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How to work account-based marketing or ABM with HubSpot

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How to work account-based marketing or ABM with HubSpot

You are likely starting out with HubSpot or implementing an ABM strategy. I will start by saying that the two make a perfect conjunction, an ABM strategy can be implemented very specifically and completely with an automation tool like HubSpot .

How can we achieve it? I’ll tell you about it in this article, but first we will better understand what ABM is. We started!

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What is an ABM strategy?
When is ABM used?
What is the purpose of the ABM?
What are the benefits of ABM?
How to implement ABM with HubSpot?
Latest recommendations for working ABM with HubSpot
What is an ABM strategy?
ABM (account-based marketing) is a very precise customer acquisition tactic that allows you to reach the accounts or profiles you focus on, focusing only on them. This implies a great difference with inbound VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists, which seeks to reach a wider audience, which is attracted through various actions and content.

With ABM you work in a very different way. What you do is “fish”: you focus on attracting specific contacts, after previously defining them. This precision and immediacy are the main attributes of an ABM strategy. When applied, the contacts are captured and then processed through automation or the sales team (one by one if they are, for example, large accounts).

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When is ABM used?
I recommend that you resort to an ABM strategy when you have difficulties generating demand because they are very specific profiles, with very strategic companies for the business.

One such tactic targets two different types of profiles:

Companies whose potential customer profile is very small , not because of the volume of business, but because of the number of interlocutors.
Companies where the buyer person does not search online , and perhaps we would not be able to reach them through an inbound marketing strategy.
Doctors are one example. In this case, it would make sense to apply an ABM strategy.

What is the purpose of the ABM?
The challenge is to consider the main accounts for the company, identify them and generate a very specific value proposition for this profile. From there, focus on developing content that meets their need and delivering it to them.

In ABM, the process is more artisanal than in inbound marketing, where everything is more automated, although the phases of a project of this type coincide with the inbound Forex Email List phases:

Lead scoring
Inbound sales
Therefore, in HubSpot they can be carried out and profitable, either through a personalized one-to-one inbound sales strategy, or by using a different type of strategy.

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What are the benefits of ABM?
The main advantage of opting for an ABM strategy is that it solves the situation for some companies whose target market has few players . Although it is true that it requires precision, it is also true that it delivers immediacy.

In addition, another of the great benefits of ABM is that the records are of high quality and very interesting.

How to implement ABM with HubSpot?
In order to implement an ABM strategy using HubSpot, I recommend that you follow the steps that I specify below.

You can also access the video inserted at the beginning of this article or on our YouTube channel to hear my detailed explanation.

Identify the accounts of interest. You need to know who the buyer persona is and what their pains are.
You can locate it in a database, if you have one, even if it is not sufficiently worked or segmented. Here, through the properties and the lists, I would recommend using HubSpot, which allows you to find companies with a certain number of workers and a certain number of employees.
To do this you have to go to HubSpot> Contacts> Lists and there create a list. These lists can be static, if they have a number of fixed contacts that you already have, or dynamic, if you update them as new ones arrive.
These lists are configured based on the properties that are chosen. That is why it is important that you classify each new entry well.
If you don’t have a database, you can turn to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. It is a powerful tool that allows you to segment within the social network itself based on your buyer persona configuration.
These contacts cannot be exported, but they can be impacted. Once you get the data, you can pass it on to the database after sharing the conditions of the data privacy policy with them and achieving their acceptance.
Deliver valuable content to get the data. In HubSpot you can deliver this content through emails. In the Marketing part, Emails you only have to choose to send the content.
There are different types of mail. I recommend using the one to one if they are very specific contacts, since they are very personalized . If you have a dynamic contact list you can do something more segmented.
To offer this content you can use the landing pages, a URL that can be sent by mail. It includes a form where you can choose what to ask that contact.
If you send it through Sales Navigatorand the prospect fills it in, it becomes part of your database. If you already had it, send the form and fill it out again, perhaps your pain is that you have contacts but you lack information about them. This would be a good time to get users to fill out your profile. So you know if they are your buyer persona, ideal buyer or not.
Apply nutrition and education processes. You already have a database, contacts located as buyer person and they are segmented into lists. I would recommend you go to the Workflux. These are some very useful workflows that HubSpot has. They can be used for a more generic inbound marketing strategy but also for ABM.
With them, a number of automatic tasks are stipulated. You choose what type of profiles it is addressed to and how to proceed in each case, depending on the reaction of the user receiving the chain’s emails.
This workflow allows you to space the emails or decide whether or not to perform a certain action . It may happen that you decide to carry out a totally ad hoc strategyfor a specific type of contact. In this case , I recommend that you do this through the HubSpot Sequences, which you will also find in the Automation part of the tool. It is a one-to-one workflow in which you can set manual tasks and which is normally managed by the sales teams.

Delivery to the sales team. The objective is the maximization of commercial opportunities, and if you have followed the process you will have reached your goal. Now everything is in the hands of the skill, talent and professionalism of your commercials.
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Latest recommendations for working ABM with HubSpot
The content is a key part of any ABM strategy , along with the messages: they must be fully personalized and focus on the value proposition. To get it right you need to think about the goal. If you are looking to get a phone conversation, for example, everything should be focused on it.

I recommend that you choose to send clear and concise messages, in the person’s language and with attractive subjects, that attract their attention, referring to each contact by name and reminding them that you are running a specific campaign.

Would you like to know more good recommendations and solve any of your doubts? You can write me in the comments section!

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