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#INLeaders – How to be a better B2B seller on social networks?

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#INLeaders – How to be a better B2B seller on social networks?

Continuing with the analysis of the most outstanding presentations of all our Inbound Leaders events, this time I bring you the talk “How to be a better B2B seller on social networks?” . This is a keynote presentation in which the topics of digital selling and R&D Directors Email Lists (sales + marketing) are explained , two global trends that are gaining strength in the sector each time.This presentation that we will analyze today was given by Álex López at Inbound Leaders 2018 , the only Hispanic in the Top 10 of the most important influencers internationally in the area of social selling (sales through social networks), and creator of the first platform of training for digital sellers: Digitalselling.es .The main points that were developed during the presentation and that we will deepen below were the following:What is the modern B2B customer buying process like?Digital selling and social selling: this is how the modern B2B sales process should beHow to carry out smarketing via digital?Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog! EMAIL *your email I have read and accept the Privacy and Cookies Policy .Before going into detail with these topics, it is necessary to emphasize that all the strategies, techniques and processes analyzed below can be applied both by independent professionals and SMEs even by large companies. In fact, Álex is the founder of Sartia , a micro- SME of just 8 people that advises on digital sales issues to huge corporations such as SAP , Repsol , Vodafone , Toyota , General Electric , Inditex , Adidas , EY and KPMG (two of the “ big 4 ”), Henkel , Sanitas ,Wolters Kluwer , Carrefour , among many others.Therefore, under the slogan ” Remember that in social networks you have the same m2 as a multinational “, Álex makes us see that anyone with the appropriate training in social selling is capable of attracting world-class corporate clients through social networks .”This is not about kittens, or puppies, or posing. This is about profitability ”.Álex López on the use of social networks in B2B sales.What is the modern B2B customer buying process like?To be successful in the B2B sales process, you must first understand the business customer’s buying process. Let us remember that, thanks to the democratization of digital information through the internet and the rise of social networks, modern customers no longer base their purchasing decisions on the information they receive from each company that tries to sell them, but on the information that They can do their own research on the company, its products or services. Therefore, traditional (offline) sellers have lost their level of influence over potential customers, and this is where the need to know how B2B buyers are behaving in this era of digitization is urgent.Years ago, B2B buyers spent up to 60% of their time doing offline research to make a purchase decision. Today, that dedication has dropped to 18% of the time, on average. And, according to Forrester data , 68% of B2B buyers now prefer to conduct research online, and 60% no longer want to interact with a seller as their primary source of information about a product or service.

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According to the same Forrester data, 62% of B2B buyers list potential suppliers based solely on digital content they find during online research. To generate this list, B2B clients go to the “Business TripAdvisors”. That is, platforms where you can check ratings and reviews of business providers.These platforms exist to facilitate the buying process for B2B customers, since when they do a research on Google, they find a huge and overwhelming amount of information, which is published mainly by the same providers. So, customers need to access more specialized platforms than Google, which offer them much more objective and organized data about companies, whether in the format of opinions, reviews, ratings, scores, etc.This is an extremely important aspect, as 92% of B2B buyers say they are more likely to buy after reading a reliable review about a supplier , as indicated by the Impact of Reviews on Buyers and Sellers study by G2 Crowd and Heinz Marketing.That being said, some of the most used platforms by B2B clients are G2 Crowd and Glassdoor .G2 Crowd : website that makes comparisons and collects opinions and evaluations of people who have been users of business programs, such as ERP, CRM, marketing automation software, among others. HubSpot Ratings at G2 Crowd Glassdoor : a website that anonymously collects opinions and evaluations about companies from its employees and former employees. In these evaluations, 2 types of indicators stand out: how many employees / former employees would recommend the company to a friend, and how many would recommend the CEO’s management. Inbound Cycle Ratings on Glassdoor With all this kind of information in hand, B2B clients are already able to make a list of potential suppliers with whom they would like to meet. It is only then that the buyer contacts the supplier and requests that a seller come visit.However, the online research process is not over yet. Before the meeting, the B2B client investigates the salesperson who is going to visit him, and he does so through LinkedIn. This is where sellers’ digital personal branding comes in . If the client notices that the salesperson does not have a strong personal brand, then they will feel distrust and will have a negative predisposition during the meeting; And if you notice that the salesperson has not been with the company long enough, then you will feel that you are not the best connoisseur of your products and therefore may even cancel the meeting.Digital selling and social selling: this is how the modern B2B sales process should be By 2012, Álex López was already a recognized international expert in B2B sales, but, to date, he was a 100% offline seller. However, in that year he came across the study The digital evolution in B2B Forex Email List, in which it was described that 57% of companies were already able to know which supplier they wanted to hire without having previously met with one of their sellers.”If this is true … either I change my way of selling or I will not sell anything in the next few years.”Álex López on the need to become a digital seller.For years B2B customers have evolved: they have become digital, much more demanding and much less open to meetings with salespeople. Therefore, those commercials that want to continue selling to new buyers must evolve in the same way, leaving traditional sales behind and now embracing digital sales or digital selling .In a traditional way, the client received the seller in his office, and just when he entered the door, he began to analyze the entire composition of the place to be able to create a psychological profile of the buyer , who until that moment was a complete stranger. In this way, the seller observed all kinds of elements to discover the tastes and interests of the potential client, in order to generate conversion themes that would allow him to connect emotionally with that person.New Call-to-actionCurrently, the B2B client not only does not want to meet with the seller, but, in the event that he accepts a meeting, it is no longer held in his office, but in an open and generic room, without personal elements for analyze.The good news is that, thanks to social networks, today the seller has access to much more information about his potential customer than he could obtain in previous times. Viewing the profile of a B2B buyer social network is much better than being inside your office, even better than being inside your own home.This is where social selling takes center stage , a variant of digital selling specialized in sales through social networks. Social selling encompasses all those techniques that allow the generation and maturation of leads that, in the case of the B2B segment, occurs mainly on the LinkedIn social network . This includes from customer prospecting processes, to personal brand management, adding value to potential customers and direct contact with them through private messages.Here are some keys to carry out B2B social selling:To multiply the levels of sales you have to do a fairly methodical and deep prospecting for customers . This allows you to focus all your efforts on people who could really be interested in the products or services of the company you represent. Currently, LinkedIn is the main social network used for this B2B prospecting , as it has more than 700 million registered members from the professional / business sector, including important decision makers and C-level executives. Hence, at the globally, 80% of B2B leads come from this social network .Source: Linked In LinkedIn’s specialized features allow you to conduct highly effective prospecting in just 4 clicks . In this way, you can (and should) segment your potential clients by applying filters related to their places of residence, studies carried out, companies where they work, positions they hold, types of work they perform, among others.Once potential clients have been identified, you must begin to investigate everything about them , with the aim of discovering their needs, interests, tastes, desires and habits. This will allow you to build a much more complete psychological profile than you could previously do within the offices. To achieve this, today there are digital tools that automate and deepen the tracking of prospects’ social networks , and thanks to this you can know data such as the following:In which photographs of other people, pages or groups, your potential client has liked or left a comment on Facebook over time. You can discover this even if they don’t have you added to their circle of friends.What are the topics that the prospect tends to talk about most frequently within Twitter , since these tools generate a word cloud highlighting precisely the thematic words of greatest interest to the researched user.Based on all this information, you can already prepare highly persuasive conversations with the potential client.Remember that this process is bi-directional. From your side it is a sales process , but from the customer side it is a buying process . Therefore, the same investigation that you carry out on the buyer, the buyer can also carry out on you. For this reason it is vitally important to create a powerful digital personal brand that is professional, trustworthy and interesting.

This includes everything from your profile picture to the content you post on your social networks. In fact, LinkedIn profiles with professional photos receive up to 14 times more visits than profiles without professional photos, and 79% of potential buyers say that thought leadership is a key factor in choosing their vendors .In this context, you should then ask yourself questions such as the following: Is your profile professional? Do your publications build thought leadership? What will your client find if they track your social networks? Will your likes and comments on other photos generate trust or rejection?In short, as a modern B2B marketer you have to:know how to search the internet,manage the same social networks that your potential client uses,use specialized tools for prospecting on social networks,and build a very good digital personal brand that inspires trust and expertise.New Call-to-action How to carry out smarketing via digital?According to data from LinkedIn , sales departments do not use 90% of the content generated by marketing. However, companies whose marketing and sales departments do work together are up to four times more effective . In this sense, although smarketing is hardly a modern practice, it is becoming more and more relevant in the industry and in the organizational culture of all sectors.Leading business program providers are aware of this reality, and have therefore been developing specialized solutions to support the synchronization between marketing and sales. For example, in the case of LinkedIn, its Sales Navigator platform (specialized in sales) can integrate different CRM systems, such as HubSpot , Microsoft Dynamics , Salesforce , Oracle Sales CX , SAP , Zoho , Pega , Infor and Sugar ; and also with marketing automation systems , such as Marketing Cloud ,Marketo and Engagio .In this way, both teams (marketing and sales) collaboratively achieve absolute synchronization of the data and communications of their potential clients. For example, as a B2B salesperson you can access your CRM and see all the data registered there about your prospects, but you can also see the data that Sales Navigator offers you right there . Sales Navigator allows you to automatically follow up both the publications of your potential clients (even if they are not your contacts within the platform) and their companies. It even offers you recommendations from other companies and potential clients similar to that lead you are monitoring. Also, the tool allows you to meet other decision makers within that same company, with which the platform allows you to discover which is the purchasing committee or the decision tree of that company to which you want to sell a product or service.All this data is also available to the marketing team through CRM, which allows your colleagues to generate much more personalized and effective communication campaigns. Similarly, both sellers and marketers can even see where each lead is in the buying cycle. Consequently, marketing can help you much more to close the sales you want.This high level of synchronization and integration also allows you to know, for example, what are the reactions that your leads have to the campaigns executed by marketing.Finally, if you want to delve into these and other digital selling , social selling and smarketing techniques that Álex explained, access the complete recording of his presentation in this Udemy content . This is our way of sending you online the knowledge and expertise of the speakers of the different editions of the Inbound Leaders event, whose talks always address current and trending topics that remain valid over time. However, we can assure you that attending the event is always much better than watching it online.If you have any questions about digital selling and smarketing, or about the event , I encourage you to leave it in the comments section to solve it.Finally, if you want to be up to date on the rescheduling of Inbound Leaders 2020 due to COVID-19 , subscribe in the following form and we will send you a message when we have news that may interest you. You add up?

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