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How to sell on Amazon in 2021: steps and tricks

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How to sell on Amazon in 2021: steps and tricks

Amazon’s position as the world’s largest marketplace today is indisputable. Many users turn to Amazon as the first option every time they think about buying a product, due to its speed in deliveries, its variety and its competitive prices, as well as its customer service.

If you market products, you may be Portugal Phone Number List in offering them to your buyer persona through this platform. But how exactly can you sell on Amazon? Is it as simple as it sounds? What things should you keep in mind? Read on to find out!

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How to sell on Amazon: first steps
3 recommendations for success on Amazon
How to sell on Amazon: first steps
Amazon is a platform with a very well developed business model. Everything is thought out and well organized, taking care of the seller and buyer, and seeking the satisfaction of both.

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If you wonder how you can be relevant to publicize your business reaching all continents and increasing your sales, you must take into account two main variables:

Competitive price: Amazon values ​​its customers the most, so price is very important. Before starting your professional career on the platform, it is a must to assess your products by comparing your prices with those of the competition. If you have an attractive price, go ahead; if not, better try your luck in another way.
Reputation: in the same line of buyer care, you should avoid negative reviews, product shortages or similar things. In this way, Amazon will think that you are a serious company and you will transmit confidence, so your products will rise in the ranking little by little.
With competitive prices and a good online reputation you can expand your business volume on Amazon. But it is also important to take into account the following steps:

1. Decide where you will sell your products
You have many possibilities when it comes to Forex Email List your products: Europe, Asia and America.

That is, you can sell your products in your own country or expand the areas of activity. If you are in Europe, the Pan-European Program would be a good option, as it will allow you to reach Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France. If you are successful in these countries, you should consider taking the leap to other continents.

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2. Choose the type of Amazon account that best suits your objective
You can start informally for free or choose a professional account, although each has its advantages and limitations:

how to sell on amazon in 2021 – types of sellers

Source: Amazon Services

The most common options for partnering with Amazon are:

Individual: without monthly cats, 0.99+ VAT for each sale of an item, with a maximum of 40 products sold monthly with Amazon logistics. This option is advisable to familiarize yourself with the platform but it is very limited. It is a preliminary step to becoming a professional salesperson.
Vendor: in this case, you start your activity as an Amazon supplier, marketing your products. It is evident that the profit margins will be low, but it may be interesting to increase the volume of business of your company.
Professional or seller: it is the most common, with a cost of € 39 per month. It is the most successful proposal with all the active variables of Amazon because you will be able to publish your own products, evaluate your activity with the statistics and have the possibility of winning the Buy Box, selling in all categories.
Handmade: intended for artisans, free of charge but paying a commission of 12%. Amazon benefits artisan products, facilitating their visibility, even developing a personalized profile for each artisan and creating their own URL to find the store easily.
What are the differences between an Individual account and a Seller on Amazon? In addition to the price, there are 4 relevant points that you should assess:

In the Individual account you can only publish existing products on Amazon, not your own.
You have analytics in the Seller account.
You have no chance of winning the Buy Box with the Individual account.
With the Seller account you can sell in all categories.
Here is the detail of the prices of these two accounts:

how to sell on amazon – plans and prices

Source: Amazon Services

3. How to manage the logistics of shipments?
You have two possibilities: send the products through your own transport or through Amazon. What are the differences between these two possibilities?

Through your transport provider: the only advantage is self-management on your part, controlling the logistics process.
Amazon logistics: commercially, you will have the possibility of having the Prime icon on your products on the platform. This implies having advantages over the rest of the sellers who do not have Amazon for transport. In this way, you will have the possibility of reaching the top positions, since Amazon promotes Prime products.
Below I show an example of how a product is displayed whether it has the Prime label or not.

how to sell on amazon – logistics

As you can see, Amazon adds the logo, delivery and free shipping, making the purchase more attractive to the user, which can benefit you greatly.


3 recommendations for success on Amazon
Before you start selling your products on Amazon, I leave you some tricks that will be of great help:

The importance of the barcode on Amazon products
Having created your account, add products to your catalog to start your activity.

If you have chosen an Individual account, add existing products on the platform, it is the easiest method to have visibility.

On the other hand, if your option is the Seller account and you are looking to add your own products to your catalog, they must have a barcode. If you do not have a barcode on your business items, you will not be able to sell them on Amazon, although it is possible to implement it.

Optimize product listings on Amazon to position them in the seller ranking
Investing time in working and optimizing the files of your products will make you have a better chance that Amazon users will acquire them.

Here are some recommendations to work on your files, making them attractive to potential customers and optimized for organic positioning:

Provides valuable content: with detailed information on the product, weight, measurements and technical characteristics. You should think that the more information you provide, the easier it will be for the user to decide to buy your products.
Advantages : reasons to buy your product, communicating effective solutions to close the sale. For example, if you want to sell sports shoes, pass on their benefits, what type of sport they are suitable for, advice on their use and maintenance, as well as highlighting their technical properties.
Emojis: giving creativity to your file. It is necessary to include them to make an attractive description, dividing the characteristics and giving greater prominence to the advantages. Taking advantage of emojis, you will be able to arouse interest among users.
Keyword: include it in the title and description, playing with semantics, adding related keywords. In a way, it is optimizing the product sheet adapted to the SEO positioning of the platform, being similar to the optimization of your publications on your website or blog.
Images: with a white background, add several to avoid doubts and highlight the properties of your product. Take care of your images because with poor photographs, it will be more difficult to achieve the conversion. If you do not have photography experience, you can choose the option of organizing a professional photography session to get quality images, including them in your product sheets.
Translations : your product sheets will be translated into the original languages ​​of the countries where you market your products. Make it easy for buyers to achieve international success.
how to sell on amazon – optimize tab

If you want to know more details about how to position yourself on Amazon, I recommend you visit this article with 7 tips to improve the visibility of your products .

Consider activating advertising campaigns on Amazon
If you are new and have just started selling on Amazon, investing in advertising campaigns on the platform is the only way to increase the visibility of your products.

Amazon values ​​the price by taking care of its buyers and, on the other hand, the user experience: customer reviews, avoiding delays in shipments and, of course, not having incidents or negative reviews.

Getting to have good ratings and for Amazon to see your products as relevant is a slow process. For this reason, until you start your activity, it will help you to organize ad campaigns to achieve relevance.

The options offered by the marketplace are the following:

Sponsored products , which will allow you to reach the top positions.
Brand header , exclusively for registered brands.
A + content , modifying titles and descriptions to make the product sheets more attractive.
Flash offers , limited in time.
Bids are manual or automatic , and you have the CPC option, as in Google Ads ads.

On the other hand, Amazon facilitates price automation by applying it to all products . That is, you can play with the prices depending on the stock or the competition to win the Buy Box.

If you have a Seller account, you can include promotions to get sales , free shipping, discounts, 2 for 1, etc.

As you can see, there are many variables to boost your product listings in a short time and get up in the Amazon ranking.

To learn more about this topic, I leave you this article that talks about Amazon Advertising and will help you better understand the advertising possibilities that the marketplace puts at your disposal.

Go for the Buy Box!
The Buy Box is something any seller on Amazon is eager to get, but what exactly is it and why does everyone want it?

The Buy Box appears on the product cards and displays details such as product information, seller, and price. Not all sellers who sell the same product can have a Buy Box, Amazon will be in charge of deciding it.

how to sell on amazon – buy box

The Buy Box facilitates 80% of sales on Amazon because buyers avoid comparing products, facilitating the purchase by users. Hence, every seller on Amazon wants to get it, but how can we get there?

Attractive price of products: adjust the profit margin to achieve more sales volume, it will be worth it.
Featured Seller: You must maintain an exemplary reputation for three to six months to be eligible for the Buy Box.
Control the stock of your products: avoid running out of stock in your inventory. It would be a serious mistake to reach the Buy Box and run out of products.
Logistics: Users show more confidence in Amazon logistics, the best transportation option is FBA.
Product delivery: meet the agreed times, being fast, delivering orders as soon as possible If your delivery stats are low, it is difficult for you to get it.
Reviews: Reviews are essential to Amazon, avoid negative ratings. The best valued products will be in the first positions.
Incidents and responses to customers: the maximum period is 24 hours according to Amazon criteria.
You can request positive reviews from your customers by making promotions and gifts to improve your reputation on the platform

Focusing on digital marketing, if you have an online store it is a must to work on SEO positioning, organize Google Ads campaigns, improve your brand image with social media management with a community manager or by sending newsletters to your customers to retain them.

In addition, you can count on Amazon to expand your sales, reaching more countries. Management is not straightforward initially, but it may be worth it.

If you have achieved success in your country selling competitive and attractive products, it is a good idea to expand your area of ​​action to reach other countries, communicating with potential customers in their own language through Amazon.

Of course, there is no magic on the internet, success is based on hard work, investing many hours and organizing ad campaigns to have visibility in a global sense.


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