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We are an agency specialized in mobile number of and Instagram Ads, and we strive every day to make your campaigns have the highest performance to get the most out of your ads. But for this, it is important to know your audience well. And if you know it, you will be able to know how to segment the audience in Facebook Ads, a crucial step in the development of your campaigns and the marketing of your company.

What is audience targeting in Facebook Ads?
When you start creating Facebook Ads, one of the steps is to choose the audience you want to target. This is something that is often not understood or done correctly, therefore the ad does not get the expected results and the impact is reduced. Therefore, from the Roas Hunter agency, today we want to explain how to segment the public on Facebook Ads, why effective segmentation is important, and how it will help you improve results. Why should I set a target audience for Facebook Ads
Avoid paying more: If you do not establish an audience for your ads, more people who are not interested in the products will see them, and consequently, you will pay for it. For example, if you don’t segment your audience correctly, a store ad in France will be shown to someone in Australia, which doesn’t make any sense.
You will optimize the budget for your campaigns: When you only show the ad to people who have an interest in the product you offer, your investment will be more beneficial. It allows you to customize campaigns and create conversion funnels .


How to segment the audience in Facebook Ads: There are many options that allow you to segment for your Facebook campaigns: Targeting location: This segmentation is used to reach users who are in a particular country or city. You can also set worldwide audience. Targeting Demographic: This type of segmentation is to show your ads to people in a range of ages and genders. For example, if you sell products that are used exclusively by women, you can select to show your ads to this gender only. Or if your target audience is people over 20, you can exclude people under 20 with age targeting. Targeting by interests: You can even segment with more precision, and focus your ads on people with specific behaviors, hobbies or interests. For example, if you Forex Email List  surfboards, you will want to show your ad to people who like surfing or water sports. Targeting Behavioral: You can go even further and target audiences Based on habits, particular activities, or the use of technological devices. In addition, Facebook gives you the opportunity to retargeting . This is one of the most interesting options for asales funnel . This is thanks to the Facebook Pixel that helps target your ads to people who have previously visited the web.

Hearings lookalike: A hearing lookalike is a type of custom audience that helps you reach new users with similar characteristics to existing customers, and therefore is likely to show interest in your products. How to segment and advertise on Facebook
There is no single perfect targeting strategy on Facebook. You must define the target audience to know how to focus your ads. Once you have this clear, you will be able to create the appropriate segmentation on Facebook.

1. Get to know the company’s audience
When you have defined the objective to sell products to a specific audience, study and discover what their interests are. Then, apply this information to create Facebook targeting and ensure that your ads reach the potential customers you have previously defined.

2. Analyze your competitor’s ads
By analyzing the competition, you will be able to gather valuable information on how they design and manage the ads, as well as who they direct their campaigns to.

3. Set a budget
This is a crucial step to improve your campaigns. If you want to create a budget, you first have to have a general idea of ​​how much money you will need to achieve the objectives set for the company. With these simple steps, you will be able to obtain valuable information about your audience, you will understand the strategy of your competitors, and above all, you will know a little better how to create the right segmentation for your ads.

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