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How to work your social networks with HubSpot

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How to work your social networks with HubSpot

Your social media strategy can start to give very good results thanks to HubSpot, which allows you to link up to 4 social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. To work your social networks with HubSpot, the first step is to access the Social Media VP R&D Email Lists area in the tool.

There, in Social, there are 3 functionalities: manage, monitoring and analyze, and in this post we will review them all so that you can get the most out of them.

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How to work your social networks with HubSpot: Manage
How to work your social networks with HubSpot: Monitoring
How to work your social networks with HubSpot: Analyze
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How to work your social networks with HubSpot: Manage
Surely, the Manage section is the one that you will use the most for managing social media marketing in HubSpot. Here are 3 sections:

Chief and VP of R&D Email Lists

HubSpot social media

In this section you can see the linked networks and the temporality with which you are working. It is also possible to view ongoing campaigns and the users they are linked to.

These data are necessary since, prior to the creation of any post, you need to link our accounts. We will do it with LinkedIn and Twitter, in this case, to see how to make our first post in the social media section of HubSpot.

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It is as easy as:

Press the “create social posts” button. The social networks that you have linked appear there. If you go, for example, to LinkedIn, a dialog box appears in which you can write a post that you want to network with an integrated link.
Work the copy. From here you can work on this copy, keep the link and add images, emojis or attachments.
Schedule or not the publication. With the publishing calendar, HubSpot suggests some hours of the day to engage your audience, although you can also choose the time you prefer yourself. That allows you to leave the entire week scheduled knowing that all posts on the social Forex Email List are automated. Another option, instead of setting a date, is to choose “publish now” and publish at the moment.
Duplicate the post. You also have the option of duplicating this content for another social network, always taking into account the requirements of each one, for example, those applicable to the extension of posts on Twitter. As the two accounts are linked, you will see that the publications that you could launch for each of them appear on the screen, the same or differentiated. This gives you a lot of freedom to work and makes your work easier, thanks to automation.
To follow. Once you have worked on the copy and hashtags, I recommend you go to “Schedule” or “Save as a Draft”, where you can link it to a campaign if you consider it appropriate, to further monitor it. In this case we leave it programmed, something that can be seen in the publication menu.
social media HubSpot posts

How to work your social networks with HubSpot: Monitoring
Here HubSpot allows you to track much easier and faster because you have, on the same screen, all the linked social networks. There you will see all the activity and interactions of the different accounts.

This makes it easier for you to monitor and also answer the interactions that the public is having with each of the social networks. This All in 1 functionality allows us to control all social networks, comfortably and efficiently, without leaving HubSpot.

social media with HubSpot monitoring

How to work your social networks with HubSpot: Analyze
The analytics app provides you with data on all interactions across all networks linked to HubSpot. This allows us to understand very well how all the social media strategies are evolving.

social media with HubSpot analyze

social media HubSpot analyze

You can view all the networks or a specific one, set which days you want to do the analysis, by days, weeks, quarters or years. In addition, you have the option to also see if there is a linked campaign and compare the result of this month with that of the previous month, or of the period chosen based on criteria such as the following:

How the volume of followers has grown.
Number of publications that have been worked on.
How interactions work.
Number of clicks.
Number of shares.
Number of impressions (impact of the visualization for our entire audience; it allows us to know how many people our message has reached).
Number of sessions (important if we have linked the social media accounts with the records that we have tried to capture).
Top post: these are the publications that have worked the best and allow us to understand why they have had more clicks or have had more views.
With all this, HubSpot provides you with valuable information for the social networks strategy, something that offers better performance if you complement it with a Smart Lists strategy, to see the records that have entered through each social network and that allows you to gain control comfort and efficiency.

To finish, I encourage you to watch the video that accompanies this article, in which I show you these and other HubSpot functionalities to manage your networks and implement a comprehensive strategy. Do you have any doubt? I will be happy to read you in the comment section!

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