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HubSpot Workflows for HR. HH .: automation examples

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HubSpot Workflows for HR. HH .: automation examples

HubSpot, in addition to having multiple applications for Benin Phone Number List, can be very useful for automating a candidate selection process . We have applied it for InboundCycle and the results are really satisfactory.

In this article I will explain what workflows are, the benefits of automating email chains and 2 examples of automation of workflows for human resources departments. We see it?

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HubSpot workflows: what they are and what they are for
Workflows to automate the selection process
Workflows for automating the onboarding and ramp-up process
Essential elements of a workflow
HubSpot workflows: what they are and what they are for
HubSpot offers the functionality of workflows , from which it is possible to create automated email chains that are activated once a contact enters this chain due to a criteria that we will have established initially.

Emails are sent automatically from time to time. This time we can determine ourselves. For example, immediately, every other day, once a week, from the first to the second email 2 days and from the second to the third 4 days, etc.

Here are two ideas for automated workflows that can be very useful for the day-to-day running of a talent department.

Workflows to automate the selection process
In this case, we can establish the following criteria: when a candidate fills in the registration form for a selection process on a specific page of our website, send an Forex Email List with the information of the first phase of the process so that it can start it. Let’s imagine that the first phase is to answer a test using a form.

In our workflow we can establish that, once the candidate sends the form with their answers, according to the answers they give in each of the fields, they will be sent an email informing that they continue in the process and revealing the next phase of the process, or Well, if the answers have been incorrect, in this case an email is sent explaining to the candidate that they are not following in the selection process.

Let’s imagine that those who continue in the process are asked, as a second test, to solve a practical case, also through an explanatory landing page along with a form so that they can write and send their answers to the different questions we ask them. .

This is a practical case that you will have to review and evaluate our equipment manually. When the candidate sends their answers, we can configure our workflow so that the person in charge of reviewing the test will receive an internal email with the answers to all the candidate’s questions and a link to the candidate’s profile in HubSpot, so that the person in charge can quickly enter in the candidate’s profile and, in the properties section, indicate whether or not they have passed the practical case phase.

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By modifying the property of the candidate, for example, “Test practical case” to “Pass” (conditions that we will have indicated in our HubSpot workflow), the candidate is sent an automatic email congratulating them on having passed the test and informs you of the next phase, for example, a video interview.

The email tells you that you have to respond to this email informing you of your time availabilities this week and next week to carry out a 50-minute video interview. With which, the head of talent receives an email with the relevant information to schedule the video interview with the candidate.

After the interview, if the candidate has not passed it, we enter their HubSpot profile and change the property “Talent interview” to “Fail”, and consequently, they will receive an email informing them that they have not passed the process. If he passes the interview, we can change the property “Talent interview” to “Pass”, and an automatic email will be sent informing him that he is going to the final interview phase, and we will ask him again to respond to the email with his time availabilities .

hubspot workflows for human resources

Workflows for automating the onboarding and ramp-up process
From the moment the candidate accepts the job offer we make, we can start the onboarding and ramp-up process so that this person can enter the company as prepared as possible.

For this, we can configure a workflow that is activated when we indicate that a person enters a specific position. For example, with the contact property “Incorporation” indicating in its drop-down the position, for example, “Account Executive”.

CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle
When a candidate enters this workflow, we can make them receive an automated email that reaches them at the same time asking them to respond to the email attaching the necessary documentation that we need to prepare their contract. In addition to the links to the training that you can advance before joining.

At the same time, we can configure an automated internal email with the relevant information of the new person, so that it reaches the Office Manager so that he can prepare the material that he will need to work.

After a few days, we can set up another email with some more tutorials on the operation of the company and the main tools.

In this workflow, we can actually include emails with onboarding tasks, with important explanations of the company such as the cultural code, etc.

workflow hubspot for human resources ramp up

Essential elements of a workflow
As you can see, to create a workflow of a selection process we will have to have previously created in HubSpot all the necessary elements so that our automated email chain can work correctly:

The properties that we need to appear in the contact profiles. Example: “Talent interview” as a drop-down with the options “Pass”, “Fail”.
The landing pages with forms of the different tests of the selection process. Example: landing with explanation of the practical case and the form to answer it.
The emails that will reach the candidate.
The internal emails that will reach the managers who will have to evaluate the tests that have to be reviewed manually.
Among other elements, such as lists. Everything also depends on the triggers of our workflows .
With the use of workflows, the candidate selection and onboarding process is faster and more efficient, with which both candidates and InboundCycle optimize tasks and obtain greater satisfaction. Simple as that!
Why don’t you tell us what you think of our idea of ​​using the HubSpot tool and the workflows? Could you apply it in any of your processes? I read you in the comments!

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