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HubSpot landing pages: how and why to create them

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HubSpot landing pages: how and why to create them

Have you worked carefully on all aspects of your marketing campaigns and are not getting enough conversions?

This may be due to numerous factors that you have to analyze, although, without a doubt, the most important is the one that affects your landing pages. Creating them seems simple, but if you are not sure they can become the main reason for abandoning your website. And for this reason I want to explain to you how and why HubSpot landing pages are your best solution . Will you accompany me?

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What are HubSpot landing pages?
Why are landing pages so interesting in HubSpot?
Advantages of creating landing pages with HubSpot
Tips for designing a landing page that converts
Creating a good conversion process requires a lot of attention to detail. However, the step to generating qualified leads and multiplying contacts in your database is closer than you think. You just have to propose exactly what are the objectives you want to achieve and how to transmit them to the right users at the ideal time. And, yes, having the best tools.

When we propose online Ukraine Phone Number List campaigns with very specific objectives, it is time to think about landing pages . These pages have to be designed to finish convincing the user to take a certain action. With HubSpot you have multiple facilities to create them, adapt them to each type of campaign and track them to tell us how to continue improving to get more conversions.

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What are HubSpot landing pages?
A landing page is a web page that helps you achieve your marketing objective. Its functionality is very clear: guide the user to conversion through a registration form and a call to action (CTA) button.

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So, every time you think of a landing page, memorize these two words: objective and conversion , since all the elements you find in it will be focused on both concepts.

A landing page must contain a form to capture the user’s data and turn them into a contact in your database. If your goal is not conversion, then you don’t need a landing page.

A landing page is also called a ” landing page ” , since the user who reaches it has already made a click from another page or resource (for example, a Facebook ad) and, therefore, has shown some interest in your offer. This is why on this page it is important to finish convincing the user to become a potential customer .

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Why are landing pages so interesting in HubSpot?
Any marketer will tell you that landing pages are necessary to achieve the objectives of our Forex Email List plan. And is that the fact of designing a page focused on each type of offer makes things much easier, both for the company and for users.

While the user will be able to better understand the steps to follow to achieve what they are interested in, we as a company will be able to better monitor our prospects .

Achieving a conversion on a landing page implies that the user voluntarily gives us their contact information in exchange for providing them with something of value . This valuable offer can be very varied and will depend on the type of company, for example: a call from an agent for technical advice, a request for information of interest, a free trial, access to a specialized platform, etc. This transaction is precisely the conversion process that we have planned to achieve with the current campaign.

The important thing is: how to make users finally decide on the offer through our landing page? Keep reading!

Advantages of creating landing pages with HubSpot
Why HubSpot and not other tools to design landing pages and achieve our goals?

As you know, HubSpot is a very complete and multifunctional software that favors the implementation of an inbound strategy . Through a user-friendly interface, we can control a wide variety of parameters and segments, automate a series of tasks and group all the elements involved in each campaign to obtain greater control over them.

In this article I want to explain the benefits that HubSpot provides when it comes to designing and managing effective landing pages, but I recommend you take a look at other blog articles and videos on our YouTube channel to find more information about HubSpot and its features.

Let’s start with some of the advantages:

Design facilities
In HubSpot you can create landing pages very easily. You have at your disposal many default templates that you can customize with your corporate identity and the specific campaign.

HubSpot templates landing pages

Greater customization
You can choose the language, the type of objective of the landing page (for example, to download an ebook), configure the registration form to your liking, etc. All this through an edition that you can view in real time and for which no programming or design knowledge is required.

➡ Click here for the full HubSpot guide
Better user experience
On the user side, their browsing experience is simplified: the user understands how landing pages work, knows that you are guiding them towards a specific action and, when they have carried it out, they understand that said action has been completed correctly at the time. in which you are redirected to a thank you page.

This thank you page (called a “thank you page”) is also very interesting in terms of marketing: can analyze the profile of users who have reached this page, providing content related to commercial propositions, etc. At the same time, the user will receive a confirmation email for the receipt of the ebook, as well as a thank you sign.

HubSpot landing pages modules

Inclusion of thank you pages
This thank you page can be configured from the same design section of the landing page in HubSpot, which is very practical. Otherwise, you would probably have to add more steps to link both pages and further edit everything you want to include on them.

SEO optimization of the landing page
HubSpot gives you some tips on what your page needs to be well positioned for Google: title, metatitle, description or featured image, among other parameters.

In just a few steps you can optimize your landing page to improve its online visibility.

HubSpot landing pages seo optimizations

Analytical function
One of the most interesting parts of having landing pages comes from the analysis part. With this way of configuring your website you can monitor in a much more direct way the conversions you have achieved for a certain objective.

Tips for designing a landing page that converts
Here are some tips on how to improve your marketing results using effective landing pages.

1. Define your goals well
Create landing pages for each campaign. This way you will be able to satisfy the user’s experience and meet their expectations 100% when landing on the landing page.

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2. Convey with design and content
What will the user get when they fill in the form? The answer to this question should be very clear on the landing. For this, the container is as important as the content.

Here are some recommendations:

Include various sales pitches so that the user understands the value of the offer.
Write short and direct sentences, rely on the main benefits and appeal to the emotions .
Add a social proof (success stories, reviews, testimonials, etc.), the most valuable thing to convince the user.
Add bullet points (like these) to structure the information and not overwhelm the user.
Include graphic resources, diagrams or even videos.
Take care of the design and follow the trends . Sometimes, less is more. Simplicity can be your ally, but keep in mind what is working most in the competition.
3. Eliminate distractions
On a landing page you have to make it very clear what you want the user to do on it.

To properly guide the user to the desired action, it is important that you eliminate any type of distraction that dissuades him. By this we mean blocking the navigation options in the theme of your web page, from the header to the footer. This way we reduce the chances that you will leave the site without finishing the conversion.

For example: we remove the navigation menu that is usually on the web page, we remove all outgoing links, we remove any type of information not related to the offer, etc.

Once the objective has been met, on the thank you page we can invite the user to continue browsing.

4. Make it responsive
A good portion of your users will be using mobile devices, so make sure your landing pages look good on any type of screen.

5. Pamper the most important
With the most important thing we return to what a landing page must contain to consider it as such: the web form and the buttons of the call to action.

In the configuration of the form, be careful with the information fields, since, although they are important to complete our database, if you ask a lot of data from the user it is likely that you will have fewer conversions because there will be fewer people willing to provide so much information if it is not in exchange for valuable content.

With HubSpot you can use smart forms , so that the next time that lead lands in another of your landings, new form fields are automatically shown to them. This way you will be able to collect more and more information to build your profile and personalize your campaigns.

Regarding the call to action , it must be clear and convincing. Beyond the simple “download” button, you can try: “Download the ebook now”, “Request information”, “Access the free portal”, “Start reading”, etc.

Finally, I recommend doing A / B tests, another functionality enabled by HubSpot and that will allow you to see which design, graphic resources or copies work best on your landing pages.

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