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Ice Bucket Challenge: Real Engagement or Posing of Celebrities and Brands?

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Ice Bucket Challenge: Real Engagement or Posing of Celebrities and Brands?

A few months ago, social networks began to fill with videos of young people who were participating in a viral challenge. It had started with some friends and it quickly became a trend. It was called O legado do Tibu and it consisted of taking a cold bath (in front of a camera) because if not, you had to pay your friends for a seafood platter. Forcing someone to go through the water is actually the latest trend in viral content on the poland phone , although how it is used varies a lot depending on the organizers behind the initiative. In fact, what a few months ago was nothing more than an excuse to laugh at the poor nominee friends, has turned into something with higher ends in the first place. The last challenge passed by water is the Ice Bucket Challenge and its premise is that either you throw yourself a cauldron of ice water and ice cubes or donuts money for the investigation of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Behind the challenge is The ALS Association, a non-governmental association that works for the investigation of this disease. A long list of celebrities have passed through the challenge, from executives of new technology companies, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook or Steve Ballmet, to celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Tina Fey (who has not gotten wet and has preferred to give money) or Oprah Winfrey.

The last to join the list has been the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung’s flagship smartphone, which has poured itself a bucket of cold water and nominated the competition to do the same. And, as many American media outlets have already pointed out, Samsung has turned what was once a viral with a cause into an ad that may not even get the right results. The video is behind the Samsung marketing team in the United Kingdom and serves, of course, to highlight the waterproof condition of the terminal (the competition is not). And although in the description of the video they suggest that they (the phone) have donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association (and invite everyone to do so), the comments are not positive at all. “Disrespectful” is the simplest thing they say.


The NGO they have donated to has thanked them for their “generous” contribution (although at no point is it really known how generous that donation is), but that has not been at all enough for critics of this Samsung move. “Reducing a global movement to the telephone ad is the worst possible thing,” they criticize at TechCruch . But was Forex Email List really the only one to make the Ice Bucket Challenge a gallery move? Celebrities get wet, but do they donate? The campaign was born to raise funds for research on the disease and that was the basic point of the entire operation. According to the latest figures from The ALS Association, the NGO has received in donations during the challenge period $ 70.2 million, a figure much higher than the 2.5 million it received in the same period of time. 2013. The numbers are due to the association’s regular donors but also to the 1.3 million new donors that have been added to the NGO collaborators list thanks to the pull of the challenge. But how many of them have been celebrities who have not gotten wet and have given money? And, above all, how many of them have been famous who have gotten wet, have told the world about it and have confirmed that they have understood how important research is?

Has the Ice Bucket Challenge become just posturing ? The posture is not, after all, more than doing something on social networks to strengthen your image or to cover with the ballot and, seeing who have accompanied their ice cube with a financial donation, it is not very difficult to reach the conclusion that, in the end, it is still a gesture rather towards the gallery. Few of the celebrity videos participating in the challenge end with a check. Tina Fey is, in fact, one of the few examples and, of course, so is Patrick Stewart, the actor Charles Xavier plays in X-Men. Stewart is, for some media, who has put an end to the challenge for good. Stewart neither nominates nor does anything really shocking: he just covers a check and returns the challenge to what it is in origin. Also the man from Old Spice, who after all is nothing more than a brand ambassador, has managed to turn the challenge around and has donated money (in a way that has less offended Internet users than the Samsung ad ).

The controversial Charlie Sheen has also been one of those who has directly joined the economic donation and has highlighted that “the ice melts”, nominating his former companions of Two and a Half Men (the series from which he was wrapped in an immense controversy). One of them has already taken him at his word. All the participants in the challenge are managing to improve, in the end, their personal image. Many of the ICT executives, for example, have broken with their image of stretched characters or not very close to reality with their participation in the initiative, but although they have helped to give more visibility to the campaign, the big question is how many have actually donated . Although all the news about fundraising is very positive on the website of the NGO from which the viral was born, in recent days some headlines have appeared in the media pointing out that there could be more donations.

At the end and Cape, as pointed out this article from Slate , donations are not incompatible with participation in the meme of the day and, in some cases, even those who are spending more money on making the challenge in representing their collaboration ( and perhaps the one they have done in their entire lives) in the fight for chronic disease research. It is not that some of the participants in the challenge cannot afford to make a millionaire donation while throwing water with cubes over themselves. Samsung, for example, the company that has managed to give the most controversial turn to the viral, invests 525.7 million dollars a year in CSR campaigns (and here everything they understand by CSR enters) while its annual worldwide advertising spending is $ 11.3 billion. And on the list of those who have joined the challenge are many of the fortunes that regularly dominate the Forbes lists of the richest in the world.

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