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HubSpot pricing: updated pricing guide for 2021

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HubSpot pricing: updated pricing guide for 2021

According to the 2019 Frost & Sullivan report , HubSpot is the number 1 brand in the world for marketing automation. This is because its software is driving the steady and accelerated (and proven) growth of more than 56,000 companies around the world.

If you want to join the Paraguay Phone Number List of the more than 56,000 companies around the world that are driving constant growth with HubSpot , this article interests you.

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list_altIndex of contents
HubSpot Pricing: What’s Free and What’s Paid?
The different HubSpot products
What is the pricing policy at HubSpot?
Free tools offered by HubSpot
HubSpot Pricing: Detailed Guide by Plans
What about the new HubSpot CMS?
HubSpot and InboundCycle: a successful alliance
You will be able to discover the new HubSpot pricing guide , free features vs. payment and what is the plan that may interest you the most . Lately, prices change frequently, so you should know what the latest updates have been so that you can take advantage of your occasion.

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The most recent changes, applicable as of October 21, 2020, are related to a new pricing philosophy. This is summarized in the phrase: “Pay only for marketing contacts .” For example, you will stop paying for contacts that are from your Forex Email List, suppliers, potential employees, etc.

First of all, it must be made clear that HubSpot offers different products to adapt to the needs of your business and your investment availability. These are:

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). It is totally free! It is a contact management and storage system (clients and potential clients) to propose more effective marketing campaigns.
Marketing Hub . The solution for which HubSpot is best known and for which it was born, since it allows the implementation of inbound marketing.
Sales Hub . The sales software that is gaining a large market share and leadership against other competing companies, such as Salesforce. A system designed to optimize all the tasks of the sales team to increase the conversion of business opportunities to customers.
Service Hub . This system, which can be integrated with other tools, is a solution specially oriented to customer service. It offers the entire ticket system and, therefore, allows to improve the experience of the clients, being able to turn them into promoters of the brand.
CMS . It allows you to create your website very easily. Although there is no free functionality, it helps you create content and design the different elements of your website, among many other functions, to increase traffic, generate more leads and demonstrate how the ROI is growing. The most basic rate is around 300 dollars / euros per year.
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HubSpot Pricing: What’s Free and What’s Paid?
It is clear that HubSpot is designed to adapt to the needs of each company, hence there are so many options and diversity in prices.

Within each of the HubSpot products that we have mentioned there are different functionalities. Some are paid and others are free. For this reason, HubSpot offers different rates depending on what type of functionalities we want to use. In turn, within the same plan, the price changes depending on the size of the marketing contacts and the type of licenses.

Continuing with the way of structuring the costs of HubSpot, there are 4 types of licenses to acquire that apply to marketing, sales and service:

Free rate , the most basic, which includes the HubSpot CRM and some basic free functionalities.
Starter , aimed at companies that have just started and do not have a large budget and, therefore, are not prepared to automate many tasks.
Professional , the type of license most demanded by most companies and with which you have access to multiple possibilities (which we will talk about later).
Enterprise , the rate especially recommended for large companies or multinationals that operate in different countries and handle a large volume of contacts in their database, in different languages, currencies, teams, etc.
Therefore, with the exception of the CRM, which is free, in each of the HubSpot products you choose (Marketing, Sales, Service and CMS) you have free or paid versions. Only the CMS offers only payment functionalities.

It should also be noted that HubSpot offers a variety of packages, with different discounts depending on what you choose. That is, normally, if you choose a package that contains the marketing, sales and services part, they will be able to make you a much more personalized price and some discounts. It’s called the “Growth” package and they normally apply a 25% discount.

The same happens if, instead of making payments on a monthly basis, you opt for an annual payment with a commitment of two or three years, since you can get a considerable discount (10% / 15% … depending on seasonality and the price they calculate).

The different HubSpot products
Once you know the characteristics and prices of each of these products, we recommend that you read the free guide to Digital Transformation in the marketing department. It will allow you to have a deeper criterion on how to choose the most suitable technology for your business.

Now we are going to tell you about the different HubSpot tools in a little more detail.

Marketing Hub
Marketing Hub is the HubSpot software specially designed for the deployment of inbound marketing campaigns through the automation of different processes and channels. Therefore, this solution consists of unifying within itself the management of your entire marketing department (no matter how large or small it is), the use of all your tools and the management of all the data of your campaigns, clients and prospects. until they become customers.

If you want to know more, here is a guide on How to launch a B2B inbound marketing campaign .

To accomplish its mission, Marketing Hub is comprised of a number of HubSpot by-products and features. These are categorized according to the objective to be met:

Attraction of visitors: publication on your blog, on social networks, work on SEO, advertisements …
Conversion into leads: landing pages, calls to action, lead management, forms …
Lead education and nutrition: marketing automation, live chat, HubSpot CRM and native connection with some platforms such as Salesforce.
Customer loyalty: marketing automation, email marketing and HubSpot CRM, Social inbox.
Currently the HubSpot pricing for the Professional Marketing license is € 7,840 for up to 2,000 active marketing contacts. The next block is contacts between 2,000 and 7,000 contacts, and the third block is between 7,000 and 12,000 marketing contacts. Prices, as I mentioned, can vary depending on whether you contract the license with a partner (such as InboundCycle), commitment of years, payment method, etc. But if you want to get an idea, it is best to check their pricing page directly here: https://www.hubspot.es/pricing/marketing?term=annual&edition=starter

If you have more than 12,000 contacts, I recommend that you speak with the HubSpot sales team to get a personalized price.

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Sales Hub
Sales Hub is HubSpot’s software specially designed to streamline and empower all sales efforts of a company. All this, through a series of automated tools and processes that allow to reduce negotiation cycles and increase the effectiveness to close more sales.

In this sense, Sales Hub is almost essential for B2B businesses that need to increase the productivity of their sales executives and accelerate business growth. If your business is ecommerce, they also have specific functionalities to work with, for example, abandoned carts (it connects very well with platforms such as Woocomerce, Shopify, Prestahop, etc).

If it is B2C, you will have to value according to the Customer Lifetime Value of your customers.

To accomplish its mission, Sales Hub is comprised of a number of HubSpot by-products and features. These are divided according to the objective to be met:

Finding sales opportunities: email sequences, inbox profiles, email tracking, business opportunity management …
Contact more sales opportunities: meeting / trade show / event tracking, call tracking and recording, email templates, email scheduling …
Successfully close sales: meeting scheduling, practical guides, budget management, conversation automation …
Manage the pipeline: pipeline management, which allows you to visually manage all the stages and progress of each lead according to the sales funnel, as well as the new sales forecasting functionality.
The price of the sales part varies depending on the people who will have access to these features. The starter version starts with two commercials, the PRO with 5 and the enterprise with 10.

Service Hub
Service Hub is HubSpot’s software designed to satisfy all customer service requirements. This platform offers the tools and automations necessary to manage the needs of people with a very high level of productivity and efficiency.

Using Service Hub is key to multiplying loyalty rates through satisfactory experiences from customers who seek help from your company.

To accomplish its mission, Service Hub is comprised of a number of HubSpot features. These are categorized according to the objective to be met:

Offer better and faster responses: channels for personalized conversations, ticket manager, HubSpot CRM …
Improve team productivity: team emails, video hosting, ticket manager, helpdesk, chatbot generator …
Compilation of doubts and knowledge of the services or products you offer: knowledge base or knowledge base .
Motivate customers to promote the brand: customer feedback with satisfaction surveys (NPS).
The price of the service part also varies depending on the people who will have access to these features, as I mentioned in the sales part.

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What is the pricing policy at HubSpot?
Before these updates, HubSpot set rates based on the limit of contacts you could store in your database. However, as we have mentioned, since October 21, 2020 this operation has been modified.

The new prices for marketing contacts come into effect. You will pay only for the contacts to whom you send emails and marketing announcements. On the other hand, for those contacts with which you do nothing, that is, those to whom you do not direct marketing and advertising actions, you will not have to pay, you can have them completely free of charge.

In this way, you can streamline your systems by gathering your contacts in one place and enjoy free storage of up to one million contacts. You can also reward your growth with a price reduction, since each contact costs less as you grow.

Marketing Hub pricing policy
Before we explain the free and paid functionalities, it should be noted that, in terms of prices, the great advantage of HubSpot is that its CRM is completely free.

There are a million good reasons to have contacts in your CRM to whom you cannot promote your products and services. Bounces, unsubscribers, partners, sales contacts, unique customer success tickets … the list goes on. But while the rest of your company expands your customer database, you don’t have to take care of the invoice.

Who has time to manually categorize all your contacts? You do not. For existing Marketing Hub customers, the Marketing Contact Eligibility process makes identifying your contacts as simple as a couple of clicks to get auto-generated lists of bounces and unsubscribers. All this plus the ability to add your own filters and customer lists . And if you’re new to HubSpot, don’t worry: you can mark your contacts as “marketing contacts” as you go.

Automatically categorize new contacts as marketing contacts from forms and integrations with the help of simple configuration updates or a simple workflow.

In addition, you can store job candidates, suppliers, workers, unsubscribed, etc. in your database.

Now, all this that we tell you is related to the marketing “Hub” part.

CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle
Sales and Services Hub pricing policy
It should be noted that the Sales tool and the Service tool work differently, since they do so for user licenses that will have access to these parts.

Therefore, from 5 users we would enter the Pro license (both for Sales and for Service). From here you pay more for each user who has access to the functionalities of both Hub products. There are some users that may have some free functionalities, but this must be seen exactly within each plan.

On the other hand, you will have the Enterprise part, where the payment of the users goes up from 10.

Free tools offered by HubSpot
Free CRM features , the right software to manage contacts, companies or businesses. These are some of them:
Visibility of the contact’s activity on the website
Integration with Gmail and Outlook
Tasks and activities
Company outlook
App market integrations
Custom support form fields
Use of tickets
Tracking and email notifications
Featured snippets
Customizable email templates
Custom properties
Calling and meeting scheduling
Some functionalities, both marketing, sales and services (which will not be the same as those for payment). These are:
Email marketing, ad management, landing pages, and conversation inbox
Ad management
Landing pages
Conversation inbox
List Segmentation
Mobile optimization
Conversational bots and live chats
Report dashboard
Custom properties
HubSpot mobile app
HubSpot Pricing: Detailed Guide by Plans
Hubspot pricing table 2021Marketing Hub: pricing and plans
Marketing Hub free version: € 0
It is the most limited version of Marketing Hub within the HubSpot pricing scale.

Marketing Hub Starter Version: from € 41 / month
Among the paid versions, the Starter is the cheapest of the Marketing Hub in the HubSpot pricing scale. This version is oriented to be used by startups that need an affordable tool that allows them to manage their campaigns while they are in the entrepreneurship phase. In addition to the free tools, with this plan you can:

Attract more audience attention:
Landing pages.
Ad management.
Live chat.
Conversational bots.
Get more relevant information from your leads
Activity of each lead on the website.
List segmentation.
Detailed information on the status of the post office.
Interact with leads for a better potential client / company relationship:
Marketing by mail.
Ads retargeting.
Form tracking emails.
Marketing Hub Pro version from € 740 / month
It is the first in Marketing Hub to allow the execution of marketing automation campaigns and A / B tests, among many other options.

Along with the free tools and the Starter version, this plan includes:

Be able to automate and personalize your inbound marketing strategies:
Marketing automation
Content in multiple languages
Smart content and reports
Qualification of contacts and companies
SEO optimization through:
SEO recommendations and optimization tasks
Social media
Optimize conversion rates:
ABM tools
Salesforce integration
Calculated properties
Campaign reports
Custom reports
Enterprise version of Marketing Hub from € 2,944 / month
The Enterprise version is the most robust of the Marketing Hub and therefore the most expensive on the HubSpot pricing scale. It is thought and designed for large companies that meet characteristics such as:

Database administration with more than 50,000 contacts.
Commercial presence in several countries.
Internal communications in different languages.
Orientation to different types of clients.
Management of large work teams with different responsibilities in the use of CRM.
In addition to having the Pro tools, this plan allows:

Manage your teams and brands (permissions, user roles, team structuring, etc.).
Extend the platform: programmable chatbots, adaptive tests and custom objects.
Advance your reports: multi-contact revenue attribution, behavioral event triggers and reports, and predictive lead qualification.
Sales Hub: pricing and plans
Free Version of Sales Hub: € 0
It is the most basic version of Sales Hub within the HubSpot pricing valuations.

Sales Hub Starter version from € 41 / month
Among the paid versions, the Starter is the cheapest of the Sales Hub in the HubSpot pricing scale. Among other things, it allows you to automate up to 1,000 email sequences, as well as receive unlimited notifications about user actions in emails.

PRO version of Sales Hub from € 414 / month
It is the first in Sales Hub to automate the qualification and rotation of leads with up to 300 workflows, which allows you to assign leads to sales representatives ( What is a workflow? ). On the other hand, this version is ideal for companies that have between 10 and 30 salespeople.

Enterprise version of Sales Hub from € 1104 / month
Its power is designed to meet the needs of more than 40 high-performance sales representatives. In addition to significantly expanding the capabilities of the Pro plan, the Enterprise plan offers additional resources and capabilities to increase the productivity of sales teams to the maximum possible level:

Management of more than 200 hierarchical work teams
Implementation of workflows from quotes
Transcript of call recordings (in English)
Recurring revenue monitoring
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Service Hub: pricing and plans
Free version of Service Hub: € 0
Service Hub Starter version from € 41 / month
Among other functions, the Starter allows you to:

Organize and monitor communications with customers (through simple automation, live chats, calling, chat bots, use of tickets …)
Maximize productivity (meeting scheduling, featured snippets, email templates, etc.)
Measure efficiency by reporting on sales reps’ productivity or time taken for each to close
Pro version of Service Hub: prices from € 331 / month
Some of the most outstanding functions are:

Creation of a knowledge base with help articles and solutions.
Display of Net Promoter Score meetings, experience evaluation and service rating.
Management of up to 25 work teams.
Integration with Salesforce and Slack.
Quick creation and delivery of customized videos to clients on solutions to problems.
Enterprise version of Service Hub from € 1,104 / month
This plan significantly improves the available resources of the Pro plan, but also brings unique features and capabilities, such as:

Automatic transcription of call recordings.
Management of user roles and management of hierarchical teams according to geographical areas, languages, responsibilities or projects, among others.
Use of webhooks to transfer all the information created in Hub Spot to other business applications.
Automated access to a library of up to 1000 guides so that representatives know in real time how to solve each problem.
Tracking internal productivity by assigning goals.
What about the new Hub Spot CMS?
CMS Hub Pro Version with prices from € 252 / month
CMS Hubs Enterprise Version from € 830 / month
In either of these two plans, these are some of the most outstanding features of the new Hub Spot CMS:

Content generation and testing in multiple languages
Creation of landing pages with responsive design
Email template customization and A / B testing
Marketing automation, to take advantage of the behavior of each lead to personalize content and improve sales opportunities
Increase traffic and convert leads (A / B tests, SEO recommendations, chat bots, smart content and reports, etc.)
Standard SSL certificate and other options to protect your website
Lead management, to check every interaction you have had with them
Relevant analytics on the journey of each prospect
CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle
Hub Spot and InboundCycle: a successful alliance
Ultimately, the growth potential that HubSpot brings to businesses is enormous. Our own InboundCycle success story is one such example.

Today, we are a HubSpot Diamond Partner and have been able to help multiple companies with their inbound marketing, inbound sales, and marketing automation strategy through customizable HubSpot pricing options.

From our experience, we recommend that you evaluate each plan one by one, find out about the fine print, seeing the different functionalities offered by each product, depending on the number of employees in each department, the volume of users you think you can attract, etc. . It is understandable that, for example, the first year you do not have the needs of later years, when you achieve greater growth.

You will also have to bear in mind that these prices do not include Hub Spot’s mandatory on boarding (around € 3,000) which is paid only once in “your life” and, if you don’t activate Hub Spot with a partner like us, you will have to pay it to Hub Spot .

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