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List of marketing events in 2021 by region

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List of marketing events in 2021 by region

We still have the feeling of starting the year and we have already written down all the digital marketing events and important appointments that are going to be held throughout 2021.

Whenever possible, you have to learn, know the news and trends in Ghana Phone Number List from the hands of the most prestigious professionals in the sector worldwide. It is a unique opportunity to renew ourselves, recharge our batteries and write down useful tips to develop new marketing and advertising strategies and campaigns.

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Marketing events 2021 in Spain
This year’s best marketing events across Europe (apart from Spain)
All America’s Digital Marketing Quotes in 2021
Due to the fact that this last year has been fraught with unusual situations, the leap to digital and technology has been dizzying by a huge number of companies. It is not necessary to remind you of all that. But it is necessary to highlight the importance of adapting and training ourselves in everything that can be used to emerge stronger.

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So, open your agenda and write down the top events, conferences and marketing conferences of 2021 . Surely, although you cannot physically go to all of them, they will interest you and you will be able to attend the vast majority online.

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Marketing events 2021 in Spain
In Spain we highlight the following appointments, in order of date.

MK Open
This digital marketing congress is about Mobile Marketing, SEO and Social Media. Can there be a more explosive mixture? He will talk about key trends that we must take into account to update our digital Forex Email List strategies. You will be able to be a participant in what the best experts in digital transformation have to tell us, gathered in a program of round tables, presentations and networking. It promises many surprises!

This event will celebrate its sixth edition on February 25 in virtual format for Spain, Mexico and Colombia.

marketing events 2021 MKopen

Promarketing Day
In previous editions we have seen how this conference has taken on an increasing international role for digital marketing professionals. Attending these conferences will allow you to access exclusive content (videos, presentations, resources for companies and networking).

With this event we will be able to catch up on many areas of digital marketing: SEO, YouTube, Ads, Social Media, etc.

Pro Marketing Day 2021 is celebrated on May 22 .

marketing events 2021 Pro-Marketing Day

MWC Barcelona – Mobile World Congress
Despite the fact that last year it had to be canceled due to COVID-19, we are convinced that this year it did.

Under the hashtag # MWC21, the largest mobile industrial event has already indicated that it will be held from June 28 to July 1, 2021 .

This conference brings together the most influential companies and professionals in the world with regard to the mobile industry and the technology sector. Its scope is to have it among the first, since it makes it possible to generate interesting business opportunities with more than 200 countries.

marketing events 2021 MWC-Barceona

E-Show Barcelona
This is another of the marketing super events that meets all the requirements to be at the top of the ranking. Focused on digitization and automation, the E-Show always brings together the best experts to discuss the latest trends in the ecommerce world.

You will find many topics of interest, such as new payment models, sustainability or technological changes that are more focused on improving the customer experience.

Its date of celebration will be from July 7 to 8 .

marketing events 2021 e-show Barcelona

Raiola Marketing Conference
The Congress of digital marketing Raiola of last year was a success, held at the Palacio de Congresos de A Coruña. Although they have not yet specifically commented on this year’s event, we are convinced that they will do so very soon and we will be delighted to announce it.

This event has brought together leading experts in the sector since its first edition to delve into matters of great interest about SEO, web analytics, Social Media, digital entrepreneurship, copywriting and much more. Another appointment that you cannot miss!

This year’s best marketing events across Europe (apart from Spain)
In addition to those mentioned, we must cross borders and go beyond. Digital marketing has a great weight in internationalization, therefore these events must also take them into account.

Viva Technology
The most representative technology and innovation conference is Viva Technology . We could probably give you the credit for being the one who has brought together the most influential leaders in the tech and business arena. Discover the latest innovations, the best resources to drive a positive digital transformation and much more.

This 2021 its fifth edition will be held and, of course, it will be in Paris, but it will also offer the possibility that we can witness it online.

Do you know what is best? They have already confirmed dates! It will be from June 17 to 19 .

marketing events 2021 VivaTechnology

Growth Marketing SUMMIT
The largest global conference on digital growth will also be held this 2021. An essential appointment to attend the best explanations on digital conversion and optimization that the most visionary experts can offer us. Dan Ariely, Morgan Brown, Erin Weigl and André Morys are some of the speakers who have already confirmed attendance, but many more will meet soon.

When will it be held? On September 2, 2021, in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

marketing events 2021 Growth Marketing Summit

Web Summit
This digital marketing event is considered the largest technology conference in the world, as it welcomes the most recognized companies and professionals in the industry worldwide.

In 2020 alone, speakers such as Dan Schulman (CEO and President of PayPal), Rei Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn), Mike Schroepfer (CTO Facebook) and Ursula von der Leylen (President of the European Commission) participated.

Very soon we will know the names of the next edition.

From November 1 to 4, you have an appointment with Web Summit in Lisbon.

All America’s Digital Marketing Quotes in 2021
When it comes to the American continent, we have many marketing events and conferences that may interest you. This is our top list for 2021.

SMX West – Search Marketing Expo
There are many events that are scheduled on the 2021 marketing agenda for SMX West :

February 23: Online event for specialists in search, acquisition and analysis marketers.
April 13: content and copy generation for marketers. Available for live or on-demand viewing.
June 8-9 : 2 marketing conferences to be held at the Star Business Center in Paris.
June 15-16 : search marketing recruitment for experts only, online conference.
August 17: search marketing specialists optimization, online conference.
November 9-10 : forward-thinking search marketing training.
December 14 – Code-based training for search marketers. Available for viewing live or on demand.
B2B Marketing Exchange
This is one of the best online marketing events that you can witness in the B2B environment . With it we will have the opportunity to address more than 50 specialized sessions on a wide variety of topics, such as Account based marketing, content marketing to convert, sales enablement, channel marketing and much more.

The # B2BMX will include workshops, panels, certifications, round tables, as well as the opportunity to connect with experts from the digital market.

Some of the featured speakers are: Marne Reed (PFL Chief Evangelist), Ruth P. Stevens (President of eMarketing Strategy), Cara Hogan (ClimaCell Brand and Content Director) or Keren Fridman (Alcide Marketing Director).

From February 22 to 24 you can enjoy this experience completely online.

marketing events 2021 b2bmxde

MarTech West
MarTech West, The Marketing Technology Conference , is the international event aimed at imparting the latest insights and ins and outs to integrate all stages of marketing. In this event you will learn how to implement new marketing automation solutions, the latest trends in artificial intelligence, as well as many other specializations of interest (digital writing, video editing, SEO, etc.).

Among the brands that will attend, we highlight IBM, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon, Ticketmaster or Bayer.

Are you going to miss it?

This event will be held from March 16 to 17 .

marketing events 2021 martech

Experiential Marketing Summit
In our 2021 marketing agenda we cannot miss the conference that has been number one for many of the most influential figures in experiential marketing in the United States.

This marketing conference brings together the professionals who manage the world’s leading brands (Pepsi, Uber, Facebook, Samsung and many more). With them we can learn how to develop a path to recovery, talking about the best solutions, case studies and essential skills.

The conference will take place in three parts: in March, May and October . For October the date has not yet been announced, but for March the agenda is already complete from the 30th to the 31st, while in May it will be from the 18th to the 19th. The first two months will be virtual and in October, live.

marketing events 2021 experiential marketing summit

One of the leading SEO tools, MOZ, hosts its own marketing event every year, MozCon . This meeting of online positioning professionals is considered the one that generates the most trend in the SEO industry.

With all the changes we experience with Google who are dedicated to search engine optimization, knowing how to adapt to the latest requirements to be among the first in the SERP is a must. For this, nothing better than knowing what the MozCon speakers have to tell us this 2021, there will be many surprises!

Search marketing, mobile devices, conversion optimization or local search are some of the topics that will be covered.

You want to attend? You can do it virtually.

The event will be held from July 12 to 14 .

marketing events 2021 MozCon

Digitalks Expo 2021
This is another must-attend event for the business environment specialized in economics and digital technologies. It is one of the largest events in Brazil that has a huge international impact when it comes to discovering new business opportunities and promoting the digital sector.

Specifically, DigitalTalks Expo covers news and tips on digital economy, blockchain, digital marketing, startups and innovation, new trends, etc.

Last year they had more than 10,000 participants and about 140 exhibitors, so this year a great success is coming.

An exact date has not yet been confirmed, but on their website they have announced that it will be held in the month of August .

This is, without a doubt, the most important digital marketing appointment for us in all of 2021.

As you may know, HubSpot is the king of inbound marketing, and this is why it hosts its own event. The peak of inbound marketing is an unprecedented phenomenon every year, as it is increasingly influencing the top brands in the market. We can give good faith to this, since our team attends each of its sessions to learn about the latest inbound marketing trends from the cases that have been most successful.

Some of the most prominent speakers of the previous edition were Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah (co-founders of HubSpot), Alicia Garza (director at the Black Futures Lab), Ariel Kaye (founder and CEO of Parachute), Bob Iger (executive president of The Walt Disney Company), Sandy Carter (vice president of Amazon Web Services) or Cliff Obrecht (co-founder and COO of Canva).

They are still working on the show so they can surprise us even more.

With more than 250 training sessions you will have countless opportunities to learn and evolve in your digital marketing strategies.

The INBOUND 2021 is held from 12 to October 14 and will be 100% online.

marketing events 2021 INBOUND

Content Marketing World 2021
For content marketing professionals, CMWorld 2021 will be the star event of the year 2021. Those of us who dedicate ourselves to this specialty know that not everything is practical, there is also a lot to analyze, strategies to develop and tricks to know. So put this appointment on your agenda!

More than 225 industry speakers will give us conferences, networking and many sessions of interest. In this summit of content creation , copywriters, advertisers and big names from brands like SEMrush, Microsoft, Tyson, TripAdvisor, Lenovo or Nokia will not teach the keys that work best today.

It will be held from September 28 to October 1 in Cleveland (OH, USA).

Wisconsin Marketing Summit
This digital marketing event was a success in 2020 and this year will not be less, since our expectations do not predict great advances in automation, data analytics, advertising strategies and social media.

The event will feature more than 50 relevant speakers from the sector, 7 interactive discussion panels and the participation of more than 250 brands.

If you are a marketing or brand director, advertising strategist, social media manager or creative director, you will be interested in attending this summit .

Be held on November 2 , and n Milwaukee.

marketing events 2021 WISCONSIN MARKETING SUMMIT

Do you already know which digital marketing event or conference 2021 you want to sign up for? Reserve your place and start to update your knowledge by contrasting everything that the most recognized professionals of the guild around the world know.

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