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Is HubSpot really an expensive tool?

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Is HubSpot really an expensive tool?

There is no question that HubSpot is one of the best marketing automation tools out there. We have been working with it for many years and using its software for our clients, and if it were a bad tool we would not be interested in using it.

In September 2020 we released a statement about the end of our tech agnosticism . Never before have we positioned ourselves 100% in favor of HubSpot, and the truth is that we have tried many alternatives: Chairman Email Lists that are on the heels of HubSpot and that are more and more powerful. But HubSpot is so easy to use, it simplifies your life so much and at the same time it is so powerful … that now we have no doubt that it is the best . Currently, it has no rival.

But in this article we don’t want to address whether HubSpot is a good tool or not. We will talk about one of the main criticisms made by companies considering buying HubSpot: its price .

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It is true that when you add the number of contacts, sales users, marketing tools … the bill goes up. But we think it is an investment to consider for those who want to see their business grow.

How much does HubSpot cost and why we don’t think it’s expensive
As we said, many people consider HubSpot to be an expensive tool. But the adjective “expensive” is relative . Expensive in relation to what?

Can we say that it is expensive if it saves you from having to hire a developer to edit pages or to create automations? Is it expensive if you allow your sales team to sell more than if they used other tools? Is it expensive if it saves you time integrating dozens of tools?

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Here are six HubSpot features that we think more than justify its price:

1. HubSpot is all-inclusive
HubSpot includes absolutely everything you need for your inbound strategy . You don’t have to spend on other tools. Here we no longer talk about time or data loss, we will see this later.

If we compare this tool with other technologies, such as Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, the price is higher, true. But if we count on HubSpot to avoid having to hire another twenty applications , services and tools to make everything work … then things change.

For example, Salesfoce does not include functionalities such as social networks . You must purchase other tools individually, such as Mailchimp, Typeform, Hootsuite, etc.

How much would this cost us?

CRM : Salesforce $ 75-150 per user per month (and more difficult to use)
Email Forex Email List : MailChimp costs $ 75 per month for 10,000 emails per month
Landing pages : Clickfunnels costs $ 297 per month; Unbounce, about $ 400 per month
Sales sequences: Calendly costs $ 8-29 per month; Reply.io costs $ 50 per month per user
Automation and workflows : AutopilotHQ costs $ 49-249 per month
Total: between $ 525 and $ 924 per month.
Adding applications separately can make your total expenses rise a lot, in addition to how annoying it is to manage all subscriptions and invoices separately.

With similar functionalities we have the Pro version of Marketing Hub and it costs € 740. Does HubSpot still seem expensive to you?

The cost of HubSpot is quickly justified if you calculate what you would spend on individual tools and quantify the time wasted on developments and integrations … which would ultimately translate into lost time for the marketing and sales team.

HubSpot even explains how you could assemble a set of loose tools for the same purpose. Why? Because they know that choosing so many different tools, integrating them, and making it all work is such a huge job that HubSpot is going to be cheap in comparison.

CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle

2. You only pay for marketing-relevant contacts
Some time ago we said that one of the problems with HubSpot was that if you had a lot of contacts in the database, the price would go up a lot .

Your answer? That if you had more contacts, it was because you would have more benefits and more sales , and in the end you could recover the investment.

But it wasn’t always the case, as sometimes you might want to import a huge database of customers into HubSpot that you didn’t do marketing with but did want to use the tool like CRM.

In October 2020 this changed, as HubSpot introduced functionality ” contacts Marketing ” . What does this mean? That now you only pay for the contacts you want to communicate with for marketing campaigns . You can import the contacts you want and you will not pay for them, you will only do it in the case of sending them marketing communications

The HubSpot CRM has a technical limit of 1 million contacts (yes, 1 million … which company would need more?) But you don’t have to pay for all of them. That means that the HubSpot CRM is really free , whatever contacts you have. Something that does not happen with most other CRMs.

3. The most efficient tool
As we said, HubSpot can integrate other tools … but really, it is not necessary. Your software already has it all .

Third-party integrations, data synchronization between tools, reporting and analytics, checking that everything works correctly… these are steps that represent a well of wasted time , and with HubSpot you can skip them directly.

With HubSpot you can be more productive, spend more time only on hot leads, and thus shorten sales cycles.

In addition, having more data at your disposal about the records and users of your website allows you to make better decisions , by being able to prioritize those people most likely to become customers.

➡ Click here for the full HubSpot guide
4. Savings in IT teams and developers
A very important point to keep in mind is that HubSpot gives you independence : once your templates have been created, you can move forward alone without depending on the agency that models the emails in HTML, that sends the emails, that does the segmentation of the BBDD, etc.

You don’t have to develop integrations or configure a wide variety of APIs.

A big problem with third-party integrations is the time spent understanding how they will fit in with your entire digital ecosystem. Depending on the tool you are integrating, you will have to make a number of adjustments in the code until everything works correctly. And if you add another tool in the future, you’ll have to re-validate the integrations in case something goes wrong …

This costs money and time: either hiring a developer or an agency , or spending hours from the marketing team connecting the entire digital ecosystem.

There is nothing wrong with integrations, in fact they allow us to achieve very advanced functionalities. But if you don’t have technical knowledge, they are a great challenge.

With HubSpot you save all this because, as we have already said, it has all the tools included! In addition, if for whatever reason you want to connect an external tool, it also has dozens of native integrations that are very easy to configure.

5. More powerful analytics
Aside from the efficiencies we’ve already described, the reporting and analytics data in HubSpot is simply better.

The CRM is the central element where all the contact information is stored . Then, each section of HubSpot (email marketing, CTA, landing pages …) has all its analytical functionalities to introduce into the CRM.

HubSpot offers the possibility of having a unique view of each customer : from the first visit to the website until they are already a customer and need support. No information is lost and thanks to this integration we can perfectly understand the context and history of each person who interacts with our company.

This is something fundamental, because having this information allows us to make decisions without blind spots , something that translates into better results and higher returns.

6. Excellent support
When you hire a software for marketing, sales, etc. and you need help, you probably end up contacting their support service. You go from chat to phone, then to email … it may take days until you get a solution .

Also, if you have multiple app integrations, the support team for one of these tools doesn’t have a complete picture of how you have everything set up.

This will mean that you have to spend much more time analyzing the problem and finding the solution. Even if you have that customer support included with the tool, the days you lose while you wait, all the management hours and the same frustration have a cost for you. Do you agree?

With HubSpot you interact with a single support team that has the global vision of the tools you use. This makes it much easier for problems to be solved!

The customer service team is 24/7 . Our experience with them is really good: quality care and, above all, agile .

In addition, there is the HubSpot Community , a forum where you can ask other users for help. And finally, let’s not forget that HubSpot offers dozens of certifications and tutorials through the HubSpot Academy .

Commitments required to be successful with HubSpot
In spite of everything, HubSpot is software that, by itself, will not give you results. We believe that it is the best tool and we are clear that it is not expensive in relation to what it offers , but HubSpot is only worth it if you can dedicate time of yourself, your team or an agency, to:

Configure the tool and do the onboarding to launch it to its full potential.
Create and publish content regularly about your sector.
Constantly analyze and apply improvements to the processes you have created in HubSpot.
Are there other costs associated with hiring HubSpot?
You have to keep in mind that HubSpot will charge you an amount for onboarding or incorporation to the tool. It is a price that you have to consider to decide if HubSpot is expensive or not for your company.

The only way not to pay it is to hire HubSpot through a partner agency like InboundCycle. In that case, the price will depend on the one set by the agency and not by HubSpot.

For example, in InboundCycle we offer a much lower price than HubSpot for that incorporation, since we make a living with our services , not by selling the tool. I show you two comparative price tables below:

Marketing Hub onboarding service (prices updated as of September 2020):

contract hubspot with inboundcycle – onboarding Marketing Hub

Sales Hub onboarding service (prices updated as of September 2020):

contract hubspot with inboundcycle – onboarding sales hub

So if you are thinking of hiring HubSpot , you were wondering how much it costs and with this article you have realized that it is a much more affordable option than you thought … take the opportunity to do it with InboundCycle, an agency with more than 10 years of experience with the tool!


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