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How to promote an event

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How to promote an event

Choosing the publicity of an event or designing its dissemination plan are two of the actions that take up the most time in planning a meeting to bring the brand closer to its audience. Knowing how to promote an event is perhaps the most difficult part of organizing such an initiative. However, discovering all the secrets involved in doing it well is very beneficial for the company and allows it to differentiate itself from the competition.

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Importance of an event for the brand
How to promote a corporate event in 10 different ways
Multiply the scope of your offline event online
In the following lines, I invite you to review with me why it has so many advantages and how to achieve it without dying trying. Keep in mind that, although right now, most events are paralyzed by the COVID-19 situation, but going forward they will be necessary to reactivate sales, find new formats and will once again be an important asset of the strategies of Risk Managers Email List.

Importance of an event for the brand
Holding an event is one of the actions that can give the best results in a marketing strategy . In addition to reaching your audience in a direct and entertaining way, and creating a good memory in them, creating an event can help you establish fruitful contacts for your company .

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Advantages of having a good dissemination plan for an event
By properly planning the promotion of an event, the expected results are achieved, which are associated with advantages such as:

Position yourself as experts in an area.
Increase brand visibility.
Improve the brand image, both for internal and external customers.
Expand the social network of the Forex Email List, with private and professional profiles; from a networking that begins in the digital field and moves to the traditional one to return again to the online environment adding prospects to the business database.
Educate leads, thanks to the quality information that will be shared with them in posters, leaflets, lectures or live exhibitions.
These are some of the strengths of launching an advertising initiative of this type, but, for all of them to come to light, the first thing to do is know how to promote an event correctly. That is, be clear about the way to get it to reach the more users the better .

In reality, there is not just one way to achieve it, but up to 10 different ones. Do you want to discover what they are?

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How to promote a corporate event in 10 different ways
1. Corporate website
The first thing you have to do to successfully promote an event is to create a website . Nowadays everything revolves around the internet, so there is no doubt that the best thing is to capture what you are going to do on a web page.

In it you can share topics of interest to your audience, both to encourage those who have already confirmed their attendance at the event and for those who need more information to be able to decide to take the plunge.

In addition to this post, you can download the Checklist on how to organize an event that we have prepared or consult this post about how to do a free webinar .

On the web page, as a minimum, they must appear:

The agenda.
The venue.
How to sign up.
The speakers who will attend the event.
As you can see, all this information is focused on creating interest in potential attendees . In addition to all this, you have to try to promote the event through the information that you put on the web, so it would be convenient to indicate everything that the attendees are going to learn at the event and give importance to the speakers explaining who they are, why They are so well known and all the information that helps to see that they are specialists in the sector, as well as links to their websites and social networks.

Keep in mind that until the website is ready to launch, it is not possible to promote the event. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the creation of the web in advance enough to be able to launch it with time .

Once you have the website, it is time to start promoting the event. For this, we are going to take our annual event as an example : the Inbound Leaders.

2. Emailing: how to promote an event using the database
In no dissemination plan for an event there should be a strategy that allows working, in a combined way, the existing database of the company and the new incorporations, brought from the event website.

In addition to putting the focus on personalization, we must bet on simplicity in terms of content. It is important that the most important key information is not missing, nor information about offers or discounts that may be of interest to those who value participating in the event.

Continuing with the example that I had been commenting on, the first step we took in InboundCycle to publicize the event was emailing.

It is very important that you publicize the event first among those who are already your clients / subscribers, as this will help to further strengthen the company-client bond by offering them exclusive information.

The use of a good email strategy, combined with lead nurturing techniques, will allow you to get the event information to those contacts in your database with the most interest.

3. Event promotion platforms
Another way to promote the event is with the help of event promotion platforms . There are many different ones, and one of the best known is Eventbrite . This particular platform has a very easy operation. If you choose it, you just have to create the event and use all the tools available on the web to achieve the maximum possible diffusion.

You can even link it with your CRM with tools like Zapier and get the database to drink directly from this platform. This will allow you to greatly streamline the management, not only of the event but also of all the communications that you establish with your records.

Have you thought about designing an app as a complementary element to your event? Companies such as Meetmaps have positioned themselves in the sector as the perfect addition to energize and increase the value of your event from the palm of your hand.


4. Speakers
The speakers can also be a key factor for the viralization of the event . Surely the speakers who attend your event have a large social mass that is aware of everything they do, so asking them to promote the event both on their blogs and on their social networks can help you gain a great reach.

You can even establish collaborations with them to provide discounts to their respective databases through an affiliate program or coordinate audiovisual materials in which you get quality content where the speakers themselves are the ones to disseminate, with your corporate image.


5. Payment campaigns
The paid campaigns can also be very useful to reach a very specific audience thanks to the power of segmentation that offer. In the case of promoting our event, we opted to carry out pay-per-click campaigns in both Google AdWords and LinkedIn Ads , the latter very effective in finding professionals in the sector.

6. Press release
Another action that works very well is to make a press release and send it to all possible media so that they can echo the event .

Of course, sending the press release indiscriminately is not going to be of any use to you, for this it is best that you study which media are adapted to both your business environment and the territory in which the event is to be held and focus efforts to get them published in them, since the return will be much higher.


7. Social networks
Social networks have great power to viralize news . Creating an event and encouraging users to attend it is very simple. We tried to run a contest on Facebook using Cool Tabs in which we raffled tickets for the event, and the response from our audience was truly unbeatable. Contests and sweepstakes usually give favorable results on these channels.

Retargeting works very well with personalized audiences on this social network, although it is not the only one you should focus on. Think about what your target audience is like and what channels they prefer. Do not try to cover all the means of social communication, it is preferable that you focus on those that are truly indispensable for your audience.

In addition, you can also use social networks to strengthen those potential clients of your event and get new ones, so we recommend that you read this guide in PDF .

Don’t forget to take advantage of the media contacts where your brand already has a profile and share posts with information about the event in groups, accompanying them with a personalized message that expands the information about the initiative. And, if you can invest, do it in paid campaigns on social networks after segmenting your target audience.

Create a hashtag for the event that is easy to recognize and use and allows you to monitor all the content that will appear on networks related to it. Today it is very important to measure the impact the event has had on social media and how you can go about achieving that desired Trending Topic (TT).

Do you want to implement an inbound marketing campaign? Click here to access the full PDF
8. Influencers
There are those who are reluctant to count on the participation of this type of profiles in their events. However, while their fees may be an extra investment, their ability to attract participants to your initiative can more than pay off.

It is important that you choose well. Make sure that this influence exists and that the profile you invite to participate aligns with the principles and values ​​of your brand .

9. Partner network
We live in the age of collaboration and, in recent months, we have seen alliances between organizations multiply. This collaborative approach is not only a valid approach to ensure the survival of the business, it is also an option chosen by those who know how to promote an event successfully.

In exchange for including the logo of a company that wants to cooperate with your initiative, you can multiply the effectiveness of the dissemination plan of an event , of any type, as long as it fits your strategy, too. Thus, by generating relationships with other companies, you both expand your network of contacts and gain relevance.

10. Personalized proposals and invitations in person
Although we live in the digital age, there are traditional methods that still work and give good results. Visiting universities, businesses, or associations in person and offering face-to-face invitations to those you visit can have a very positive effect on that audience. Telephone calls to database contacts who have not responded to email campaigns are another alternative to consider.

The personalization and closeness that you get with these actions leads many people to consider participation when, otherwise, they would not have considered it. Of course, you have to bear in mind that it will take you more time than editing an email and sending it to a list of 20,000 people.

Multiply the scope of your offline event online
The era in which we live allows you to take advantage of the power of dissemination of digital tools, before, during and after the celebration of your event . Before the date on which that meeting, fair, launch or congress will take place, you can use these online channels to announce that it will be held and give details that interest those who consider participating in it.

At the same time that the event takes place in a physical space, digital channels can broadcast it in its entirety or focus on different aspects (interviews with participants, speeches by speakers or messages from product stands). In this way, those who have not been able to attend in person will be able to live the experience in an alternative way. It is a good opportunity to encourage interaction between one and the other participants.

After the event, when it is concluded, recordings of the best moments, the most applauded interventions can be shared live or backstage. With these actions you prolong the relevance of the corporate event and manage to reach new audiences .

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