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Your e-commerce marketing plan is essentially the sum of your e-commerce strategies and the tactics you choose to implement. The most effective plans are not put together randomly, but are designed with an intention. They are usually guided by a general  email and phone number list philosophy. For example, the inbound methodology that we use at Roas Hunter can be applied to a marketing plan for an e-commerce. In this case, you can design its marketing actions to attract traffic, convert it into leads , close deals and convert them into customers, and make them feel good once they have bought your products or services. There are different strategies that you can consider when designing your marketing plan. These are some of the options worth exploring:

1. Blog
Keeping your blog is one of the best ways to attract potential customers to your page organically. By creating quality content relevant to your industry, you can project a sense of legitimacy and trust. If you give strangers incentives to visit your page through content, you can generate interest that can turn into action. Regardless of what you are selling, maintaining a blog for your page is a cheap way to show that your business is complete.


2. Contribute with “guest posts” on other pages
Guest posts have the potential to expand your visibility online. Not only can they establish you better as an authority in the sector, but they also allow you more authority in the domain of your e-commerce, leading search engines to think that your page is more relevant. You can do this by identifying pages with keywords relevant to your products, and reaching the people behind them. Sometimes you don’t even have to create your own post. You may be able to expand an existing one on the page with a relevant context that leads to your website.

3. Try “referral marketing” programs
The referral marketing combines two of the most powerful asset for any marketing strategy e-commerce; word of mouth, and incentives. A solid referral program for your e-commerce helps Forex Email List relay messages with buyers who trust their judgment. The studies indicate that word of mouth is responsible for 19% of purchases and influences almost 90% of these. So a significant part of your e-commerce strategy must take this into account. The referral marketing is a way to do it. By offering some type of incentive, such as a discount or small gift, to your clients in exchange for their referrals, you are positioning yourself to retain current clients while expanding your base.

4. Social networks
A well-maintained social media presence is an extremely important component of a successful e-commerce marketing strategy. With this said, e-commerce marketing through networks may not seem like marketing for a conventional business, brand or contractor. And not all social platforms are optimal for e-commerce.

E-commerce is a visual medium. Very few consumers are willing to buy a product based solely on text. The success of your efforts on social media often depends on the use of images to capture the attention of users and generate traffic for your product pages. This makes Instagram one of the best platforms to complement your e-commerce marketing strategy. Whenever possible, you should consider including “affordable” content (interactive content that allows visitors to buy immediately) in your e-commerce strategy. This can mean both strategically displaying ads within a social feed, and adding additional tags that take users directly to your e-commerce cart.

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