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Marketing Leaders: 16 InboundCycle Podcast Episodes You Can’t Miss

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Marketing Leaders: 16 InboundCycle Podcast Episodes You Can’t Miss

Since we started with the Marketing Leaders podcasts, almost a year has passed and they have done nothing but earn today. Great minds, and especially the experts we think of as marketers, have that power – they analyze the entire online marketing landscape and stay ahead of trends and events. If you are a faithful lover of inbound PR Directors Email Lists and all the strategies aimed at conversion, you are interested in discovering this set of 16 interviews.

We have spoken with the CEO and Co-Founder of HappyForce, a professor at IESE Business School, the head of marketing and communication at Alhambra IT, the CEO of Grupo TBS and many more.

Learn about these 15-minute meetings with top professionals. In this post, we break down the most outstanding fragments for you! This is a full-fledged invitation to admire, even more if possible, the most representative international marketing leaders.

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The 16 Marketing Leaders podcasts on demand generation in digital marketing
If you are already a faithful follower, you have probably listened to all the chapters and have the most outstanding notes of each chapter written down in a Keep; but, if you are new: welcome!

These 16 marketing leader podcasts that we are going to talk about below have shared with Pau Valdés, CEO and Co-Founder of the agency, very valuable learnings about demand generation strategies in digital marketing. What can we say about each of them?

Oriol Bel, InboundCycle Marketing Director
With Oriol we kicked off the Marketing Leaders podcasts. Nobody better to start teaching lessons on digital marketing than the person who has been with the agency for the longest, who, with all his experience in the inbound world, knows how to perfectly identify the fundamental needs of the application in this way of doing marketing . With him we talked about:

Why a quality content strategy helps you maintain good SEO positioning in the long term.
Although they may seem opposing techniques due to the way they impact the user, online advertising and inbound Forex Email List find the perfect balance in their proper combination, enhancing each other.

Álvaro Ortín, CEO and Co-Founder of Enzyme Advising Group
Chatbots are the technological example of AI that has most penetrated the digital strategies of any brand. Facebook Messenger or Google Assistant have perfected this smart conversation mode. Today we have all had an experience of using them, even if it is only at the user level. That is why we spoke with Álvaro Ortin, one of the forerunners and greatest experts at the national level about its application and development:

In what aspects of a digital strategy can a chatbot be implemented?
We analyze in detail its wide range of options and prices of the main platforms in the market.

Álex Rios, CEO and Co-Founder of HappyForce
In case you did not know, Happy Force is a project that was born from the founder of the firm Mobivery, a leading company in mobile application development and that has become a benchmark of business culture and on how to generate business. We are talking about Álex Ríos and what he tells us in this chapter is 100% demand generation.

How to generate business from a B2B company that offers a totally unknown and novel product? That is, how to generate leads from scratch? In the Marketing Leaders podcast ” Sales from scratch and without investment, mission impossible?” we approach the following keys:

Factors such as planned networking or public relations can be configured as the pillar of business strategy.
Combining techniques such as outbound sales, inbound sales and ABM is essential to segment the target audience and achieve our goals.

Jörg Lahmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Igostrateg
Jörg’s case deserves special attention when it comes to team organization . He is the only consultant and implementer of the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) system in Spain, a model for managing business productivity. In this chapter, we focus on how good team management manages to improve demand generation techniques:

Dealing with teams of professionals is not an easy task: you have to focus and give a hierarchy to the team, set common goals, and be clear about the roles of the leader and the manager.
Implement the concept of “the rocks” as a focus for the strategic priorities of the company.

Mario Capizzani, Doctor of Business Administration and professor at IESE Business School
Mario gives us in this podcast the opportunity to talk about a technique known as DTC (Direct to Consumer). This term translates into: a retailing strategy that consists of eliminating as many intermediaries as possible between a brand and end consumers. Why would retailers want to work with this model? He tells us how:

Breaking the chain of the middleman and working with a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) oriented approach.
How does this system work and what channels can be used?

Eva Durán, CEO of Grupo TBS
The TBS Group is the company that has 10 years of experience in multimedia services, software development, design and visual communication.

This marketing leader, Eva Durán, tells us how to manage a conglomerate of companies that can work with each other to satisfy the needs of the same client. And what are its strengths?

Define what the role of the operations department is and how it complements that of marketing and sales.
The blockchain , as a cutting-edge technology to help generate demand and loyalty. Or how current buyers have the need to know where their products come from, as well as the entire process to which they have been subjected.

Raquel Figueruelo, Marketing Director of Interxion Spain
Another way to generate business in the B2B field has to do with what Interxion Spain Marketing Director, Raquel Figueruelo, tells us. This company offers the physical space in which companies host their servers to exchange data or content.

In this podcast we discover a very curious fact: as a technology company that provides services for large brands such as Netflix or Telefónica, it uses manual and traditional methodologies. A milestone that breaks with any current concept of automation. He reveals his techniques:

Hypersegmentation is a very useful tool for sectors with a very large database: it allows to subclassify leads into smaller groups and better attack their pains.
Large events may not be effective for the marketing department. Perhaps the interesting thing in some cases are the sectoral events in which a greater return is achieved.

Jordi Ber, Co-Founder and former CEO of Habitissimo
Jordi was a pioneer in his field: he developed the first service marketplace in our country. In this success story, which was bought for almost € 30 million by a British corporation, we discover what strategies they have used to position themselves in the market and attract large numbers of customers:

Challenges of a service marketplace : mastering the balance between supply vs. the demand for services and servers
Is the investment in conventional TV effective? An asset with a relative impact that competes against the large streaming platforms and their timeless consumption.

Gonzalo Soria, Marketing Manager of Zertia Telecomunicaciones
Gonzalo’s chapter is interesting because, as happened with Raquel, even though he is a great expert on digital channels, from his position at Zertia he has found the traditional and offline the key to his success in most business generation. This marketing leader tells us about a concept that he defines as “vintage marketing”:

Sometimes taking a step back and going “vintage ” also has its surprise factors that turn out to be positive.
The massive presence in large-scale events where it is difficult to stand out.

Charo Olivan, Head of digital strategy at Hiberus Tecnología
Hiberus Tecnología is one of the most recognized Spanish consultancies in the ICT sector.

In ” Breaking Limits in the B2B Customer Life Cycle “, Charo explains how at Hiberus they have opted for servitization as their main strategy , not only to generate more demand, but also to considerably lengthen the customer’s life cycle. We discover the most important details:

Work on the concept of the Lifetime Value of a client and how to deal with it in a technology B2B company
Focus on a high-quality technical department to support the sales team: a successful strategy for the technology sector.

Josep Campmany, Head of Vets & Clinics by Advance at Affinity Petcare
Josep has been at Affinity for more than 33 years and has led the company’s digital transformation. Currently, after having the support of InboundCycle, they have a blog with about 1.5M monthly visits in Spain. In the podcast “How to be the platform in veterinary medicine with the most visits?” We summarize, very broadly, the following lessons:

Going from offline to online recycling quality content that has had to adapt to the digital environment.
Why can a mobile app fail in inbound marketing? It will depend on how we are addressing the audience, since their identification with our content is essential and, in addition, it must be adapted to each channel.

Suso Carrillo, Director of the SRT Alliance of Haivision
Haivision’s challenge was complicated: to develop an open-source protocol that the entire video industry has adopted as a standard without monetizing it through the sale of licenses. Suso tells us the details of this feat:

How to make open source content the basis of your strategy and become a benchmark in the sector.
The complexity of creating technical quality content that serves a specialized audience and also to attract new leads.

Judith García, Online Marketing Manager at What’s Up! Living English
Who cares about the online marketing strategy in What’s Up! Living English has been able to enlighten us on the customer journey, channel attribution and other highly relevant items. From his experience in giant companies like Yahoo! and Google, SMEs, consulting firms and business schools solve some doubts in this regard.

In “Inbound vs. Ads, the eternal conflict of channel attribution ”, Judith explains some of the aspects that most concern marketers today:

Developing and perfectly understanding the customer journey to guarantee the most personalized experience possible; optimize each and every user touch point
Channel attribution: inbound vs. Ads, what criteria to follow?

Sergio Lumbreras, Marketing and Communication Manager at Alhambra IT
We spoke with one of the most important members of the company who has been a supplier for companies such as Telefónica, TNT, Toyota, Volkswagen or the Ministry of Defense of Spain.

In the fourteenth chapter of Marketing Leaders we find the third case of a company that combines offline and online techniques in a masterful way. Sergio has been at Alhambra IT for more than 17 years and has been able to see how the fusion of both techniques gives them the best results:

Combine digital strategies with some small offline ones: the petit committee in B2B.
Facilitate teams of experts to create specialized technical content for marketing.

Álex López, Top 10 global influencers of Social Selling
Álex is a born researcher in the sales sector. He has spent a lifetime experimenting, innovating and leaving behind a legacy of useful knowledge for the sales and marketing industry. In this podcast we go a bit outside the pattern of others to talk about up to 4 innovative strategies. The most outstanding?

Social Selling as a methodology that is gaining ground in the world of sales: creating digital platforms with renowned professionals to share knowledge.
Study and analyze the situation to know how to stay ahead of trends . The risk of taking the reins before anyone else.
Discover the others in the podcast “How to build large audiences, who belong to you and generate business for you . ”

Noelia Sánchez, Program Manager for digitization at NEDGIA, Naturgy group
The last chapter in the Marketing Leaders series is that of Noelia, who, from a world-renowned company, gives us her vision on how to improve paid search results .

How are marketing strategies managed from a large corporation? We talk about:

SEM strategies coordinated with competitive players and the power of social networks in large companies.
The difficulty of working with customized tools to the millimeter and how to fight against development, temporality and urgency.

Isn’t it the most interesting? We recommend that you follow a different podcast each day to better understand each other’s ideas. You will be able to take note of some tips that you will not find even in the best masterclasses.

If you want to continue discovering more stories from marketing professionals in our country, what have been their most successful strategies and also those with which they have not obtained the best results but the greatest learnings: do not disconnect from the podcast and join the community of Marketing Leaders!

At the end of September we return with new voices, new experiences and much, much to learn about digital marketing and demand generation. Remember that you can recover any of the previous chapters on the 3 available platforms: iVoox, Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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