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Instagram: everything your company needs to know for 2019

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Instagram: everything your company needs to know for 2019

The platform owes its rapid expansion to its visual appearance, the persistent emphasis on user experience, and the continual and successful new tools.
Obtaining the platform by uae mobile number helped increase the volume of users exponentially. The social network has also strengthened its ecommerce and conversion skills, thus making it easier to offer businesses the results of their efforts in ROI. Today, brands cannot afford not to have Instagram .

Whether you are a fashion or technology brand, Instagram helps increase your presence, find your audience and convert visual content into sales. As more and more companies try to increase their presence on Instagram, the environment becomes more competitive. To stand out, advertisers and Instagram users need to know what works and what doesn’t. To do this, they need the data that will lead them to make better decisions about their strategy. According to the study carried out by Hubspot, in which a large amount of data was analyzed: 48,065,694 Instagram posts and 306,278 users. Trends, hashtags, and other data affecting advertisers and brands were observed.


If you focus your efforts on attracting millions of followers on Instagram, just to have a few interact with your content, you may not be attracting the best audience. There are two reasons why user response is one of the most important and revealing metrics on Instagram. It allows you to know if the audience you are targeting is the best for your brand and if your content is relevant. For many advertisers, the user response is the brand  Forex Email List gold KPI. In fact, more than 80% of businesses consider this the most important metric. For this reason, increasing the response of the Instagram user has become the priority of the brands. But what exactly does it mean?

There is no standardized way to measure user response like other metrics for brands. In the words of Taylor Green, Marketing Director at Later: “The most important thing is the response of your customers and followers to your brand on Instagram.” Video posts are the ones that receive the highest number of likes. This was not surprising, since video publications are the ones that tend to have the highest response from users on social networks. The most interesting data is that, compared to the study carried out in 2018, the average number of likes in a video exceeds other types of content. This suggests that user response to this type of content increased over the previous year.

Video posts received more comments than the average for other types of posts, more than double that for an image post. The average number of comments on a video post is 150 . If we pay attention to the average number of comments per video, four comments, which is more than 50% of the total users who receive less than 4 comments per video publication. If you’re looking to increase user response on Instagram , you’ll want to focus on posting more video content. This means more creation of more video posts, Stories, and the mobilization of the most prominent content. The use of hashtags can be a positive resource to expose your content to new audiences that can fit into your niche. This resource has become incredibly popular in recent years. For the simple reason that Instagram users are continually searching for best practices and resources around them, using hashtags.

The average number of hashtags per Instagram post is 1.014402684 Based on this year’s results, overuse of hashtags actually lowers your average reach. This statement may come as a surprise as it stands against the claims of many Instagram experts. There are some explanations for this: Typically, the most influential and engaged Instagram users receive a considerable amount of likes on their content, without the use of hashtags. Quality content gets a high reach on its own. Hashtags won’t do their job if the content is mediocre. Users use irrelevant hashtags.
There is a lot of junk content with a large number of hashtags, which causes users to end up ignoring them. Does this mean that you will get a greater response if you use the most popular hashtags? Not necessarily. It is not about the number of hashtags used or their popularity, but about using the correct hashtags. When it comes to Hastags, relevance is placed above quantity. Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags in the same publication, but that does not mean that the use of all these are beneficial.

However, since this resource has become so popular, users have become insensitive to them and therefore ignore them. For this same reason, we recommend using 4-5 relevant hashtags per post. In considering which hashtags to use, first, research which hashtags your competitors and influencers from the same industry are using, and select the ones that have a better result. According to Sprout Social, 7 out of 10 hashtags are brand tags. Including these in your content will boost your brand’s visibility. Tagging on Instagram is another resource to expose your posts. About 40% of posts on Instagram do not contain any tagged users. This represents a decrease of 32% compared to the previous year, in which 72% of the publication did not contain tagged users.  The Instagram posts with the most likes usually don’t have tagged users. This may be because the posts with the highest number of likes belong to public figures and celebrities who don’t usually tag users. We conclude that posts with more than five tagged users decrease in likes. A potential explanation for this is the same as we deal with hashtags. The user gets used to being tagged in publications and loses interest, makes less the decision to comment or like.

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