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Is there a relationship between what Millennials share on social media and what they buy?

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Is there a relationship between what Millennials share on social media and what they buy?

Is there a direct relationship between the content that Millennials share on social media, and their purchase intention? It looks like it is. According to ShareThis , Millennials are more likely to buy products they share on social media. To draw these conclusions how to find location from mobile number in pakistan  This has analyzed the activity on the social platforms of more than 58 million Americans, which implies more than 2.4 billion interactions, recorded on approximately 2 million web pages and mobile applications.

In this way we have been able to establish the relationship between the products on which they interact in Social Media, and their purchase intention. It is a particularly active target audience in this environment, as well as a great adept of technology; qualities that materialize in its activity 2.0. Not surprisingly, they represent 30% of the active population of the internet. Specifically, Millennials are up to 3.6 times more willing to share content through 2.0 channels, as well as 2.3 times more likely to interact with content recommended by their peers in this environment.


The report also shows the wide variety of media used by these young people, as well as the different uses they make of them. For example, when it comes to talking about leisure and entertainment, Facebook and Twitter take the cake. Twitter is also especially relevant for topics related to the economy and business (+ 132%) and sports (+ 103%). For their part, Facebook and Pinterest record most of the interactions in relation to the family environment. In fact, the family is a recurring theme for Millennials. The Forex Email List indicates that it is present in 37% of the content that they share online, which is 2.3 times more than the average of the rest of the population. Topics such as food for children (47%), pregnancy (38%), products for children (39%), school (36%) or toys for children (31%) are regularly present for these consumers. ShareThis describes Millennials as a particularly active audience on social networks, with a high power of influence in their environment. The way to reach them is not based on advertising impacts, but by awakening their interest, with content related to their interests, taking into account that their family is a basic aspect of their life.

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