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IKEA man’s image is redesigned now in the shape of a Pokémon

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IKEA man’s image is redesigned now in the shape of a Pokémon

IKEA is a global company that generates an average of $ 35 billion a month. Thanks to this level of penetration, for many consumers the drawing of the man who helps to assemble things in the manuals of this company will not be completely unknown, much less now that it has just had a redesign – unofficial very much in Thailand Mobile Number List style of the cartoon Pokemon. It should be noted that -unlike a formal film project- the costs for this animation are considerably lower since it only lasts two minutes and the shots are repeated in most of them (something that significantly reduces the time and effort for its realization.

Of course, all those who prefer to Brother cell phone list until 2016 to see the actual fight on the big screen are free to avoid the following video: And it is that in his second intervention of this style, the designer Sedki Alimam, gave a complete turn to the character of the multinational retail company, turning the famous IKEA Man into dozens of the classic monsters of this Japanese series. This new tribute stands as an ingenious way to promote the Swedish retail company, which has been characterized by its disruptive and ingenious advertising efforts. Although many LEGO Movie fans were disappointed that the film was created entirely with CGI animation – as the costs of a feature film Brother Cell Phone List made with blocks would have been extraordinarily high – that does not mean that productions cannot be made with the technique. The most recent example of this is the short film made by the BrickNerd team, were – taking advantage of the collective expectation for the next Batman vs Superman film – they recreated one of the possible outcomes for this epic battle. Social Media has increasingly incredible possibilities, for the same reasons given brother cell phone list. Today’s executives, housewives, and students live connected, so this part of the strategic plan must be given fundamental importance. The possibility of doing good business far exceeds what you had just a few years ago. Anyone basically knows how to handle social networks, but knowledge of everything that Social Media implies must be delivered to experts or people who know how to investigate, in a short time, all the details associated with a good strategy.

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