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How to put an HTML chat on your website that really works

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How to put an HTML chat on your website that really works

Sure you have heard that you should add a chat to your website, but what results can you expect? How are sites that already use one really doing?

A common mistake is to think that only by adding a chat you will have the game won, but that is like thinking that you only need one ball (chat) to score a lot of goals (conversions) without any training.

Keep reading because I will share with you data about the real performance of these plugins, I will tell you what are the best tools to create your HTML chat and I will give you tips to squeeze their full potential.

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Reasons to have a chat on your website
How to take advantage of a live chat?
How to add an HTML chat to your website?
Reasons to have a chat on your website
As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, installing a chat can bring you very interesting benefits, but what exactly? Here are some interesting facts:

According to Zoho , about 50% of sites that installed a live chat saw an increase in their conversions and 30% in their revenue . But what are these numbers due to? Keep reading!
Live chat is the communication channel preferred by users to receive support from a company, according to Kayako . It takes 41%, beating traditional VP Software Email Lists (23%) and, surprisingly, phone calls (32%).
html chat

According to Nielsen Norman G , the preference for live chat is mainly due to:
Possibility of offering instant answers.
For the common user it is more comfortable to talk by message than by phone.
Live chat can offer a satisfaction level of 92% for users, according to Zendesk . But, beware, this is only achieved by applying some tricks when serving users, which I will explain soon.
According to Kayako , 52% of customers are more likely to buy from a company again if it offers a live chat . This is because users are more attracted to a brand that offers a quick and efficient response to solve their doubts and problems.
Following Kayako’s findings, 20% of customers with negative experiences and 29% of customers with positive experiences with a chat share their experience with friends.
chat hmtl user experience

VP of Software Email Lists

Finally, 79% of companies say that offering an HTML chat has had a positive effect on their sales and customer loyalty ( Kayako ).
As you can see, chat is not only a support channel but it can be an important revenue driver, and many companies are realizing this.

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How to take advantage of a live chat?
According to the Kayako report, 47% of consumers have not had a positive experience with the live chats they have used, which indicates to us that there really is a lot of work to be done to ensure that we realize the potential of our chat.

Following an investigation by the consulting firm Nielsen Norman Group , I wanted to compile some recommendations so that you can take advantage of the benefits of installing a live chat on your website from the first minute. So let’s start?

1. Be clear about how the chat works
The most important thing to achieve this is to make it clear to the user from the beginning if there is an online operator to talk to live or not . Otherwise, the user may feel annoyed when they finally realize that all they have done is send an email instead of talking to someone to solve their problem immediately.

In the following example you will see how, although initially it seems that an operator will attend us, finally we have to write an email to contact the brand.

chat html example email

If the intention is to start with an Forex Email List and then have an operator take over the conversation with the user, this should also be notified so that the procedure is clear and does not lead to frustration.

In tests conducted by Nielsen, participants mentioned that not knowing whether they would be served by an operator or not created enough confusion that they did not want to continue contact with the company.

In addition, they expressed that they liked to know when agents were writing and how long they would have to wait approximately to receive a response to their query, as shown by Facebook when it informs you of the average response time of a page.

2. Use a tool prepared for interruptions
In the same Nielsen investigation, the annoyance of users was confirmed when the conversation is interrupted for some reason (internet failure, server failure, etc.), they reload the page and, to their surprise, they have to write their name and their query again.

To solve this, you should look for an HTML chat that, in some way, saves the user’s conversation in the cloud, so that even if he closes the window by mistake, he can continue where he left off, as allowed by Facebook Messenger.

If the problem is complicated (such as a long-term internet connection failure), it is best to collect other contact information from the beginning , such as phone or email, so that you can resume the conversation.

In the following example you will see a chat that shows the saved conversations so that the user can reopen them and continue communicating their problem.

html chat resume conversation

3. Allow users to upload files
As users, we know that text is not always useful to communicate and solve a problem. Many times, sending, for example, a screenshot, can make life easier.

The best messaging apps already allow it, and most popular chats do too. Although you should pay attention to how much you implement your chat, since in some cases it is a paid function.

In the following example you will see that an option has been enabled to load any type of file:

html chat upload files

4. Solve doubts and problems in the best way
The reason why so many users have such bad experiences is not because of the problem they have in themselves or because of the chat used, but because of the operator’s treatment .

As with any other means of communication, you must avoid conflicts with customers or the forced treatment that many operators carry out today. Remember that most users are willing to share a bad chat experience with their friends.

As an entrepreneur, I know that in a small business we cannot afford to have a whole battalion of operators. But we must always bet on offering quality help, since, according to Kayayo’s report, 95% of users prefer quality support over quick support .

So if you’re not in a position to offer high-profile customer service, you’d better find a solution for them.

html chat quality treatment

5. Have conversion letters on hand
According to another Nielsen report , 10% of customers will not buy on their current visit but will buy on a future visit.

What you can do to avoid losing those possible future sales is to invite customers to subscribe to your site, ask for their email and, of course with their permission, add them to your newsletter list.

This is something that is normally done with popups, but a chat can convert a greater number of users by offering help and being perceived as less annoying.

As a good salesperson, if you notice that it is a customer who will buy that day, try your best sales techniques before it goes to the competitor’s site.

If you see that you have the money in hand but are about to leave, your final letter should be an attractive discount on the product or service that interests you, remembering that if you buy and are satisfied it will not be the last time you do it and, moreover , will share your experience.

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6. Make sure to offer a transcript of the chat
In Nielsen’s research, users said they liked having a copy of the conversation because:

It serves as a reference.
They will be able to subpoena the agent in case of a future conflict.
Luckily, most HTML chat tools offer this feature totally free. But, in addition, it is a good opportunity to gain subscribers and offer content of interest to the user, since they must provide us with their email address to be able to send them the transcript of the conversation.

Here is an example:

chat html transcript

7. Offer instant responses
We all hate waiting. From the response by WhatsApp from one of our friends to the moment of contacting a company.

As I mentioned before, if you have a high demand for requests and few operators it is better to solve it, because, according to Nielsen’s findings, if something is hated by users it is a message of the type :

“You are the user in queue # 5, we will attend you soon”.

Although the most logical solution appears to have more operators, there are ways to speed up responses:

Systematize Frequently Asked Questions
Many of the requests are repeated, but instead of creating a boring FAQ section that nobody wants to read, you can save the answers and just copy and paste them for when necessary.

There are chat tools that allow you to save these types of responses, but you can have them in a note blog, that easy.

You can also launch a bot, as while users still have the preference to be served by a human agent, when it comes to simple or basic questions, according to Nielsen, the user is not bothered by using a bot. due to the immediacy of your response .

Get ahead of the visitor
A great function in most chat tools is to see what the other person is writing, something that is not achieved even in WhatsApp.

With this we can understand what your inquiry is about before you can even submit it.

This is very useful to improve our response to users. Especially in the online world, where nobody has patience, it is a great advantage.

However, this feature is paid in most chats, but it is certainly very, very worth it.

html chat get ahead of the visitor

How to add an HTML chat to your website?
There are too many tools on the market that allow you to add a chat to your site without being a technical expert, but they are so similar to each other that nobody stops to think which one is the best.

And there are many ways that some of them deceive you, for example: some offer very nice chats, but they affect the loading time of your site a lot, others have a very good free version but when you want to buy their paid version you the price is too high.

For this reason I have developed my own classification algorithm thanks to which I will be able to present you the top of the best chats for web pages in the world, based not only on the opinion of one person but on a series of key factors.

1. Jivochat
What makes Jivochat the best option is its value for money , far above all others for now.

It allows you to have up to 5 operators in your free plan, its paid version is very cheap and is only necessary if you occupy more than 5 operators. Its free version is really enough to generate conversions and close many sales.

The chat is quite customizable, and it also offers a very good integration with Facebook Messenger.

On the other hand, it is the only solution on the list that offers support entirely in Spanish (even by phone call).

See example, prices and opinions about Jivochat

2. Tawk.to
The free version of Tawk.to is the best on the market, since it provides almost everything in an unlimited way: number of operators, conversations and history.

However, if you want to remove your brand from the chat window, you will have to pay a very high price, so you end up putting in that price everything that was “free” before.

In conclusion, if you do not mind that the Tawk.to brand appears in the chat, it is the best option.

Another great benefit is that so far it offers the chat that least affects the loading time of web pages, a key factor.

See example, prices and opinions

3. Chatra
Chatra offers the best chat design of all, elegant and modern. In addition to a fairly minimalist control panel that makes it less confusing than Tawk.to and many others.

The tool is so effective that more than 80% who hired its paid version more than a year ago continue to pay for it to this day.

Even unusual functions can be highlighted, such as seeing what the user types before sending it and transferring the chat to another agent, when someone cannot resolve an issue.

See example, prices and opinions

Although in this article I have highlighted the 3 best tools to create your live chat, I recommend you take a look at the complete TOP7 to make sure you find the chat that your website needs.

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