looking for.

The HubSpot main screen: menus and possibilities
In a first overview of the main screen, we find:

Contacts: access to the record of contacts, companies and lists . The latter is one of the sections that we will use the most, from the point of view of both marketing and sales, because from this section we can create lists with user segmentation from where to calculate metrics, send emails or perform another type of action.
tutorial functionalities hubspot contacts

Conversation: this section is relatively new and is especially useful for analyzing topics such as chatflow, Facebook Messenger or everything that includes conversations with users.
Marketing: this is one of the most developed sections. Within marketing we find tools to manage and analyze data at a glance with all centralized information, in relation to:
Social media
Website (blog)
Files and Templates
Lead Capture
Planning and strategy
hubspot marketing functionalities tutorial

Sales: this menu is mainly divided into the Deals sections to analyze the pipeline of your commercial opportunities and Tasks to coordinate the tasks of the sales team. In addition, you can use the Documents option to share documents with your team and Meetings to block meetings with your potential clients.
Service: this menu mainly includes the Tickets tool for managing after-sales service tickets with your customers. From here we can also carry out satisfaction surveys, by clicking on Feedback Surveys.
Report: Finally, in this section we find the entire analytical aspect of the tool.
Now that you know what the HubSpot main menu looks like, we are going to go into detail in some of its most important functionalities for each phase of the Inbound methodology.

➡ Click here for the full HubSpot guide
HubSpot’s most important features: step by step
Taking into account the most important phases of the Inbound methodology , below we highlight which HubSpot functionalities can be most helpful in these steps:

The traffic attraction phase
The conversion or lead acquisition stage
The nutrition phase
1. The traffic attraction phase
About the most useful features of HubSpot in the initial phase of attracting traffic to your page, I would mainly highlight:

Blog: here you can create your own blog and have an overview of all your articles; those that are created, pending, scheduled … and by entering each of the posts you will be able to access all their metrics and the text editor. Furthermore, it is possible to have several blogs in different languages… all centralized in one click!
tutorial functionalities hubspot blog

Social Media: following the same line, it is a place where you can gather all the social media accounts on the same platform and be able to schedule your publications, analyze the results of each post, see the engagement that has been generated, the audience, the reach, interactions … and also monitor them. It is a really powerful tool for managing social networks.
2. The conversion or lead acquisition stage
For the lead capture phase we have three very specific functionalities within the Marketing section:

Form: this intuitive tool allows us to create forms and, at a glance, know how many times it has been seen, the conversion rate and how many leads have been captured with each one. The creation of forms is very simple: using the drag & drop technique you can add all kinds of information, create intelligent or dependent questions, etc. In short, many advanced level options to make your forms really useful.
tutorial functionalities hubspot forms

CTA: Unlike many other technologies, in HubSpot we find a section to create CTAs and banners and then analyze how many times it has been seen and how many clicks have been received. These CTAs have a very high level of personalization, since you can create multivariate, simple and smart banners, adding criteria such as the user’s country of origin.
Landing Pages: naturally, in the conversion phase we need to talk about landing pages, that is, landing pages. Following the same line, in this section we have the overview with all our landings and their analytics, as well as the landing editor in visual and HTML version.
CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle
3. The nutrition phase
In the automation or nutrition phase we mainly use the workflow functionality . The workflow section is undoubtedly one of the most used tools to automate marketing, service and sales processes.

The creation of workflows is also very intuitive, since it uses a simple tree shape and drags the actions that interest us into it within a wide variety of options, such as, for example, the creation of automation flows to nurture your contacts. or communicating with them, or even automating internal operational tasks . Thanks to this tool, you can assign a specific contact to a person on the team or receive a notification when a contact writes to us, for example.

As in all other functionalities, next to the workflow creator we find the analytical tool to measure its performance.

tutorial functionalities hubspot workflows

4. The closure
At the time of closing the sale or the client we can take advantage of some of the functionalities that we have commented previously, but really in HubSpot we find some very specific sections for the sales processes based on the inbound methodology :

Deals: basically, the sales opportunities that we have open. This section gives us visibility of what our pipeline is, as always, with a very high level of customization.
Tasks: a tool for the day-to-day commercials, where you can create follow-up tasks and add reminders. This has a direct impact on productivity and contact management.
Meetings: this functionality allows you to link your calendar with that of the potential client. When you need to close a meeting with this client, you can send him a link with various options and, in this way, you empower him to decide for himself when it is good for him.
tutorial functionalities hubspot deals

And so far this brief review of the main features of HubSpot . If you have been wanting to learn more about any of these sections, I recommend you review our list of videos about HubSpot , where you can learn about templates, design, campaign management, reporting, dashboards , etc.

As a summary, remember that Hubspot offers you:

Visibility: of your tasks and your marketing actions.
Agility when managing your campaigns: it is an easy-to-use and very intuitive tool.
Productivity: it is easy to handle and understand its logic, since there is no dependence on the technical team and, in the sales part, it allows you to prioritize your leads.
Customer centric: it is a tool that always places the customer at the center, making it easy to adapt all your processes to this user and their needs.

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