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Is your brand ready for the summer sales?

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Is your brand ready for the summer sales?

Like every summer, the first official sales weekend is one of the most important moments on the calendar. Online fashion searches multiply up to 400%, being one of the most strategic dates of the year. If we want to obtain that peak in sales from the first days of sales, it is important to prepare and anticipate the competition. Keep in mind that these days, get a dubai phone number are more willing to buy, seduced by discounts and offers. During the summer sales of last year, 2020, we already saw a change in the habit of consumers due to the consequences, such as confinement, caused by the health crisis. This translates to digital numbers well above normal and we are waiting to see if they will be repeated this year, further consolidating electronic commerce.

Here are some key facts: During the first 24 hours of sales last summer, more than 13 million searches were made for content related to fashion. Fashion searches for men and women increased by 78% compared to 2019, with the most sought-after garments being shoes, bags and dresses (especially white). Fashion searches for young people increased during the first days by 50.5%, with T-shirts, pants, shorts and skirts being the most sought after garments. As for bikinis, the star product every summer, online searches skyrocketed by 81% compared to last summer’s sales. Finally, the products added to the cart were 78% higher than the average. Here are 10 tips to get your online store ready for these summer sales. Many are tips that may seem obvious, however, from experience, we have seen over the years that not all brands apply it.


An email marketing campaign for your clients You will need a personalized campaign to inform your clients of your promotions. Inform them before and during the campaign so that your information does not fall into oblivion. Make your client feel special with a personalized campaign, arouse their interest. Inform and capture with a pop-up Inform your Forex Email List and customers of your special promotions for the summer sales. By activating a pop-up you can inform them and take advantage of it, too, to attract new customers. Strategies to stimulate the purchase Apply Cross-Selling with complementary product offers. You can also apply an Up-Selling strategy for those potential customers interested in a specific product and offer them another similar but more profitable one. Thus you will be taking advantage of the interest of the users in order to stimulate the purchase.

Promote yourself on social media Since they constitute one of the most important means of communication for companies, it has to be publicized during these days and your promotions through them. Segment according to your audience and use the best channel to reach your customers. Prepare your inventory for the date
It is essential that you check your stock, a logical and fundamental measure. Without this, the user will not hesitate to abandon your e-commerce, and perhaps with a negative experience. In this guide of tips for the summer sales, this one may be the most intuitive. But it would not be the first time that we encountered such a situation. Activate your website hosting These are days when you expect an increase in visits to your website, an increase in sales and for this it is essential to activate the hosting of your e-commerce.

You must make sure that your server is prepared to receive a large number of visits, otherwise the user will abandon the website. Activate your star products Take the opportunity to increase the sales of your most demanded products. As well as with new products to promote the interest of the potential consumer. The power of attraction is in the copy It generates a reaction in the user that leads to a purchase action. The strategy of “differentiate or die” must be applied, as the competition these days is very great. Good copy will help you achieve that increase in sales you want. Customer care is important These dates cannot be taken as a flea market sale, it is an occasion to attract new customers who return to make a second purchase. It is an opportunity to retain the new customer and then recommend you. Ask for an assessment Take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your online reputation. If you do not have problems with logistics, customer service, after-sales service and if you also offer a good product or service, you should not fear your customer reviews.

The buyers’ assessment affects the purchase decision of those users who have not yet made a purchase. … and remember During the sales, having the products at a lower sale price, it is very important to know our margins when investing in advertising campaigns. We leave you here our Roas Calculator to know what percentage of discount you can offer so as not to lose so much margin, the profitability of making offers of 40% -50% or, in short, what ROAS you need to start making money. In our Virtual Library we have a quick guide where in addition to including these tips in PDF format, we include 11 tips for your Facebook Ads campaigns in these sales periods. Don’t forget to check it out here.

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