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HubSpot Sales: do you know the difference between the starter and the pro license?

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HubSpot Sales: do you know the difference between the starter and the pro license?

The HubSpot Sales part offers a whole set of functionalities aimed at increasing your sales and automating the most important tasks of the team. Within this tool there are different licenses that can help you achieve your goal, and today I would like to explain the exact differences between Sales Pro and Starter . Do we see them together?

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What is HubSpot Sales?
What can you do with HubSpot Sales?
What to take into account when hiring HubSpot Sales?
Difference between Sales Pro and Starter: how to choose between these two?
The Starter license in HubSpot Sales
The PRO license in HubSpot Sales
If we previously told you how useful the HubSpot CRM is to work the commercial relationship with your future clients, we want you to understand how different it can be to use this tool with the Starter license or be with the Pro license .

If you don’t know which one to choose based on the characteristics and needs of your business, this is your place! Next I will explain everything you can achieve with each of them so that your chances of closing sales increase.

What is HubSpot Sales?
First of all, we have to clearly define what the HubSpot Sales Hub is .

It is a CRM and a set of tools that help us increase the productivity of sales teams by automating certain tasks .

Within the same platform, which you can use as CRM software for your marketing campaigns, you can work with the sales side to help sales teams close more deals, strengthen Dominican Republic Phone Number List relationships, and manage sales funnels more efficiently.

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What can you do with HubSpot Sales?
With the Sales Hub you can know exactly which leads are interested in your products and services, as well as who are ready to receive the phone call from the sales team or schedule a meeting. This information will help you increase conversations with your future clients, promoting sales opportunities, since you will optimally follow up on the prospect at the ideal time.

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As for the automation of tasks, you will see that they are very diverse, but below I will detail some of the ones that I consider most interesting:

Automate a chain of fully personalized email reminders to the prospect’s inbox. You will be able to create follow-up emails, schedule them and send them when it is best for your prospects.
Track conversions . Thus, every time these prospects open an email or download an attachment, you will receive a notification immediately. In this way, you will know how to react and what kind of actions to take afterwards, such as calling him, inviting him to an event, etc.
Monitor lead predictive. You will be able to close your next meetings and make your calls based on the probability that lead has of converting to a customer. Information based on the actions and conversions of said lead.
sales hub hubspot starter and pro

Do you know what is the best of everything? HubSpot CRM is free, forever.

However, as with any other online Forex Email List tool, if you want more advanced functionalities and progress in your goals, it is advisable to use paid licenses (especially automations and automatic reporting) . That is, to have access to some of the functionalities that we have discussed depends on the contracting plan you make with HubSpot Sales.

It is recommended to start with the Starter license from the Sales Hub. However, there are some cases in which there is no reason to hesitate and go directly to the “Pro plan”. Whatever the decision, it is clear that we will notice the difference in the medium and long term.

What to take into account when hiring HubSpot Sales?
There are four hiring possibilities in the HubSpot Sales Hub:

Free. At no cost, you can manage your contacts, include a live chat on your website or blog, create a report panel, make quotes and schedule meetings. Finally, it should be noted that already in this version you will be able to design a business pipeline .
Starter. Here you will have all the functionalities that you already had in the free version, in addition to the following:
Definition of objectives.
Conversion tracking.
Multiple currencies.
Productivity of sales representatives.
Some simple automation (like automatic lead assignment).
Professional. This plan highlights the automation of rotation of business stages, tasks and leads, creation of sequences, definition of teams, personalized reports and telephone technical assistance.
Enterprise. This, more than a “pro plan”, is a license designed directly for large international companies, such as a multinational. In this case, in addition to the functionalities that are included in all the previous ones, it is worth highlighting:
Quote-based workflows.
Predictive lead qualification.
Connect the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool.
Call guides or scripts for telemarketing teams.
Call transcript (English only, for now).
Track recurring income.
Also, keep in mind that with all HubSpot packages you will be able to connect your own company tools, such as connecting your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

What is a business pipeline?
A business pipeline or the “Deals” part of HubSpot Sales will help you create a personalized sales funnel based on your stages in the sale, as well as allowing you to see the conversion rates of each phase.

In a single dashboard you can monitor your progress so you know which prospects to focus on and who are most likely to contribute to your sales goals.


HubSpot will add the latest information automatically whenever new transactions are created from a new contact or company record.
You will be able to adapt your pipeline to your sales process : customize and control this panel by adding, editing or deleting stages and properties of commercial transactions. Thus, your sales team will have new tasks assigned and will be able to carry out their work in a much easier way.
You monitor the performance of your sales team and gain greater control of how the sales activities are progressing that increase the profitability of the business.
Image 1 – Deals or Sales Funnel

After all this introduction to the HubSpot Sales Hub in this article, we will focus on the starter license and the professional license so that you can decide which one best suits your goals.

Difference between Sales Pro and Starter: how to choose between these two?
The best license will depend on how you are going to use it in your company.

These are the considerations that you will have to start from to start differentiating both licenses:

First, think about the number of users you will need to manage the tool. While with the HubSpot Sales Starter it only allows you to work with one user, the Pro license allows 5. That is, if you have a lot of salespeople, you should start with PRO for a budget issue.
Second, it thoroughly analyzes the functionalities of each one : unlike the Sales Starter, the PRO has workflows and sequences to work in a more automated way, which allows you to assist in the commercial process in a more thorough way. You can also create work teams, more sales funnels (pipelines in case you have different business units with different business processes). In addition, you have the multi-currency tool (in the case that you work with several countries), personalized quotes and some specific reports that you can customize.
Do you already know why some companies opt for Sales Pro and others for Sales Starter?

If you are still not sure, do not worry, because below we will delve into this differentiation in more detail so that you can carefully analyze the options available to you.

➡ Click here for the full HubSpot guide
The Starter license in HubSpot Sales
Starting at € 47 per month with one user included, the HubSpot Sales Starter Package is designed for companies that want to have a CRM for small sales teams (1-2 salespeople ).

In addition to all the functions that are included in the free edition, with Sales Starter you can increase the efficiency of your sales actions.

Specifically, this plan is positioned to be the best CRM on the market for companies that start working with one and want to grow.

Before going deep into the Sales Hub Starter, we must talk about the Portal Features ”and the Seat features.

The Sales Starter Portal Features
The Portal Features are those that are included in the starter license and, even if you are not a user running the Sales Hub, you can have viewing access to specific functionalities. Those that stand out the most are:

Tasks: you can create reminders to send messages, calls, follow up an email, invite to LinkedIn, etc.
Business (manage up to two pipelines or sales funnels).
Quotes (without access to the electronic signature or the product library). This will make it faster for you to submit proposals and shorten sales cycles.
Simple automations . For example, creating tasks or sending internal email notifications.
Live chat that you can implement on your website or blog.
Conversation Inbox so you can see all the conversations with your leads without leaving HubSpot. This functionality also includes the option to see your team’s answers and the most frequently asked questions.
Have up to 5 currencies as currencies.
Use the first 5 reusable text snippets.
Sales Starter Seat Features
What can you have access to if you are a user in Sales Hub? We will divide the functionalities into the following sections:

Sequences – Sequences allow salespeople to send scheduled emails to a lead over time. It is useful not only to automate the sending of emails, but also to add calls, follow the prospect on LinkedIn, and automatically end the sequence when the contact responds to an email.
Teams: Teams in HubSpot Sales allow you to organize your users into groups to improve organization (for example, so that a department cannot access certain information) and create reports.
Conversation rotation: Incoming conversations with your prospects can automatically be directed to specific users and teams in your Sales Hub account.
Documents: you will create a content library for your sales teams, since they will be able to share documents with their leads / clients and have total visibility of how long or until which page they have read.
Calls: there is a maximum number of minutes for calls from the browser.
Meetings: Link your work calendar with HubSpot so people can schedule calls or meetings for you only when you are available. Here is my calendar so you can see an example:
Image 3 – Link meetings Andrea

Quotes (with access to the electronic signature and, in addition, it will allow you to add different products automatically).
Schedule emails, email templates and notifications.
Fragments: you will be able to view, edit and use up to a thousand fragments. Fragments are the reusable blocks of text that we can use in contact or company records, in chat conversations, or email templates.
In this image we can see everything that is included in the starter version:

Image 4 – Sales Starter difference features

Basic automation in the Starter license
Every time a business reaches a certain stage, for example making a first call, you have the option of taking two actions:

Create a task, which can be assigned to the business owner.
Send an internal notification email.
In the event that this stage completes successfully and we want to move on to a second call or meeting, we can do the following:

Create the task “fill out the visit success form” and, thus, assign it to the business owner so that we can follow up on it.
Finally, if we go to the quote submission stage, we will have the possibility of automating the sending of an internal notification (for example, for the finance department).

To access these automations we will have to enter the ” Business ” section, since the Starter version does not allow access to “Workflows”. In Business we will have to go to “Actions” and click on ” edit business stages “. That is when we can configure the desired automations.

The PRO license in HubSpot Sales
In this image we can see everything that is included in the professional version:

Image 5 – Sales Pro difference features

As in the previous plan, we must differentiate between the options we have with the Portal Features and the Seat Features of HubSpot.

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The HubSpot Sales PRO Portal Features
The Portal Features are those that are included in the PRO license and, even if you are not a user running the Sales Hub, you can have viewing access to specific functionalities. Those most prominent are:

Sales workflows , a basic to guide you properly in the sales actions to follow in each case.
Reporting: you can have up to 25 reporting panels.
Teams: to organize your users into groups of teams.
Calculated Properties: You can automatically calculate the minimum, maximum, count, or average value for the associated record properties.
Integration with Sales Navigator, which will allow you to find and manage potential clients through LinkedIn in a much more intuitive and faster way.
Currencies (up to 30 different currencies).
Image 6 – Sales Starter and PRO differences

HubSpot’s Sales PRO Seat Features
What can you not access if you are not a user in Sales Hub?

Products: have a library of the goods and services that you sell in the Sales Hub itself.
Digital signature: so that you can enable some actions and / or transactions without having to use other external tools.
Recommendations that favor the closing of sales.
Sequences : with the advanced sequences you will be able to register multiple contacts at once (up to 50 contacts), have the qualification of each sales representative for each sequence sent, pause sequences according to the completion of tasks, etc.
Creation of personalized videos (connection with Vidyard), which you can then insert in your emails or communications.
“Buy now” links , promoting conversion.
Automation of rotation of business stages, tasks and leads.
Advanced automation in Sales Pro

With the Pro version, you will be able to access the HubSpot Workflows tool, which allows you to configure different sequences to access a series of advanced automations and encourage the conversion of your prospects.

These are some automations:

Automate assignment of qualified leads to sales reps. This action itself is called “contact rotation.”
Follow-up to sending quotes. It is a business-based process workflow in which we use marketing email actions, owner rotation, or internal notification.
Lead prioritization , a process workflow based on lead qualification or lead scoring that aims to automate processes through email marketing actions and property updates. This rating allows the assignment of “3 or 4 stars” to each lead.
Business creation , a Sales PRO automation that aims to automate the business creation process from a form.
In conclusion, the main difference between the Sales Pro and the Starter is that, with the latter, we can automate internal processes to accelerate the closing of sales or the hiring of services. On the other hand, with Sales Pro we access more advanced automations to increase the effectiveness of the sales team and, thus, obtain better results.

So, depending on what your objectives are, the volume of commercial transactions you carry out, the number of sales representatives, the complexity of your sales funnel or the level of automations you want to reach, it will be convenient for you to choose between the Starter version or the PRO of the HubSpot Sales Hub . It all depends on the factors that we have recommended and the level you have reached in your marketing and sales actions with the inbound marketing methodology.

The most convenient thing is to progress little by little and that you can understand each process. The road is long, but in InboundCycle we are here to help and guide you at all times. Would you like to answer any questions? I read you in the comment section!


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