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Inbound and Marketing Automation Technology: A New Era in InboundCycle

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Inbound and Marketing Automation Technology: A New Era in InboundCycle

At InboundCycle we have never positioned ourselves with a particular inbound technology and Controlling Directors Email Lists automation.

When we started, we bet on HubSpot . We have always defended that it is a very good tool: it is, without a doubt, our favorite, and most of our team controls it perfectly.

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How do we get started with the HubSpot partner program?
What is technological agnosticism and why is it?
We are no longer technology agnostics
Despite that, we had never dared to claim that HubSpot was the best inbound and marketing automation tool on the market.

Controlling Directors Email Lists

Until today.

Now something has changed . We are going to explain why we have decided to openly position ourselves with HubSpot when it comes to choosing the best inbound technology.

How do we get started with the HubSpot partner program?
When InboundCycle was born, almost ten years ago, one of our first steps was to go to HubSpot . We wanted to know how we could work with their technology, how we could grow hand in hand.

At that time, HubSpot had launched a pilot project with some agencies in the US to launch the partner channel . Our agency took off right after this pilot.

When a company like HubSpot launches a partner program, the amount of resources they invest in it is immense : a great team is needed to support agencies, train them, follow up … all with the aim that partners have success as a Forex Email List and, thus, they can continue to sell their technology.

Honestly, the HubSpot partner program is great . We have known similar programs from other technologies and there is no possible point of comparison. To this day, we remain immensely grateful for all the support we received at that time from HubSpot.

So since our inception, HubSpot has been with us. We know it in depth, with its advantages and details, since we have used it since its first versions . We have experienced its strategic changes, its evolution, its transformation into the great technological company that it is today .

But, despite everything, we did not dare to claim that HubSpot was the best technology .

Why’s that?

After all the support we received from them, HubSpot naturally expected us to fully position ourselves with them. There was never explicit pressure, but we felt they didn’t understand our tech agnosticism .

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What is technological agnosticism and why is it?
Our technological agnosticism could be defined as the fact of not being able to affirm with total certainty which inbound technology tool is the best on the market .

For a long time we felt that way, because to make such a forceful claim we should have worked with all the existing tools . At the beginning of our inbound adventure, we had only worked with HubSpot.

It seemed like a great tool, of course. But we had not tried the others. It was very difficult for us to look a customer in the eye and say: “This is really the best tool on the market. You should buy it . ”

Many agencies have taken that path, and while we respect them, we are not comfortable with such claims. How could we say something like that without knowing anything else?

So we decided to take the path of agnosticism.

In the last ten years, we have worked with many other technologies in several of our projects. On various occasions, the clients themselves arrived with a tool already implemented. Eloqua, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Mautic, AgileCRM, ActiveCampaign, RD Station, Marketo… we wanted to test all the technologies that are related to the world of inbound.

And actually, this has not made things any easier for us . In some ways, it has made them more complicated; as, for example, in the moment of obtaining certain recognitions on the part of HubSpot.

It is now, after all this time, that we believe that we have the necessary experience to position ourselves with one of these technologies.

We are no longer technology agnostics
We are currently in talks with a potential client who wants to launch an inbound project . In his presentation, he had considered using the Zoho Campaigns tool.

When we heard this , our hair stood on end .

Is Zoho Campaigns a bad tool? Of course not.

We met it in 2003, we used it in another business project like email in the cloud, even before Gmail. We have used CRM, we know its tools and it is an excellent technology company. But for an inbound project it has many shortcomings.

We vehemently replied to our client: “We will do what you want, but, from our point of view, it is a great strategic mistake to use this tool . When we need to carry out complex scoring and nurturing actions we will not be able to do it or, in the best of cases, you will need complex development and integrations to achieve it ”.

This answer surprised ourselves.

We have never done something like this. Why?

Being technologically agnostic was company policy. But after this experience with our client we realized that something had changed in us .

We no longer had doubts. Before, we did not opt ​​for any technology due to prudence, but also due to insecurity . And this insecurity ended up being transmitted to the team.

Now is the time to change the discourse , because, after many years of experience, we no longer hesitate to tell our clients:

“The best technology on the market is HubSpot.”

It is essential for us to communicate this change of opinion honestly, clearly and directly, since our commitment has always been transparency with our community , after all, a large community within the world of marketing.

Furthermore, this is something that we also owe to HubSpot as a technology and as a company , after so many years of ambivalence.

Until today, in this sense, we have been like a wall. For this reason, now that we see the situation with new clarity, we want to be just as firm and sincere .

After reading this, you will think that when we talk we will probably tell you that HubSpot is the best technology.

And yes, we will surely tell you that there is currently no better tool than HubSpot . But that doesn’t mean it has to be the best for you . And if that’s the case, we’ll tell you too.

Are you in the process of selecting a marketing automation tool and have you had a question? Let’s talk! Share with us your doubts in the comments section or request a call so that one of our consultants can help you.

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