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How to prepare a welcome manual, step by step, and its benefits

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How to prepare a welcome manual, step by step, and its benefits

Well worked and explained, the welcome manual is the perfect tool to integrate new team members, make them feel more secure and save time on the part of the Canada Phone Number List Database when it comes to avoiding errors or confusion both in the operation of the same, as in the development of the employee’s tasks.

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We are in the Age of people. Gone are the companies that see their employees as just another number. Until now, this was more of a theory or something that only big business could afford (or so we were led to believe).

However, new technologies, current learning models and the way of life , in general, mean that companies, regardless of their size, can make use of the communication tools that previously only large ones used, and mold them to their needs. needs. The welcome manual is one of them.

Its importance, how to develop it and start it is what I want to talk about today in this post. An internal communication tool that should be part of any Forex Email List, even the smallest ones.

Why? The reasons are several and I am going to explain them to you below, but there is one that prevails above all: to make that person who joins his new position feel good , so that he feels motivated and comfortable in his first days; something that benefits both parties.

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What is a welcome manual?
Go ahead, it is not a new tool, but it is true that in the Era of the people in which we find ourselves, it plays a very important role because it is the first sign of affection and respect for that new worker.

We have all gone through those nerves from the first day and even the first weeks. You can be the most professional and qualified person for the position, but the fear of not doing it well, of knowing how the company works (each one is different), what are its values ​​or the objectives and details of the position that has been assigned to us, they will always mark your beginnings in a new professional adventure.

What does the welcome manual contain?
The Welcome or Welcome Manual helps, precisely, to calm those nerves. What does it consist of? It is a document that reflects the following points:

History and why of the company
Values ​​and philosophy
The rights and obligations of the worker, as well as hours, vacations, wages, etc.
What is your position , as well as the tasks to be performed and the objectives you have to achieve (although this second point must be general, since it will also be marked by the specific purposes that the company sets itself each year).
These are the basic points that, depending on the type of company, will occupy more or less space and to which others that the entity deems necessary can be added.

What else should a host manual contain ?
Is it enough just to deliver the document? Not at all! This document must be accompanied by an oral explanation . Afterwards, the worker will have time to calmly read each of the points mentioned in that document. But, from the beginning, the ideal is that I know the content of the document, so that I can resolve any doubts that may arise in this regard.

On the other hand, whether it is a small or large company, it is always appreciated that colleagues show solidarity with that person and that person receives a small welcome , so that they know who is who in the company (or, at least, the people with whom they is going to deal with), where are the points you need to know (bathrooms, office, photocopier, etc.), as well as some customs of the workers, so that you feel integrated from the first moment.

Large companies create integration plans for their workers. In the case of small or medium-sized companies, whether it is the boss or the person in charge of human resources, you always have to keep this point in mind. In all companies there are people known as “facilitators” (that is, friendly people who know the company well and are trusted) and you will have to rely on them in these cases.

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I want to learn!
Ideas for welcoming employees

Benefits of the welcome manual as an internal communication tool
In addition to helping to reduce the insecurities of the first days, creating a welcome manual or host guide brings with it the following benefits:

For the worker:

Know from the first day the basic doubts, which many times we do not dare to ask, but which arise to all of us. For example, when am I going to get paid? When and how can I request a vacation? Do you have flexible hours?
You know what tasks you are expected to do and what goals you have to achieve.
Meet the ideal client of the company.
You work more focused and are therefore more productive . By reducing fears and insecurities, this positively affects your performance.
For the company:

Misunderstandings are avoided , because everything you need to know about the company, at least the basic aspects, have been explained both in person and in the manual.
A favorable work environment is created, where everyone knows what tasks they have to perform, who they have to turn to in case of need, etc.
The performance of the new worker will be greater from day one, since they will not depend as much on third parties to carry out their work, as they would if they started from scratch or without certain knowledge.
How to prepare a reception manual or guide
Before going on to explain how to develop this manual, I think it is important to consider who is responsible for writing it. In large companies, it is usually a task for the human resources department . In the case of SMEs, even if it is a person who is in charge of writing this document, the ideal is that it has information from all the departments or people that make up a company.

And what happens in large corporations is that these documents are too institutional , but they do not always reflect the daily reality of the different departments of a company. Something that is much simpler in the case of SMEs. If this is your case, take advantage of this advantage.

Gather your entire team (or those most responsible) and answer the following questions . The answers will compose the information that has to appear in the welcome manual:

What is the history of this company and what has led us to the present moment?
What are our values?
Hours, working days and holidays, leave and / or leave
How many departments or people work in the company and what they do
Necessary internal and / or external telephones
Internal and / or external communication channels
Special company days and customary customs (for example, company dinner, birthdays, coffee shifts, etc.)
Tasks and objectives of the position of the person who starts in the company
Type of clothing (if necessary)
These are the common points to all companies. Once you have all the material, try to write it in short paragraphs, add images and / or infographics that can facilitate the reading of the document and, of course, do not forget the index so that the worker can consult the points of interest, at the moment you want.

Submit this document in paper or digital format . You should always be able to access it, in a simple way.

This document should be reviewed every time there are internal changes in the company and, of course, every time it is handed over to a new worker, so that there is no room for confusion. Hence the importance of it being a simple and flexible document.

And, of course, remember to always listen to the latter : they are the ones who make your company work and also your best commercials, even if this is not their mission.

In summary, the welcome manual is a reference guide that helps the worker integrate, be more productive, reduce misunderstandings and, therefore, benefits both the employee and the company .

Learning these details are very important within HR, so if you know that you want to dedicate yourself to this area of ​​the company, you cannot miss our Master in Human Resources Management 4.0 in which professionals will train you to manage talent and people from any company.

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