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How to promote an event and expand the database with HubSpot

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How to promote an event and expand the database with HubSpot

Events are a very common practice in different business sectors. And it is not surprising, since they can bring benefits such as brand awareness, approaching new registrations or new clients, the possibility of knowing your prospects better or even educating your sector. Assets similar to those that inbound marketing can also contribute. Can you imagine joining forces and taking advantage of your inbound strategy to promote an event ? In this article I will tell you how to make this union a success.

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Why promote your event with inbound
HubSpot and event promotion: it goes even further
Why promote your event with inbound
The Inbound Costa Rica Phone Number List is a methodology that will be very useful in your entire marketing campaign, but also in the time you want to bet on the event promotion . The range of possibilities at your fingertips to achieve this is very wide:

Use your blog and your database
Your blog is much more than a section of your website: it allows you to help position in search engines and, in addition, to publicize news and upcoming events of your company , such as your next event.

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Your blog subscribers and the rest of your database can know about your event if you create a post on your blog explaining all the details of the event, webinar or training, and then send a newsletter , for example.

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Create promotional items
The digital promotion offers you several elements that help you redirect users to the landing where they can register , to the form to request information, to the platform where the training will take place, etc.

Some of these elements can be:

Landing pages
Call to action or CTA

Thank you pages or TYP
All of them, use them in the different channels in which you communicate with your audience : organic, social networks , email Forex Email List, paid campaigns, collaborations with other portals or references in the sector …

Create materials related to the event
Let’s imagine that you are preparing an event about a new product launched by your company. It is an innovative article in the cleaning sector for companies, for example. You can think about creating materials related to this presentation, such as ebooks , webinars or training videos giving some tips on how to clean the office properly. All this material can be used to promote your event and end up capturing potential registrations and visitors.

Meet your future visitors and schedule business meetings
By creating actions like those mentioned so far, you have the possibility of getting to know the future visitors of your event better . And, depending on the objective of your campaign, you can even get in touch with them so closely that you can schedule business meetings for D-day.

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During and after the event: two other key moments
Working on promoting events before the day of the event will help you get more visitors and get to know them better. But during and after the event you also have a lot to gain if you put certain strategies into practice.

For example, you can inbound the event in real time and capture new registrations on site and quickly include them in your database. Or you can also create a nutrition strategy to all the records captured to continue the relationship and encourage the purchase.

HubSpot and event promotion: it goes even further
If you’re already using HubSpot and want to get more out of it, get out of your way and do something new, take a look at this quick guide on how to promote an event and expand your HubSpot database. It will mark your way of communicating!

And you may have heard of HubSpot as a marketing automation tool that helps you in your inbound marketing projects, which, through the creation of useful content for the buyer persona and SEO optimization, have effects long-term.

This is a great truth, but … what if you have a specific event with a limited duration and you want to promote it? Simple: you can also apply HubSpot. To do this, you can use its fundamental tools, such as landing pages, CTAs, follow-up emails, thank you pages and lists. Let’s get going!

Resources to promote your event with HubSpot
Let’s see in more detail each of the resources with which we can promote an event and, at the same time, expand the database in HubSpot:

1) Promote your event on social media
Take advantage of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram, among other networks, to promote your event. The friends, followers and contacts you have on these networks will help you spread the information. Create a hashtag with the name of the event and include it on your website. Your audience will love being up to date with your events and, above all, knowing that you make them participate in them. In addition, you can create advertising elements such as banners or GIFs, and insert them in other people’s pages. You will gain visibility!

On the other hand, and as a great support, you can use the Social function of HubSpot. With this functionality you can, among other things, schedule your publications, monitor them and analyze their performance.

2) Create a landing page
Landing pages are key to capturing leads and promoting your event. You can use them to publicize the event and attract people interested in it. In it, it is necessary to explain to your potential lead what the event consists of and offer them the possibility of leaving their data through a form inserted in the landing. In return, you can offer them the latest news and updates on the event, the option to stream it, or provide related educational content. Creativity to power!

The main objective will be to promote the landing. In addition to publishing it on your social networks and linking them to your GIFs or banners, you can create other elements that will help you generate more visits:

Sidebar of the blog.
Banner on the web.
Informative pop-up on your website or blog.
Email footer.
Payment campaigns.
3) Thank the user with a thank-you page
The thank-you page or TYP, when it appears when the user has finished filling in the form, offers you the opportunity to continue in contact with him , and not just inform him that he has registered correctly. You can include the navigation menu of your website in it and improve visits, for example. But it can also help you more directly in promoting your event , since:

It allows you to offer related content to download and, thus, take advantage and learn more about this user.
It gives you the possibility to arrange a visit at your stand during the event.
To obtain a most functional and practical TYP, you can carry out some of these good practices:

Say thank you using a big, clear headline.
Keep the design of the rest of your website, landing, etc.
It includes a personalization message that is as human as possible so that the user can check the action they have taken.
Take into account when this TYP arrives in the sales funnel and adapt it to it.
Include additional content, such as CTAs, links to your social networks, adapted content, related products …
4) Send emails
If the user has given you their email address, you can send them emails as a newsletter . The idea is that these emails have a periodicity and that the user is aware of the latest news of your event. You may even challenge him to share the content you have sent him. In this way, you will create more excitement. Who doesn’t like to be the first to find out about a news item of interest? User curiosity will be your best ally!

But, in addition, you can link these emails to your event promotion strategy and complement it with some tips:

Create a specific email plan to share valuable content focused on the event.
Send timely communications about related content.
Value the creation of a chain to advance to the registration in your purchase process and that by attending the event you are more prepared to have a business conversation.
5) Model the information in the form of an ebook or guide
Another option you have is to layout the information about the event in an ebook or guide format , which means higher quality content. When you contact him, send him an email telling him that you have created a guide for him. Don’t forget to put up a CTA to get their attention and ask them to click on the link that takes them to the event landing page.

Once it is on the landing, you can ask for more information. Keep in mind that the number of data must be proportional to the value of the content that you offer in return. Try not to be too many, as this will make it easier for the ebook to download. In this way, you will have achieved two objectives: publicize the event and expand your database.

6) Create a list within HubSpot
This will help you to have your contacts handy in case you need their data, either to consult them or to send additional information. It will be of great use to you!

Putting these six simple steps into practice will make it a little easier for you to promote your event effectively. Why don’t you apply them to your next company event? I would love to hear about your experience!

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