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How to optimize the product set for dynamic ads in 10 steps

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How to optimize the product set for dynamic ads in 10 steps

How can I have the best product set for my dynamic ads? At Roas Hunter we are specialists in this, so here we tell you 10 simple tricks to optimize your product sets .

1. Make the most of the “additional attributes”
In addition to the additional attributes that are required, there are others marked as optional for mobile number list download  dynamic ads. It’s good to use these fields to create more structured and conversion-focused ad sets . For example, using the product_type attribute will allow you to promote both the selected product and related product sets.

2. Don’t ignore the customizable fields
The custom_label attribute allows you to add additional information about the product. For example, it can be used to identify the most marginal products and create a product set for them. The value it creates for you will depend on the margins, so you can promote ad sets with different bids and types of purchase. Custom labels are up to you. Set other parameters that you think are appropriate for your product list.


3. Avoid having too many products in the same set
Normally you need an extensive set of products so that Facebook can choose the best ones for your audience, Still, you need to compensate for the size and scope of the product set . In some cases, using a very large set can negatively affect your ROAS. When you have a product set with products in which the prices are very different from each other, the ad delivery tends to bias towards the cheapest products. Sometimes these products are sold more regularly organically. Let’s see an example. A large electronics store that sells kitchen and home appliances that people don’t normally buy, like washing machines and refrigerators. They also sell laptops, Forex Email List, and tablets, which a person buys multiple times over the years. And then there are also products such as headphones, chargers, cables and accessories that can be both an individual purchase and complements to other larger purchases such as a mobile. When algorithms detect high demand for some products, they prioritize offering these to achieve a higher CVR. To prevent this from happening, use the custom_label attribute to create product sets with a reasonable number of products that perform the same way.

4. Maintain diversity in products to optimize the feed.
The optional item_group_id attribute allows you to mark variations on the same product and show only one in dynamic ads. For example, a clothing store that has a sweatshirt in 10 different colors. To avoid showing them all in a dynamic carousel, and leaving other products unshown , use item_group_id so that the algorithm picks a product from this group to show in the ad.

5. Pay attention to excess products
You may have a lot of a product in stock due to lack of interest and / or demand. To solve this, create a separate product set and bid on ad hoc, or use a special discount / promotion.

6. Establish deep links
Include deep links to your products with the applink attribute , to direct users to click the link in an ad for the specific products page, and not to direct them to your homepage . If you get statistics from both your Pixel and SDK, you can remarketing with ads for products that people saw on the web, and redirect them to the app. The deep links of an app will take the client directly from the ad to the product page. If the app is not installed, the link will open in the App Store or Google Play, and the product will appear on the first launch.

7. Use additional images when possible
In terms of product images, using more than one image is recommended in the case of power, since it makes it easier for you to create a slideshow ad later.

8. Show the advantages of the product in the picture
Now that users surf the net faster, it is important to make sure that the images show the important information about your products (price, features…) immediately. When you add things to the image such as the logo, price, ratings, offer, etc., it increases the chances that the buyer will click on the image to access the online store.

9. Show your product from different angles in the same image
Behavior patterns when consuming are crucial. The faster you show the benefits of your products in the product set , the better. Use collages to bulk up your feed with individual images that present the product from different angles.

10. Cut out product images carefully
Adjustments you make to images cannot distort them, or affect resolution, product, or image quality. Always keep a consistent look for all images in your feed. Facebook has a tool to crop the images of the products in your product set , but they should all match. If you are interested in marketing and want to know more tips and tricks to win in the sector, visit the Roas Hunter website .

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